Phil dosed every show?


On his radio show, Steve Parish says yes almost every show til the end of GD.

(Interesting. I've never read that before, you'd think it would have been mentioned somewhere, and Parish spins a good yarn, so eventually maybe someone else can corroborate).

I heard that a couple/few months ago and was pleasantly surprised!!


Kreutzmann too.  Wonder about the rest.

He still does

Oh wait. That's me

Another reason to trust in our Phearless Leader

I don't believe it one bit. 




So according to Parrish who is a bullshitter IMO, Phil was the REAL Captain Trips!?


He had a wife he loved and children. Dosing everyday doesn't compute!

> Wonder about the rest.

Garcia said in 1989 that "I always keep some psychedelics around. I like to have some DMT. I like DMT ‘cause it takes you a long way and it’s short. It doesn’t take a day and you’re back to reality in like an hour, but in the meantime it sort of blows out the tubes. In terms of the psychedelic requirement – that you experience some kind of supernormal perception of some sort or even imagine that you do, whether it’s in the mind or whatever – if that’s the criterion, then to me there’s times when that’s helpful. It’s like a coffee break almost, you know what I mean?"

I never got DMT on my coffee breaks.

Tried some at Kaiser 1986.  Like Jerry said, short, intense visual high.  

If true that's one dumb puppy.  I'm surprised he didn't go thru half a dozen liver transplants. That's a whole lotta poison to filter out of your system. Ya figure doing all that acid he'd be smarter.

There is no evidence that LSD alters liver function.

Kind of weird for Parrish to be outing Phil's old habits. Seems like it's really bad form. Phil has had plenty of opportunity to weigh in, but never has. PLus, I believe about 25% of what Parrish says.

But he and Jerry did so many drugs together, man

Narrative corpse humping.

Parrish seems like a tool.

Sure mike, your liver will still work while on lsd, we're all living proof of that. But how does the liver hold up after thousands of doses is my point. Too much of anything can fuck you up,, soda, alcohol, white bread. 

Too much of anything is too much for me ,,,, except weed of course, you can never have enough sativa.

Phil was shooting speed in the early 60s. There is no evidence that LSD alters liver function.

I heard you the 1st time brother but there is absolutely nothing in your link addressing loooooooooooong term (like Phil's) lsd use, so your point is kind'a moot. Your liver will not crap out on acid is as far as your link goes. Common sense says don't overdo anything that alters yourself so. Overdo is the keyword here.

Nope I just don't see how you could function that many years that many days in a row unless he was an early pioneer of micro dosing.

More to the point, you just can't get off on L more than two days in a row!

You can still get tickles and giggles but the fractals are lessened.

Bill has said that he never plays/played the drums when not on Acid.


Maybe he meant 'until the end of the GD in 1974'. That would make more sense.

^ I was thinking something like that.

This is a bullshit lie.  Phil's drug use 'if any' was in steady decline by then. One of the reasons the boys got back together was that nonsense had to stop. No more LSD every Saturday, etc

You can get off on acid multiple days in a row, but you have to take more and more.

The thing with LSD is that it's a minute amount that you're taking, even if heroic dosing. A coke or meth head may go through pounds over the course of their use. A junkie may go through a few ounces. A daily doser for 30 years may go through a gram. It's a light load on the liver.

If you take a full dose every day it really just becomes like a microdose after a few days anyway...

Billy has talked about mico-dosing mushrooms when he plays, even just a few years ago.  That makes sense. Phil tripping at every show does not seem that plausible, outside of of a few years in the early days.  But what do I know?



I'll admit that I was in Uruguay in the 90's and picked up a local kid hitchhiking in my rental car and he told me their were lot's of shrooms. I went out looking for them in a cow pasture and eventually found a shitload of them in a few hours.. Tripped everyday for more than a week.


Place was called La Paloma. It was in May when they were prolific. They were everywhere.

Phil definitely likes to smoke his weed (or vape it these days) pretty much at every gig, but dosing? I don’t think so. 

And, it matters why? Other than small talk I guess. 

