Oteil & Friends



Ripping it up at the Neptune Theatre in Seattle right now.  Just finished the first set with a tasty JGB run of:

That's What Love Will Make You Do (Melvin Seals vocal)

Gomorrah (Oteil Burbridge vocal)

Cats Under The Stars (Eric Krasno vocal)

Oteil, Melvin, Steve Kimock, Krasno, Son Of Kimock, Some Rando Saxophonist)

Go see this band. 

Rando Saxophonist = Skerik


Awesome Dave and glad you are having a killer show.

Seeing them tomorrow at Revolution Hall.


That was a whole lot of fun.  Second set highlights included an instrumental with lots of soloing opener, Oteil taking lead vocals on I Shall Be Released with some nice lead guitar work by Krasno, a fun Run For The Roses, and a jaunty Midnight Moonlight fueled by Melvin's organ fills.  Skerik guested on about half the songs and they ended it on a hot Krasno number with no encore.  

Midnight Moonlight featured lots of leads from Oteil and Melvin, with Kimock and Krasno just playing rhythm.  Missed hearing Jerry's ripping lead parts, but it still hung together solidly.  Wouldn't mind them turning Kimock loose a little more on leads, although he was locked in and doing yeoman's work supporting his bandmates.  It was especially nice to hear Melvin again.  

My bum knee is barking at me, but it was worth it.

I'm going tonight too!

Was wondering if Skerik would join in.

Thanks for the images and review.

Doors at 7, hot ticket in Portland this week. 

kimmock hates socal. 

too bad, would have went.

Hop a flight Turtle!

Kimock loves Oregon.

Napa on Saturday!

Is it Kimmock or son of kimmock.   Maybe son of likes socal

too busy at this moment llollo...also have grown a bit weary of show travel...

^^ I get that!  Thought I would be running down for Zero run in October but not feeling it given my work situation (expecting interview that week), haven't bought tix.

I'll be there Sat night.


Go see this band.

That is all.

After Midmight....

Eleanor Rigby


Stella Blues 

jazzy jam 



P-Towm is out in force, the workday tomorrow won't be fun!


jammy jam2

scarlwt B



Make an effort, you won't be sorry!







I acknowledge that this setlist is not up to Zoner standards / expectations. 

Home safe! :)

Glad to hear you enjoyed the show, Llollo.  Did Skerik show up in Portland too?  

Happy Hangover Friday to Portlandia! 

Big fun last night, LLOLLO? I was wondering about the way your list went downhill as the night went on. Smiles.

Show was a blast, but kind of dragging ass today.

Oteil was clearly having a good time, smiling and dancing throughout the show:

Oteil and Friends III_0.jpg

The "friends" were an all star cast, but no Skerik or other special guests.   Krasno and and Kimock trading leads on In Memory of Elizabeth Reed was sick:

Oteil and Friends II.jpg

Here is the setlist.   First set was sort of mellow and jazzy, but second set tore the roof of the sucka:

Oteil set list_0.jpg



>>> I acknowledge that this setlist is not up to Zoner standards / expectations <<<

Those silly Zoners! Just leave the damn expectations at the door, and enjoy the show. It sounds like everyone who's been to the PNW shows had a good time.

And I'm happy you got home safe, LLOLLO.

Thanks Judit, me too! :)

Draggin' ass is the most accurate part of the review above, LOL, but I was at my computer at 8AM this morn, just bleary-eyed. (I should've cut that gummy in 1/2, damn candy.)

Had a great time and ran into Portland music fam that I hadn't seen in a long while... it was also cool to hear the comments of amazement from younger fans.

Krasno for the win, good pairing w/ Oteil. 

Kimock seemed quiet in the mix at first but he filled in the missing layers very nicely, as always. 

My takeaway: I wish I wouldn've gone to the Seattle show.... and I wish I could fit in the Cali Zero run in October.

Charles Krug Winery 9/17/22 

No More Doubt, That's What Love Will Make You Do, Midnight Moonlight, Rooster, I Shall Be Released, In Memory of Elizabeth Reed, Scarlet Begonias, Unconditional Love, Blue Sky, Franklin's Tower>Stir It Up>Franklin's Tower, Cats Under The Stars

sound check After Midnight & Rooster

Fun show!! I got my favorite Allman Brothers song (Blue Sky), favorite Grateful Dead song (Franklin's Tower), favorite JGB song (Midnight Moonlight) & favorite Melvin singing song (That's what love will make you do).

Weather was ridiculous wind & rain threatening. Wind was ripping through hoodies but by the 3rd song the wind calmed down & all the heads were enjoying themselves. Melvin's playing like Oteil said, "Going to church". I've compared Melvin's shows before the same way being non religious. Kimock & Krasno great as always & the conductor Oteil.




Was a very good show.  Short(one 2 hr set), and I wish it had been a more diverse setlist(less dead/Jerry), more jamming and a longer show, but the musicians played well.  Could have gotten more Kimock and less Krasno, but just a personal preference. Krasno played well enough. Melvin was on fire all night.  Was a "Melvin" show for sure. Glad I went and glad the rain held off. One hour from my house is also a big plus.

  "Unconditional Love" ?

A New Grass revival cover?

ob and kimocks 

west love


Oteil news from jambands.com.... wouldn't it be fun to watch this session in Iceland? wow!

Published: 2022/09/20

Oteil Burbridge to Track Jerry Garcia and Robert Hunter Ballads Album in Iceland

Oteil Burbridge has shared his plans to record a new album of ballads. In a recent interview with Don Thrasher of Dayton Daily News, Burbridge revealed that the forthcoming project would pull material from Jerry Garcia and Robert Hunter’s expansive songwriting catalog.

According to the aforementioned interview, the imminent album will be tracked this December, when the musician travels to Iceland, where he plans to record his latest project under nature’s light show: the dancing psychedelic waves of the aurora borealis. 

Burbridge spoke to Thrasher from his Boca Raton, Fla. home, where he stated: “Yes, I’m going to go to Iceland in December and record it. I didn’t realize it was going to be nighttime most of the time, so the vibe is going to be the Aurora Borealis over the whole record of these Garcia-Hunter ballads.”

He added, “It’s going to be cool doing all of these songs like that. It’s going to be perfect. I’m really excited about going in there and trying to capture a vibe.” For those interested in reading the complete interview with Burbridge, visit DaytonDailyNews.com. https://www.daytondailynews.com/what-to-do/events/thursday-at-the-rose-b...

Wondering who will be in the band for that.