Our Son Turned 18


Where does the time go,? Took him to Broadway and dinner at Jean Georges. College acceptances are pouring in, 2/3 top choices have offered huge scholarships and honors programs. Waiting on American University, wants to study international affairs, maybe work at state dept. Good luck kid

Congratulations and good luck.

My son is interested in a similar path, but he is only 14.  

Nice work.   Has to feel good....and sad at the same time. 

{{{huge scholarship}}}

Congrats and good work.

Congratulations to you and him. Thanks for raising a responsible adult. We appreciate it.


My BIL is sort of retired from State (not because of the shutdown.  Drumpf just doesn't know what State is for).

He's been all around this world. A few places twice.


Where does the time go, indeed? Remembering your posts in the Mamas and Papas thread... your family has worked and had fun and helped him become the person he is today. Well done!

^^^ I think you have me mixed with someone else, I didn't even know there IS a mama's and papa's thread.Where would I find such a thing?

Fast and slow

 Time has its own mind   My  youngest of five with the oldest being 33 is turning 18 soon and will be off to college (i'm only gonna have two in college at once,  for a while it was going to be three)

next month the UC acceptances Or Cal poly should start rolling in.  Anxious times.  but what an evolution from 54321 and soon to be zero.  I wouldn't have traded a second of it and I'm glad it's a " lifetime sentence " being a dad. The number of back to school events sporting events, coaching events, tournaments,  homework support , endless  life lessons is mind boggling.   Along with food on the table and a roof over our heads  was a lot but somehow I managed to squeeze in a freak load of concerts  Home projects art projects and just living life.    I kind of feel like I'm complaining when I say it's been exhausting because it's been just as exhilarating 

Long live raising kids

and congrats to you and all parents - especially those with loving active parenting roles.   Role models

Elvis, there is a Mamas and Papas thread in the Caregivers, etc, folder. It's unused, so far. I was talking about on the Philzone.

^^ again not me on the philzonw

Well if it had been you, I have nothing but admiration for you and your son.

Almost empty nest here too, my youngest will be 18 in a couple months and already isn't home most of the time. My older kids are 28 and 25, they both moved to Brooklyn years ago (2 hours away). Thankfully we're a close family heart

I've always been ridiculously lucky in so many ways, the fact that these three people came into my life in this way is the highest of the high. It's hard to believe my good fortune sometimes. Actually I'm completely obsessed with them, as some of you may knowwink but in the interest of good manners I can restrain myself from going on & on about how amazing my kids are. Most of it's indescribable anyway. 


Quick update

So college #1 (his fav if accepted) sent email on Monday saying " we are extending the deadline for you to apply for the honors program until 2/1" 

I am assuming that he is accepted to regular program with chance at honors and more $$$

Any thoughts from those who have been down this road?

Update 2

So last week he got email (which he didn't read for a week:) , kids don't read email they text) asking him to meet and interview with an alum from  STANFORD!!! which he applied to as a lark, interview went very well as the interviewer really liked him, does this mean if he gets in I have to let him move to that hippie conclave Palo Alto?

It worked for us.

Da Boy was a resident of Electric Broccoli Forest.

'14. '15 Masters

 >hippie conclave Palo Alto?


it's now a techie conclave.


good news is that the Frost Amphitheater is just done being renovated and they're going to start hosting some rock shows again, might snare a few old hippies. 

 My hometown, brother Albert went to Stanford....  Yes there are more yuppies than hippies but it still has that cosmic connection

FWIW I still live nearby and volunteer for any support that might be valuable.  Congrats,  either way ,  it's not the worst place in the world

While we are bragging about our kids, my son, who is in his first year at George Washington Law in DC, found out this morning that he landed a summer job with the Office of Special Counsel.   Not that Special Counsel, but the one investigating violations of the Hatch Act (which generally prohibits members of the Executive Branch from engaging in political activities).   Doesn't pay well (few DC internships do) but still a good place to get your foot in the door and kick off your legal career.   

Please excuse a father's excitement, he is now 8/8 with school number 1 accepting him today. He doesn't even know as my mailman texted a picture of the envelope. 3 schools still to hear from Stanford, Brandeis and one of the SUNY's. I'm so happy for him it's been a long journey and he stepped up big time

Thats great EBY!  Kid must have done well on act/sat.  Was he national merit scholar by any chance? . What does he want to study?  The whole admissions thing is so tough these days. best of luck.