IDK, with the Dead especially, we all listen to the shows that happened throughout artists' careers, I think it's relevant to know if some or all the band was dosed af. Knowing about the musicians' mindset is not entirely irrelevant to understanding the music.

Back in 65 or 66 the usual procedure was everyone dose during the day (all but Pig) and play that night, once a week.

Dunno about later years

i very much doubt the claims that anyone in the GD dosed every day or at every show, or even close to every show. any intelligent and experienced user of psychedelics is well aware that not only does tolerance go way up really quickly, but even if you are properly increasing the dose to maintain effects, the "magic" of the experience just wears off after awhile, and after a few days you're just getting high just like you would be with any other drug - you generally are not going to be having the type of experiences that enhance things like artistic expression or group mind every single time when dosing multiple times a week for weeks on end.

also, think about how obvious it is when a friend of yours is tripping - when you know someone well, and know their mannerisms/how they act, its usually immediately apparent they are tripping, even if it isnt obvious to people who dont know them. im sure MANY of us here have seen phil, bob, and is most cases jerry, more than the vast majority of people we dont have personal relationships with. we've seen them play music and interact with each other for hundreds of hours, we know their life stories, and we've seen countless hours of them speaking or giving interviews. personally i think i would notice at least a few subtle clues they were tripping, as someone who is very experienced with psychedelics, has seen hundreds of shows, and who has had a handful of brief personal interactions with phil - i just dont see it.

also, if phil and/or other members of the GD were tripping at shows all the time into the 80s and 90s, why was the infamous "mescaline show" so infamous? if they were always tripping, wouldnt it just be another night in the life of the GD? that show being noteworthy and holding a place in GD lore for decades would indicate that them tripping at a show in the later years of the GD was a special event and was not the norm.

full doses of LSD can also cause significant physical discomfort and trouble sleeping - even at my psychedelic peak in my mid 20's, my body was not up for tripping constantly like that, and i very much doubt 40 and 50 year olds are going to be standing on stage for 4ish hours per night, all dosed up, and would continue that for multiple days or weeks.

60s dead? 70s dead? i could see constant tripping being in the rotation. 80s and 90s dead? not a chance. microdoses maybe.

And, it matters why? Other than small talk I guess.

it matters because of the possibility that if "the magic" was caused or enhanced in some way by the band members themselves taking drugs, than it gives legitamacy to the audience's experience of "the magic" as something external that can be shared, as opposed to just creations of a persons individual mind while on psychedelics.

We know pretty much for certain they were tripping at Veneta '72 (one of their best), and Woodstock (one of their worst for the era). With LSD, it's like walking a tightrope - find your balance and momentum and it can propel you to the next level; or you can flail and fall on your face. Of course, set and setting helps.

Maybe Parrish doses before each of his radio shows.

Here is a quick shot of Phil in this video (really quick) when he's dosed

Phil Lesh & Friends At Haight Ashbury LSD Love Pageant Rally 1966 TV News Report


I tend to agree with the "maybe up to 1974" theory.

In this video towards the end in the Q&A section,  Cutler says one drop from a Murine bottle was 40 mics

Sam Cutler: Psychedelics - Discretion vs Promotion - The Conundrum

The Ramones cd Acid Eaters is real fuckin good.

But as usual, Frank said it best - 

They took a whole bunch of acid, so they could see where it's at -  It's over here and over here and over here and over there also.

Doo dumm doo dumm doo dumb

Carlos Castenada: "Why did you make me take those power plants so many times, Don Juan?"

Don Juan: :"Because you're dumb."


(From "Tales of Power")

So did I

>>>Woodstock (one of their worst for the era).

I would say getting an electrical shock to the face every time you step up to the mic wouldn't do much for my trip.

>So did I<

:- )


Grace Slick on performing at Woodstock

We usually did not take acid on purpose because it can really mess with your perception of things. And if it gets too messy, then you screw the song up.

We also made mistakes. Our road manager had a box with about 16 little segments in it and he had different drugs in each of the little segments. And we took what we thought was cocaine — snorting it, not shooting it — snorting it backstage just before we went on. But we took it out of the wrong box, and we took LSD. So about 15 minutes into the set we looked at each other and went, "Oh boy. Oops."