Phil Lesh & The Midnight Ramble Band 08/20/22 Bethel, NY



This should be a good one.

Dangs.....Saturday night...shweet. Penciling this one in.

I believe I will make this one, too. Just remember; in keeping with Bethel Zoner tradition, someone has to be left for dead after the show. 

12-person band....uh, YES PLEASE!!!!

Anyone have a presale code?

Relix presale code BOXOFRAIN Thursday 10am. 

hmmmm birthday show.   I'm intrigued.  

2022 live music's comeback year. 

If it's possible to OD on live music, this will be the year.

Any clues about ticket prices yet?  TM wont let me see, They think Im a superhuman bot!

All I was seeing were lower bowl for $250 to $350 + the wonderful TM fees. Presale dynamic pricing at it's finest.


Thx,  Wow so probly $175 ish behind soundboard. hmmm?

$850 with fees for 2 second row center orchestra. I'd rather take a vacation. I've been pretty much done with the price gouging for a while. $200 for an early admission GA at the Cap was my limit. And it's not that I can't afford it. It's become obscene and I won't support Ticketbastard. I have a hard time understanding how the youth of today can go see music the way we did back in day.  

Evidently there was a pre-sale today... did anyone get those?

Phil Lesh & The Midnight Ramble Band Announce Performance at Bethel Woods

Dayglo, Live Nation and Bethel Woods Center for the Arts present Phil Lesh & The Midnight Ramble Band featuring Amy Helm, Jim Wider, Brian Mitchell, Adam Minkoff, Steven Bernstein, Larry Campbell, Teresa Williams, Connor Kennedy, Shawn Pelton, Tony Leone, Erik Lawerence, Grahame Lesh and Jay Collins performing for one night only at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts in Bethel, N.Y., on Saturday, Aug. 20. 

The one-night affair is a part of Bethel Woods Center for the Art’s “Woodstock Anniversary Celebration,” which commemorates the 53rd anniversary of the Woodstock Music and Art Fair. The performance marks a serendipitous return for Levon Helm’s collaborators, and Lesh–The Band and Grateful Dead performed at Woodstock in 1969. 

The last time Lesh performed at the outdoor concert venue was in 2019 at the annual Mountain Jam. The performance featured an eight-song set that began with “St. Stephen,” followed by a foreshadowing cover of The Band’s “Chest Fever.” The Bay Area bassist went on to deliver a groovy “Mr. Charlie” ahead of “Sugaree,” “Mountains of the Moon,” a first-ever “Midnight Highway” and “Uncle John’s Band” set-ender. 

Lesh’s last non-festival performance at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts dates back to July 9, 2006, when the Grateful Dead’s original bassist was joined by Phish’s Trey Anastasio for a momentous second set and encore sit in on the historic Woodstock grounds. The live collaboration included a sequence of fan favorites: “Uncle John’s Band,” “St. Stephen,” “Mama Tried,” “Dark Star,” ‘High Time” and “Turn On Your Love Light.” Then, the duo returned to deliver “He’s Gone,” “Touch of Grey,” and, of course, “Box of Rain” as night closers. Needless to say, Lesh’s next visit to Bethel Woods is not to be missed. 

Relix’s ticket presale begins on Thursday, May 19, and will run from 10 a.m. to 10 pm E.T. Use Relix presale code BOXOFRAIN for access.

 General public on-sale commences at 10 a.m. E.T., on Friday, May 20.

Oops, just saw that someone else posted the pre-sale info yesterday -- hope someone got some decent priced tickets!

Lesh’s last non-festival performance at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts dates back to July 9, 2006, when the Grateful Dead’s original bassist was joined by Phish’s Trey Anastasio for a momentous second set and encore sit in on the historic Woodstock grounds.<<<<

Nope. Furthur graced the stage in July of 2011.

Pumped!! My wife agreed to let us take a second mortgage on our home so we can get good seats to the Phil show in Bethel!

^ $850 with fees for 2 second row center orchestra. I'd rather take a vacation. 