He got a 31 ACT which equates to about 1430 SAT. International Studies (major in Latin America) wants to write policy at State Dept. How also considering Constitutional Law 

Great job Dads + Moms. Proud you should be



My daughter got a 33 on the ACT and literally didn't get into any UC campuses  I attribute  part of it to being at a very competitive high school and if she had gone to a lesser high school would've gotten into many schools

(or if she was like Elizabeth Warren an "American  Indian or minority )

 I don't approve of all the stupid stuff kids do tutoring taking the test multiple times prep classes all the bullshit some parents spent like $100,000 


This hasn't been a good week.....

in the end it will all work out


The stress on these kids is stupid . While I agree on your comment about multiple tests etc. We had a tutor once a week and he helped raise the score about 150 from PSAT, then again our son goes to a school for kids who learn differently and we felt he needed the help. That school might be a factor why we are waiting to hear from Stanford, who interviewed him but the chances of getting in as you know are only 5%, he's also a double minority born in Guatemala, raised by Jews :)

Hope thing work out for your daughter

So Thursday is graduation!! Wednesday he is getting an award he knows nothing about, all we as parents know is that he is getting it. Then we are off to Spain for 10 days and when we get back start prep for American U Honors Program which finally excepted him. Last 3 weeks he has been a log as his last class was 5/22, I guess he earned a few weeks to slog and play online games. Viva La Kids

Elvis, is your boy going to Spain with you?

>>>>(or if she was like Elizabeth Warren an "American  Indian or minority)

My son is half Latino and I am pretty sure that went a long way in him getting accepted at George Washington Law, which is a pretty tough school to get into.   His LSAT score was decent enough as were his undergrad grades, but everyone else's were too and he was competing with Ivy League types, while he went to relatively BFE New Mexico State.  

Ken, yes he is, we assume as long as we are paying he will join. Plan for 2020, January, Israel, May Inca Trail

Funny you mention 1/2 Latino, he is adopted from Guatemala and when he first was writing common app essay wasn't going to mention it, duh? We convinced him, sure it helped His ACT was 31 which equals about 1430 SAT and 3.5 GPA which didn't hurt. As for NM State I am and have always been its not the institution you attend its what did you bring to the game. Most Ivy League grads aren't THAT much smarter its about connections for post school for them, just IMO

A SAT score of 33 And 4.0 and 5 on advance placement test scores too

did not do much for my Caucasian girl 

It’s all a crapshoot and super stressful time

In the end it’s what you do and how you do it not necessarily where you start off from 

Congrats to all the kids becoming adults and starting new chapters in their lives

I just had one of my five graduate college ( and immediately start a great job ) and one  graduate HS

I was super emotional and proud yesterday (and still am)

And made sure to tell all in a family text how happy and proud I was (Written with a fair amount of tears)


against my better judgement, I will open the curtain:


I'm going to take a second to tell all six of you how amazingly


 I am of EACH and every one of you

Great mother
Great kids w unlimited potential

Your lives are Unfolding

You may take separate paths, but you are forever connected, forever one

I can only pray that you are passionate kind creative and experience great joy, and experience it often

If you happen to ever have any minor failures, embrace them and learn from them
And celebrate your greatness as well

It's OK to be proud, and to have a bit of an ego, as long as you balance it out with love and care for others

(yes I know it's dad writing that last sentence, and at times my scales can appear a bit unbalanced as I'm not a humble and modest man)

And be productive, each in your own way 

And the future's so bright you gotta wear shades

I may not end up missing Homestead but it was a pretty cool 20 year run

A milestone, We did it!



No more juice for you.

I think smooth was like a number to selling single of all time something ridiculous like that but I want a smoothie

Great to hang.  Thx See you at the clubhouse Someday


One thing I learned about this process and I'm sure you know, kids on paper are somewhat meaningless to Adm Office and not getting in is no indicator of them. Which on one level is unfortunate due to the negative effect it has on some who don't get into the school of choice. Case in point our niece wanted to go to Penn where her Grandfather (other side of the family) went and was a major fund raiser. She was 1380/3.6/9 AP credits and ll county in both piano and violin, wound up at Boston U which was a better choice in the long run. Now living in Williamsburg and is an often asked studio musician and has toured extensively with many bands, Hooray For The Riff Raff to name one. So rejection turned into extreme good fortune.Sometimes the college just needs a viola player rather than a field hockey goalie, look the same on paper, but the former brings something to campus the other can't


Happy for you, Ed!

^^ not my name , and even if it was , why would you post the name of someone who has not sed their name openly? thanks for the well wishes

Congrats and good luck everyone


my third, and last one in college,just became Dr. Fabes of Pharmacy or whatever it is called. The other two have graduated and are doing great, the one travels the world when not working,and one is at home stacking chips to buy a condo


and Dr. Fabes also got engaged the night before graduation to another new Dr. of Pharmacy, so it won’t be Dr. Fabes for long 

Fabes and all

great news on all the graduations and joining "society" for the offspring, parents should talk up their kids to others at all times imo, looking at the world (mine has seen a lot of it in 18 short years) is one of the joys of being a parent that and watching them develop into adults

Some very admirable posts in this thread. I hope all here are proud. Very proud.

