O Black Screen>>>Yellow Letters


viva is a bit of a homecoming whenever logging on

i am especially grateful for Judit championing the original format


Also grateful for Judit helping to bridge the old to the new!

I'm kind of agnostic on "originalism" (as it relates to the zone).


Oh yeah, whole lotta love for judit, she's like that wise, just slightly elder aunt I never had.

Love Phil, you, and all that other sweet stuff. 



I echo the sentiment! Original format would be purple tho iirc

Purple? For unlinked text?

Purple for mimeograph?

Thank you, it's been a trip. Remember to include lava and HeyDavey as you think about Viva - we worked together. lava did most of the work to make it look like what you see when you log on.

CA 1999 

^ 2001 appears to be the oldest incarnation of the zone on the Wayback Machine, which still shows it as being black:


Maybe we can start "In the Wake of Jan 6 Insurrection" top-level thread akin to the 9.11 which appeared in 2002:




Was thinking maybe dead.net was purple, but it appears to have also been black:


{{{{{{ RH }}}}}}


Cheers to all who have been in the past and are admin now

After I posted it wasn't as yellow as I recalled lol

I totes woulda mud wrestled John Candy

<<Cheers to all who have been in the past and are admin now

Thanks. That means allot. 

Nothing means anything to you


While you secretly care about everything