Phil's 100 show anniversary with The Cap, since 2012.


just wondering , Willing to bet someone here Knows which show will be his 100th.... meet you at the Jubilee...!

Salut Thomas!  I don't know.... but do know that the announcement of the October lineups have been on my mind ....should happen soon, n'est-ce pas?

Since the reopening I'm not sure but I think he already passed 100 and had a celebration.  That might include with the boys.

This indeed came and went. I recall Shapiro mentioning the milestone one evening. 

He might be up and over 125+ shows after the next run is complete.

The Cap site says this about the upcoming run:

"Phil Lesh and his “Friends” are playing a 9-night extended October residency to celebrate Phil-o-Ween. The shows take place October 14 - 16, October 21 - 23, and October 28, 29, and 31. These residency shows will mark Phil's 100 show anniversary with The Cap, since 2012."

Lineups should be announced soon.  

Huh. I stand corrected.

Are Furthur shows being counted?