Smart move!

You can always listen or watch the pay per view of it while having a much better time in wherever you prefer. The World is huge and has lot's of opportunities to go to other than another Phil show .

But it's your life and money.

GA lawn is only $29.50, not worth paying hundreds imho. 

What if he plays all "Band" songs ? ...Nah I'll still hit the lawn 

It's difficult to soak in the meta Woodstock vibrations with a roof over your head. Bethel is one of the few sheds where I actually prefer the lawn. 

Sigmund .... I'm in too.

Larry was Phil's main sideman after the Q for a couple years, Theresa and Amy (2021) have done Phil shoes with lots of GD tunes. I remember Amy's Stella as pretty damn good.

Besides, some of the best GD tunes are just 3-5 chords (Franklins > A D G, Dark Star > A G)

And ... they will nail the Band tunes in that big venue!!!

Beak n Skiff will do for me

<< in keeping with Bethel Zoner tradition, someone has to be left for dead after the show.>>  

^^ Ok what's THAT story, please?


Another cool angle about this date -- it's the first show after a month off for Phil -- so he will be fully recovered musically from the Phil=Incident at Red Rocks on July 17.  

If they would only move that Maine date to August...  (Maine is on my bucket list)

With COVID surge in play, who knows, dates may get moved anyways ....

The Happy Day Campground near Bethel is sold out, but looks like Yasgur's will open up reservations for Summer 2022...

LLOLLO  ... someone else can go into detail , but Mike W was a prolific poster on the old zone. He missed 'Last Call' 'All Aboard' for the Coyote train and was high indignant in a classic back & forth thread.


My imperfect recall of the drama thread, boiling down 100 comments:

Mike : HOW DARE you ?

Coyote: Fuck off, slacker

^^^ Ha ha classic

Lol the mike W days..,

> Mike W was a prolific poster

While accurate, this just barely scratches the surface. Mike had capital S Style, and was legendary for vanquishing his opponents.

I wonder if Mike W needs a ride????  BWWHHHAAAAAAAA....

So, im so glad that after all the bullshit that was said and the things he made up , That 3 Zoners, finally told the complete, unrated story, of what really went down, I was Justified in what I did , Because he clearly didn't give a shit and only cared about himself. (like Always) 3rd time was a charm for leaving him for dead!!!!  When I saw him at Forest Hills show of The Q, he was under the elevated Railway sucking on a Balloon , Laughing like a Hyena. I should have popped it in his face.... 

I've been checking into tickets, and this show looks VERY undersold.

Anyone considering going ?


That would be some epic redemption after my terrible phish show there lol


LLOLLO you didn't miss much but for an assload of aggro self aggrandizing (sp?) Libra>Scorpio histrionics frownangry

We've had some highlarious 3D times to be sure

That said; I'd leave him for dead anyday






sometimes they last a while.

I'm thinking this might be a sleeper show, seriously considering it.

Thinking back to the Phil tour with Levon as the opener, saw about 6 shows that tour.

Get a lawn ticket and sneak in to the seats, there's plenty of them.

I'm In , You'll see me walking around with my sign  "Have You Seen Mike W"



>> I'm thinking this might be a sleeper show <<

I'd say there's a very good chance of that!  Phil's making the trip to play one show... with Larry and Theresa and the rest... it's gonna count!!!


FREE LIVESTREAM: Phil Lesh + Friends & Midnight North Tomorrow!


That free stream costs $15 LOL!

The stream for tomorrow's Stern Grove show is free. You just have to sign up for it...


Paul does his own research.

Thanks, Lance. Done.

Tickets to the actual show are still available.

13-piece band, full horn section, Levon's players..... Uh..... yep, sounds like the Sleeper Show!!

4 pack of Lawns under $100,  Inside seats now really cheap, Super undersold....

$129 for 5th row center, as Mr. Coyotte says, way undersold.

 48 hours!!!

Think I'm gonna make the drive

/\ Don't think twice....!!  

