Phil 80th Birthday @ MSG 3/15/20


According to Peter Shapiro. No word on whether they’ll be turning off all water fountains. 

“...And if that wasn’t enough, we’ve learned this ultimate insider and jam scene icon has secured a hold at Madison Square Garden on March 15, 2020 for Phil Lesh’s 80th birthday.”

will ross james be on stage at MSG? will the upper deck be closed off? 


This should be a good litmus test as to whether this is still a quasi-Phil-GD-Music board or if it’s turned into the PoliticsZone

Phil is playing with JRAD that night.

Ooops never mind then 

Already have date saved on calander...theres gonna be a great celebration SOMEWHERE!

Yeah, according to that article, it’s at MSG 

I’d have to think that the Q and Bobby will be there. 

<<Phil is playing with JRAD that night>>  if only! :) 


Clearly it should be all surviving members of the Grateful Dead billed as Phil and Friends with special guests. That way there is no conflict with GD50 band lineup ultimatums.

See you there!

One more time to hear Phil bombs in the Garden. That would relatively noice.




phils 70th 10 years ago was when i officially got on the bus. i had seen a couple shows before then, dead '09 i went with some new friends i had met and their kids, only took a tiny bit of L and ended up not really paying much attention to the music...later that year for NYE i went the opposite way and took waaaaaaaay to many drugs, spent most of the show in the hallways wandering and puking. i remember a few seconds of franklins tower, and going onto the floor from the hallway at some point to see phil bathed in green light making sounds i could never have imagined were possible - i could only handle it for a few seconds before it became to much and i was forced to retreat to the stairwell.

but for phil's 70th, i finally got my dose right, sat down, and saw what at the time i thought was the closest thing to an actual supernatural experience i had ever had. i honestly thought they were playing towards some kind of cosmic goal, like they would just eventually tear open some kind of rift. in retrospect the show wasnt even really that psychedelic, but my mind was blown and i was on the bus. i remember just sitting there, slack jawed, and this girl i was dating at the time was getting angry that i wasnt standing up and dancing with her...all i could really do was give her this helpless look and gesture towards the stage in a vein attempt to say; "im sorry, i would love to dance but i am currently in the middle of the most profound mystical experience ive ever had and i dont think i could stand up right now or speak in intelligible sentences." 

i would like to hit these shows. we will see. the timing is right. worried about the lineup, but at this point its whatever. there's no way they will book the family band for msg...right???

> there's no way they will book the family band for msg...right???

Some rise, some fall, some climb......

to get to the Garden!

Its my birthday...and my kids will be there , damnit!



Oh, ya, you can bet "the family band" in some form will be there...hpfly they just fill night w "friends" from the past...then they could make it a special night etc

PHIL at 80 Blows My Mind ! I Will Be 57 at the Time.

Krasno and Lebo

Make it multiple dates, even if that means it’s split between the Capital Theatre and MSG. Three sets per night. First set is opening act with Phil making a few appearances. Second is Phil and the surviving Grateful Dead. Third is a mashup of first and second set lineup. Include a few top shelf musicians and MSG selling out will be a non issue.  Trey Anastasio Band tours early Spring...

I’m looking forward to 14 nights of Dead and Company at the Cap in the Fall. 

^lol, sounds disgusting. 

>!>>I’m looking forward to 14 nights of Dead and Company at the Cap in the Fall. 

Ahhh yes! The Fakers Dozen! I hear it’s been confirmed by some ushers at MSG. No repeats either! 

> I’m looking forward to 14 nights of Dead and Company at the Cap in the Fall. <


That would be awesome!


Just booked my hotel for 3/15/20.

>>>Clearly it should be all surviving members of the Grateful Dead 

W is having a heart attack

>>>Just booked my hotel for 3/15/20

Not a bad idea.   


I tried several different travel booking sites, and cannot find one that will book that far out -- will try again on March 16.

Starting the PL & FRIENDS wish list: 

<<your wish here>>



Never. Ever.

yeah, i know.

It's gonna' have to have multiple big names to sell MSG.

And The Hallowed Q won't cut it.

But Shappy is a very good promoter in an era where there are no good promoters, so I imagine he'll get that place filled.

When and if "Phil Lesh 80th at MSG" is announced, it won't matter who the band is. The good seats will be snapped in a flash and the upper levels will go over time. 

Vulfpeck is on their way to selling out Madison Square Garden. As long as it's a Saturday night, any artist with a decent fan base sells well above their normal pay grade @ MSG.

I'd imagine it will be similar to the 70th BGP gig, with a core band and then rotating guests throughout the evening. The only thing you can be sure of is that Graham will be there strumming along.






furthur w/ grahame lol 


Hope you guys enjoy Ross James singing Sweet Jane

All I have to say is never miss a Sunday show!!!

> Hope you guys enjoy Ross James singing Sweet Jane <

Who Doesn’t?!?!?

Hope you guys enjoy Ross James singing Sweet Jane<<<

Unfortunately, that is probably a stone cold lock.

Ratboard is abuzz with rumors...

My guess is that those who know aren't talking for now and vice versa, but I wouldn't be surprised to see this getting teased by early fall to start building hype