Phil Lesh Tomorrow in Larkspur---Fri, Dec. 13


Saw an ad in the Marin IJ today......

                 Music by


    With Jared Huffman and Dore Coller

                  And special guest

                       PHIL LESH

       with Graham Lesh and Stu Allen


Marin County Mart, celebrating the Smart Train coming to Larkspur.

2-4:30   Party under the big tent.

Rain or Shine.


Go Phil!

Glad Phil is BACK...

Yeah smiley

Well, alright!


Go Phil! And hello local, hope you can go to this show. 

So nice to see his name back on a bill.

Go Phil Go!!!!!!!!

So nice to see that name and think of Phil joining in the SMART train celebrations. I read some people's posts on Facebook today questioning what Phil's role will be; people seemed to think he would be there but not play his bass.

I love that guy and hope he'll have fun, whatever he does.

((( Go Phil Go!!!!!!!! )))

Let Phil sing

Hoping for some shows at The clubhouse w Phil soon


So, did anyone go?!

There are videos on Facebook - Phil is his usual beautiful kick ass self.

Phil Lesh - bass, vocals
Grahame Lesh - guitar, vocals
Stu Allen - guitar, vocals
Jared Huffman (congressman) - guitar, vocals

Set I:

Casey Jones sa
Big Railroad Blues gl
Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodle Doo pl
U.S Blues sa
The Weight jh


Someone's gonna ask, so:

Was Phil standing? Sitting? That one-cheek-on-a-stool/one-leg-leaning thing?

Nobody was going to ask, but since Bluey did.. a little from column a and column b.

Sooooooooooooooooooo happy to see Phil up, playing, smiling!!!!!!!


That is great to see, he is one tough bass player. The older you get, the slower to bounce back from physical problems. He appears to be rockin and rolling with no limitations. Come east young man.

Figuratively, strapping it on and getting back to it.  

I like taking the train to TXR. They serve beer.

Drinking & dooring?

It's OK, I won't tell.

And yes, so good to see the boss up, playing & playing well again.

I hope to see him rocking the little room again soon.

Maybe a sit-in with Stu on NYE? I won't be there that night, but if that happens I'll sure wish I was.


Watched the Facebook video. That was sweet. That Casey Jones was just like the album. Stu was channeling Jerry's guitar work to a T.. Must have smoked some Jerry Garcia cosmic ganja!


Would go see this band.