GTTS .... this one's gonna be special and there are tix everywhere

Classic, Tony. Big laugh. Glad someone remembered. FMW. 

GTTS .... this one's gonna be special and there are tix everywhere

Anybody know the code for the cheap resale tix? 

Where's the meet up

GTTS Zoners --  You know if i lived within a 13 hour drive, I'd be there ;)

Making it easy for ya --- courtesy of -------

Yasgurs was sold out when I checked shortly after the announcement -- that's the hot ticket!


Lawn Ga ticket for Phil 8/20 and tent camping for 1 adult at Yasgurs

Posted: Fri, August 19, 2022 at 6:27 pm

Post #1016584 | 17 Views

The ticket was $50 with fees and the camping pass for Yasgurs which is premiere camping 8 minutes from Bethel Woods was also $50. They also offer a shuttle to and from the show. This camping pass is for tent camping. I would like to state Phil Lesh is not also playing at Yasgurs... although you never know what will happen at a Grateful Dead show! I had to list a band and it is camping specifically for this Phil show. I cannot attend my daughter is ill. Please help me recoup this package! Value of this package is $100 and I really can't afford to eat it- $70 is even cheaper than you can get both for even if you wait to go to the box office and it's really help a sister and a mom. GDF NFA thanks!!!


Phil lesh and the ramble band, Bethel NY $25

Posted: Fri, August 19, 2022 at 11:31 pm

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I have a lawn ticket to sell.



Posted: Fri, August 19, 2022 at 10:04 pm

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2 seats below face in front row center of Section 15, unobstructed view of stage and I eat the TM fees! ????


Phil Lesh Bethel Pav. AND Yasgurs Camping Pass

Posted: Fri, August 19, 2022 at 3:08 pm

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1 Pavilion Phil Lesh Ticket for Bethel and 1 GA Tent camping pass for Yasgurs. Paid $140 for both face and fees. Selling below for $100. Willing to split this up too. $60 ticket. $40 camping.


Phil Lesh Bethel! 2x Sec 12 front row middle!!  $110 for 2

Posted: Fri, August 19, 2022 at 11:21 am

Post #1016109 | 56 Views | 1 Offer

Hello friends! Unfortunately had to change plans and can't make this one... 2 tickets front row right it the middle in section 12. Enjoy the show!!!


LEFT FOR DEAD.....See you freaks there!!! The weather is just stellar here today in the Hudson Valley!!!!

You can use code PEACH on TM for the 2 for $69 + fees tickets

Free Streams ? 

Of any good bands playing tonight ? 

Have fun tonight Zoners! 

Sound check sounds wonderful 

Y'all are going to have such a good time!

Stream me!

Freak freely and dance like the entire zone is watching, because we just might be [email protected]!

Have fun, freaks!

Still looking for a stream


Set 1
Tennessee Jed
Reuben and Cherise 



Where's Taper Rob?

from FB


Damn, the place looks empty.

And I'll also say, for my taste it looks like too many players on stage.

Lesh is more.

Still, and as always.....


Chest Fever ,,,sweet!

Was a swell show indeed

Pretty strong stuff

1st set ended with Franklins, Ophelia, Sugaree

2nd set - Chest fever,Scarlet,  Eyes (Amy on lead vocals) and Unbroken were in there after a Shakedown opener with Levon's grandson on one of the drum kits. He came back out for The Weight encore. Theresa got one song - River Deep Mountain High ..... and she tore that song to shreds

Still a bit of a blur, but I took steps to insure that blur so - no apologies :->

Awesome and thanks!  Can't find video anywhere. 

I've seen Theresa sing River Deep at The CAP, she crushes that me chills every time, and fun to sing along to (only in the car) as well. 

donor rap > The Weight

Levon's grandson (Amy's son) is on the dum kit on the right

Set 1:  T Jed   Reuben   Scarlet   Not Fade   Brokedown   Franklin's   Ophelia   Sugaree

Set 2:  Shakedown   Playing   Eyes   Chest Fever   Unbroken   Atlantic City   River Deep   E: Weight

Phil Lesh, Amy Helm, Larry Campbell, Teresa Williams, Jim Weider, Connor Kennedy, Tony Leone, Shawn Pelton, Brian Mitchell, Adam Minkoff, Steven Bernstein, Jay Collins, Erik Lawrence & Grahame Lesh


Phil show of the year!!! Fire start to finish!!

