Oregon sends out state police to round up GOP lawmakers


Wackiness in the Oregon legislature.  The GOP representatives in the state house (from the BFE eastern part of the state} are holding up in an undisclosed location in Idaho to avoid being hauled in to vote on a carbon emission cap and trade bill.  Militia threats shut down the statehouse.


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Oregon GOP. I'm not surprised by their actions, but I wish we could go back to the days of the progressive and moderate Republicans in State government. It was a much saner State.

(I hope they brought snacks)

"Oregon GOP. I'm not surprised by their actions"

I assume you had the same reaction when Democrats pulled the same stunt.

"The 2011 Legislative Walkout in Indiana occurred during February and March when the Democratic minority, inspired by the 2011 Wisconsin protests, fled the state to deny the Indiana House of Representatives quorum needed to pass a controversial right-to-work bill, which would have removed the legal requirement that employees pay union dues. The walkout lasted nearly six weeks, and the majority responded by fining the missing members and withholding their pay. The walkout ended after the majority agreed to table three bills, including the one that sparked the walkout, from the agenda."


Or is this another occasion when it is only bad when Republicans do it?

It's just Oregon politics as usual. The Democrats have done it in the past a few times, as have the Republicans. Part of the Oregon political playbook, it seems. 

What's fun about this one is that one of the GOP senators seemed to be threatening violence, saying that anyone coming after him better to be heavily armed and that they should only send bachelors.  This prompted the militia guys to pledge to defend them with their lives (and guns).



Yeah, Thom....they're both equal.  

Powers ,   keep on lyin'
While your people  ,   keep on dyin'

Republicans flee state in order to protect businesses from Republican invented market based program -  designed to combat climate change. Glad to see their priorities are in order.

Meanwhile back in the real world.


Round all repubs up everywhere and Soylent Green the fuckers 

Poor Thom.

Climate change deniers.


the old white man’s club

This has nothing to do with ignoring the will of the people and everything to do with a politically toxic, resource extractive dependent, greedy voter demographic that is becoming increasingly more isolated, hostile, and defiant.

and it has nothing to do with democrats in Indiana (wtf?)

my question is why they think they need a militia to protect them? What physical danger is so great to these republican state senators that they need the force of a militia to defend them from it?

Must take a lot of spine to stand on their principles so firmly (with the buffer of state borders to hide behind).


I'd think that Oregon wildfires alone, if nothing else, would cause them to think that climate change, yes, climate change, has an impact on their lives (read bottom line, in their way of thinking). But for some reason, and I don't know if it's true in other places, there are a lot of reactionary repubs who think in narrow lines, scary stuff. I'm hoping that they'll experience mind expansion but that seems so far away.