in Oklahoma they torture people with music


Oklahoma Inmate Forced To Listen to 'Baby Shark' on a Loop Found Dead

An inmate who had accused his jailers of "torture" by alleging they forced him to listen to the repetitive "Baby Shark" song playing on a loop has been found dead. John Basco was found unresponsive in his cell in the early hours of Sunday at the Oklahoma County Detention Center, according to a press release.


Now in all fairness to the Oklahoma penal system, the guy died well after he was tortured. 

But I listened to the song... not while chained to a wall, though... and only once, and found it merely obnoxious.

(Once I listened to a Skeletons From the Closet cassette a couple hundred times in a row, or so it seemed, on a long distance car trip -- but no lasting damage.)


so the obvious question is..... What is the GD song that would drive you insane if you heard it over and over and over and over and over and over and over, etc.... again?

Rest In Peace John Basco


If I were forced to repeatedly listen to the Kars4Kids jingle I'd tear out my own jugular.

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No fairness to the Oklahoma penal system is necessary, nor in this case appropriate. He was tortured. As a witness and plaintiff in a case against them, Mr. Basco's death gives the appearance of his being a threat to them. I hope he died of causes they had no overt connection to, and I'm sorry he died.

Judit - the article's headline implied the music killed him "instantly." That was not the case. His torture occurred in 2019. His murder --- probably in 2022.

"Any parent would agree—being forced to listen to the viral children's song "Baby Shark" countless times, on repeat, could be described as cruel and unusual punishment. Now, two ex-jail guards and their supervisor have been charged with several crimes for allegedly subjecting some prisoners to that exact punishment.

Christian Miles and Greg Butler Jr., who were formerly employed at Oklahoma County Detention Center in Oklahoma City, were charged on Monday with misdemeanor offenses of cruelty to prisoners, corporal punishment to an inmate and conspiracy, for allegedly making inmates listen to hours upon hours of "Baby Shark."

According to probable cause affidavits obtained and reported on by BuzzFeed, Miles and Butler left four inmates in a room on various occasions in November and December 2019 while "Baby Shark" played loudly. The men were ordered to stand with their hands cuffed behind them and attached to a wall, and at least two of the men were subjected to the "inhumane" treatment for two hours straight."

I read the article you posted, Alan, and saw the timeline.

I'm saying there was no cause of death stated, and if they killed him now, it might be because he would have been a witness and was a plaintiff. The whole thing stinks.

Actually, Oklahomans torture the rest of the nation with their political  views.

RIP John Basco and JJ  Cale, and fuck those okc jailers.

Stone Sculptor : Picasso Moon....

Fun facts: This song is one of the most searched ones on YouTube. I never even heard of it before today. I wonder if Phish covers it yet.

When South Korea’s Pinkfong released “Baby Shark” in 2015, the song and video turned into a global viral hit that enthralled kids and inspired dance frenzy online. Parents who danced along with their children to the tune will tell you it’s no surprise that a song targeted at kids with a cute animated video was the first in history to cross 10 billion views on YouTube. 

...The song has even made Kim and his family wealthy. Pinkfong is valued at about 1 trillion won ($1.1 billion) as per local media reports, and the family, the biggest shareholders, is worth around $US300 million ($404 million), according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

Don't do the time if ya can't handle the rhyme?   (I'll let myself out...)


Donster I see where you are going with that. But consider that if you had to listen to three / four hours of Picasso Moon, it is kinda bubbly and relatively upbeat. I could see one getting a lot of house work done while that was happening (with the right amount of stimulants, of course). Remember, we're not talking about the most sucky song, just the one that would make you nuts if you heard it repeatably (like, say, 80 times in a row). I think Picasso falls in the same category as Easy Answers and Corrina -- barely tolerable. But you're a professional -- you could take it.

I'm thinking a more dirge-like selection might drive me crazier -- 80 Row Jimmies in a row? (Blasphemy to say I could find a Jerry song painful, but some of those really slow ones on auto-repeat....) Then again, if I was chained to a wall, I might appreciate a sloth-like tempo. 

When I saw Gov't Mule earlier this summer, there were some folks trying to give away tickets for a Baby Shark show. As far as I could tell, nobody was interested. I still haven't heard it, and have no plans to.

The US military weaponized rock and roll music to drive Manuel Noriega out of the Vatican's embassy in Panama City back in the late 80s, but corrections officers aren't supposed to torture or otherwise torment the prisoners they oversee. And while the shithole known as Oklahoma is the focus of the story that Alan posted, I wouldn't be at all surprised to learn it happens in other states, and probably some blue ones.



I'm pretty sure that Baby Shark is the most watch video on You Tube of all time. Kids love to hear things over and over. Apparently there is now a market for creating songs with the word Poop in it because kids like to say Alexa play poop. I'm not making that up.

As for the GD song played over and over Might As Well popped into my head. 

that is terrible...

so is that damned cars for kids!~


>>> If I were forced to repeatedly listen to the Kars4Kids jingle I'd tear out my own jugular.


Fun Fact #2:  the charity behind Kars4Kids raises money to send jewish-american kids to Israel. 

Tearing out your own jugular is a selfish act that does not remove the nuisance for the rest of us. Consider instead tearing out the jugular of the content creator, or the CEO of the platform that carries the content.

really liquid? 

i thought the israeli's paid for it with all the billion$ in aid we give them every year...

Glad I don't have any kids around the house.

Kars 4 Kids  have added  to the commercial they'll also take your house and any land you own

should you be so inclined.