Good percentage of the Band songs as predicted (though not all)

Phil has been doing some great shows in 2022. LLPL !!!

Genetic method chest fever unbroken were the highlight for me

Great Time .. Connor Kennedy for MVP, He has chops and can sing!!!   Night ran very smooth with so many players on stage and changing Instruments...Nice to seesome old Freaks!!!

Nice to see in that Weight video Phil looking so happy and healthy! yes

Great looking setlist.  Was the show really as undersold as it looks in the pic?

During the band intros Larry Campbell asks, "Where would this world be without Phil Lesh?"

It would be a much drabber, less noisy place, that's for sure. I hope more video of this show surfaces.

Holy cows for all the reasons

Paging RRG to the Deluxe TikiBar Courtesy Phone for her review!!

And thanks for sharing to all who found links for us



Thank you tapers. Sounds good.  LC and his massive array of stringed instruments brings it for Phil.

This was a NextLevel Phil show. The vibe, scene and overall feeling at the venue was as good and kinde as it gets. The horns take almost every song to incredible heights. It was shocking how much synergy the band had. The players had so much patience and willingness to let things breathe so the music was not cluttered at all.... not an easy thing with that many musicians. There are countless high points of this show, it should be listened to start to finish and this one will stay in the rotation for a long, long time! The horns during everything were magical, the Shakedown jam evolves to a freight train rolling down the tracks!!! Then there was the Eyes jam..... Yowza!! And sooooo many more!   Knew this gonna be special, and it did not disappoint in any way.

20220820_215012 - 2.jpg20220820_230541 - 2_0.jpg20220820_230543_1.jpg20220820_230206 - 2_1.jpg20220820_230155 - 2_1.jpg20220820_230112 - 2_1.jpg20220820_223846 - 2_1.jpg20220820_191648 - 2x.jpg

^ Wonderful photos and review. Did you get any of the infamous rain showers ? Mule + Oteil offered 2 tix for $25 the day before that New Haven show. Too bad Phil didn't try a similar thing,, they may have drawn a bigger crowd, the place looks mostly empty. So many shows, so limited funds. Would love to have seen Jim Weider play Phil stuff.

That picture of the lawn is about an hour before the band started playing. It filled in a fair amount. The pavilion was mostly kinda full with lots of room. No rain at all. spectacular weather night. We were third row, dead center with 3 or 4 seats for 2 of us most of the show. 

Thanks Coyote! Watched/listened to it last night. Was worried that with so many chefs it would be a hot mess, but not at all. Some nice singing and jamming. A couple of muddy spots in the road, but over all a very nice show.

Sounds great. Wish I could have hit this one.


Thanks Starkdar!  pix #4, 5 & 6  show Lavon Helm (Levon's grandson) on the drumkit. He sat in for Shakedown & The Weight . In pix 2&3  he is next to his mom, Amy, under the black hat

Good stuff Nod!  Just another part of such special night.... two Parent/Child twosomes on the stage together!!

Levon's presence was felt.... 

I made the weekend a double header, and caught Santana with Earth Wind & Fire on Sunday 

My review?

Just Exactly Perfect.

Rock On.


I saw Santana in Syracuse on Weds with EWF. They were fantastic 

Those are some fantastic shots! Thanks for the link. Like some of you all, I've seen scores and scores of Phil shows over the years and it's not very often I'm still reeling with such enthusiasm about a show a week afterwards!! This one was one for books!  Cheers to all of us who made that ride again!!!

Nicely done, as always, Howard! Great shots

Beautiful photos, Howard! Thanks for sharing them.

Thank you Judit, Don and SD.