Great stuff to hear - I am genuinely glad for you guys.

Have a ball in Spain too.

Let's shout out well wishes to all the kiddies graduating with a Neil-sized mic - they deserve it.



My daughter told me that when she graduates she will be making $140,000 a year and I can come and live with her



i told her “ I have been trying to get rid of you for 25 years, what the fuck makes you think I want to live with you”


i know, I’m a dick

Congrats on all the college offers!

My bad, I must have been thinking of a different Zoner whose niece plays violin for Hurray for the Riff Raff.

Congrats nonetheless!

So back from Spain and no Ken I still can't figure out how to post pictures :), but it was amazing from Montserrat in Barcelona to the Prado in Madrid to the 14th Century Synagouge in Toledo and finally the best, Alhambra in Granada and everything in between. Great food , wine and beer, the people where great and we got out before the heat wave hit, its 104 there today

Turns out MyMyHeyHey is busy prepping for some July the 4th activities - so he's outsourcing his picture posting needs north of the border;






The tram up to Monserrat



Bascilica of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona



The Alhambra in Granada


Nice pics.   Elvis took those on his trip to Spain?   If so, they deserve its own travel review thread.


I've always thought a travel folder would be cool for zone/viva

Great pics, thanks to all involved north and south of the border.

I like the idea of a travel folder on Viva, will try to make it happen.

Due to the insistence of 2 former Zoner women, I used to do a blog of our travels, it was written without photos, (couldn't do it then either :) ) Anyway they were the only 2 who read it lol, so I stopped. If anyone is interested and why would you be? I can post a link

Hi Judit, I support that idea of a travel folder on viva.  If possible can posting pictures be made easier? Lots of pictures tend to accompany travel adventure posts.  The constant resizing and multiple steps needed to post pictures here is challenging.

 I think I can say that the folder will happen very soon. I’m not a tech person so I have no idea if photo posting can be made easier using our software, but I will find out about that, as well. Thanks for persevering.

Elvis, I'd like to read your blog.

Judit, it stops in 2015 and we have been to some great places since. When the travel folder is up maybe I'll go back and talk about some of them if you like. In the meantime



Thanks for the link, Elvis.

Recuerdos de la Alhambra played by Andres Segovia


There is now a Travel folder.

I've read your blog in the past, Elvis. Looking forward to reading your posts here in the Travel folder.

We plan to look into making posting pics less cumbersome but not there yet.

So this was drop off week at American U. Drove down on Monday, met the roommates and their families. Tuesday was move in, ran like Ike invading Normandy, stop in front of the dorm, volunteers take the stuff from the car and they text the student when its in the room. The whole thing including unpacking took 2 hours !! That night he said see ya, and we were dismissed. Only issue all week was getting back into NYC from the Jersey side of the GW Bridge , took 90 minutes, fuck it only took 180 to get there from DC. Wife is coping, don't think it hit her yet that he's gone until Thanksgiving, Fingers On The Fretboard that's Nov not Oct :) )

Ultra-fuckin'-cool !!

Successful parenting is a fantastic feeling. You've done a wonderful job, and I see no reason for the two of you not to be overjoyed. Enjoy your nest cuz the break visits will be here before you know it.  Maybe want to take your fair lady out to dinner tonight to celebrate.  Well done man, well done !!

Nicely done, Elvis! Congrats to your son. Sounds like he's on a great path.

Razamatz and EB, I appreciate the words, we have been enjoying the last few days until reality sets he that we is away and a grown up :)

Well done, Elvis - and the same to your wife. Is his room still the way it was when he left? 

I am little disappointed there are no pictures.

Thanksgiving in November? That's crazy talk...


We got back Thursday from DC and headed out East for a long weekend (will do it again next weekend) to get the wife some needed relaxation time before things pick back up at work post Labor Day (another holiday you don't get :) ) so the work on his bedroom is not done yet. But it's coming, there is stuff in there from kindergarten . I'm afraid of what we might find but the boss has a plan. No pictures, sorry neither the wife or son like their pictures on the interweb, that is until he gets named Secy of State. FYI check out Neil's page, some interesting video 

Technically we (the entire country) have Labour day - same day as in the States. That is the one statutory holiday most everyone under 18 here learns first. 

Every new school year doesn't begin until the day after Labour day. 

Have fun on your next weekend getaway. I haven't been 50 miles away from home once this year so my wife is out in BC for a little end-of-summer getaway. 

Thanks for the heads up on some Neil - I was pleasantly surprised to see him pop up in some new Hitsville/Motown doc last night.