NFL 2021


Yeah I know pre-season doesn't mean much, but the Ravens beat the Saints last night. Barely.

We are currently dealing with a backup quarterback battle (our number 1 QB is unvaccinated and has had 2 bouts of Covid already), an offensive line in flux, and injuries to our 2 star receivers (including our #1 draft pick). As usual, the defense is holding the team together.

Guess summer is over. Let the games begin!


Go Bears!

Tampa to repeat

Go Bills, get past the chef's this year

Giants going nowhere, just beat fuckin' Dallas.

Todays sports overlap is nuts. Never again miss a chance to watch your favorite sport,, preseason, regular season, post season, the Big 3 - MLB -  NFL  + NBA  they're all on at the same damm time these days. Seems like the NBA playoffs just ended like a week ago. They must be about ready to crank it up again.

Vegas Baby! Vegas!

As long as Jerry Jones is unhappy, all is good. That is all.

Wanna get to Lambeau this fall. Bucket list item. Anyone have connections??? JKlowan??? 

A Lambeau experience is on my bucket list too.

I may have a connection: An old work colleague's uncle was PR guy for the Pack.... Doubt if he's still around, but she may be able to suggest a strategy. 

Which game?

The rival Bears are playing at Lambeau on a Sunday night in December, which may be too much of the "Lambeau experience." Then again, freezing your f'ing ass off might be part of it.

I was thinking earlier in the fall. Haven't spent too much time looking. Have a relative in Thorpe who's looking also. I retire Oct 1st so maybe October or early November. 

The Rams and Chargers Are Basically Wearing The Same Uniforms and Helmets

How do the Jags cut my boy Tebow





Go Browns!

>>>>How do the Jags cut my boy Tebow

He just wasn't that good (or there were better players for tight end).    I still think they should have kept him on as a novelty to sell tickets.

My Tebow Trolling will have to come to an end, sad day in my life 

I missed it, how did Tebow's baseball career go?
He does a good commercial though

Tebow is well suited to be Jags "greeter" imo.

Baker Mayfield, baby, time to take some more steeler blood, and fuck the jr. browns in Baltimore, and let's not forget Kentucky's best the Bungholes. 

If Clowney can play at 85% (big?) the browns will be quarterback killers, oh would I like to be in the house to see a Rothlesberger sandwich between Garret and Clowney

Fabes  -- Get your own arch enemy -- Pittsburg belongs to the Ravens fans. Even Wikipedia says so:

"The Ravens–Steelers rivalry is a National Football League rivalry between the Baltimore Ravens and the Pittsburgh Steelers. It is widely considered to be the greatest and most intense and physical rivalry in the NFL. Both teams are members of the American Football Conference North division."

Also from Wikipedia:

The two AFC North rivals (Cleveland and Baltimore) have played twice annually since 1999 when they represented the bygone AFC Central Division. The rivalry has been relatively one-sided; Baltimore holds an advantage of 33–11 against Cleveland. The two teams have yet to meet in the playoffs.

But it's good to know there's at least one Cleveland fan out there.

Talk to me Nov 29 and again Dec 13 and we can decide who buys who a cold beverage.

Go Bears!

Alan, Cleveland brought you the hatred of the Steelers when Model moved the Browns. The original Ravens were Browns players, Ozzie, the fourth greatest Brown ever and one of the best GMs in football, and those players taught the town of Baltimore who to hate. 

im always up for adult beverages 


Best Browns of alltime






Ha yes -- I can relate. I still say Baltimore Colts every so often.  At least your guys didn't sneak out in the middle of the night. The name Irsay still couldn't reserve a table within 50 miles.

Thanks for Ozzie by the way. And any hell you can lay on Pittsburg is always appreciated. Ravens have bigger fish to fry this year.

The Bills look real good, their second team knocked the snot out of the bears. 

This going to be a good fall

The advanced notice was highly appreciated by browns fans. The city and Model fucked this up, Model was about broke and wanted the city to build a new Stadium but the city did not want to do it for a broke Model so he took the 232 million or whatever it was 

No connections for Lambeau, I live in Rhode Island. But getting there was fun and I would recommend it for any NFL fan, it is expensive as tickets are in high demand, most money I will ever spend on tickets was to see my beloved Packers play the Bears a few years ago. We stayed about 40 minutes outside Greenbay as during the season all hotels jack up the rates and have a 2-3 night min. We did not want to stay in Greenbay for that amount of time. We paid for a bus trip in from the hotel we were at, lots of fun. GO PACK GO!!!

Thanks for hopping in, JKlowan. Was hoping to hear from you. 

I think being able to see Aaron in Lambeau in his last year against the Bears, even on a December Sunday night freezing my ass off, would be GREAT. An ultimate Lambeau experience. I'd wanna tailgate, too. 

But I poked around last night and getting there from Salt Lake air-wise is a f'in nightmare and expensive as hell. I could do a hotel for one night but not 2-3, especially without wheels. And while tickets are expensive they are out there. 

I saw where the Pack is headed to Phoenix in late October. I have relatives and places to stay, and tickets are cheaper. I might do the 2 day drive (stop overnight in Mesquite to break it up) and go to that game. It's not Lambeau, but I'll have to go there after I buy Portland Ken's travel van and hit the road after I retire this fall. Then I won't have to deal with air fare and a hotel, just a ticket.

Now if the Cubbies and Red Sox were to play in a October World Series, my trifecta of Lambeau, Wrigley and Fenway could be realized in one trip!

We flew into Milwaukee and drove as we wanted to see Wisconsin, visited Madison, Greenbay and Milwaukee. Not sure how you'd get to Lambeau without a car.


Slickrock -- I did check w/ my old Green Bay connection, but sadly did not come up with anything helpful.  Good luck!

Thanks LLOLLO. Might go to Phoenix, but if COVID risks increase from those dumb asses in Arizona, my living room will be the place this year.

And while I've never been a Jerry Jones fan (see above), his stance today is very commendable. Respect. 

“Everyone has a right to make their own decisions regarding their health and their body. I believe in that completely until your decisions as to yourself impacts negatively many others. Then, the common good takes over. And I’m arm-waving here, but that has everything to do with the way I look at our team, the Cowboys, or the way I look at our society. We have got to check ‘I’ at the door and go forward with ‘we.’ Your Dallas Cowboys are doing that.”

^^^ Excellent statement, given his audience.

ESPECIALLY given his audience.

Did Jerry Jones really write that?

If so, I like him marginally more than I did before.

Which is marginally more than not at all.

(And most Cowboys fans now like him marginally less than they did before)

All over twitter.

One response -  Did not have "Agree with Jerry Jones" on my COVID Bingo card but here we are...

>>>If so, I like him marginally more than I did before.

Lance, I think one guy had that idea and put it at 8%. LOL   

Minshew era over in Jacksonville. My favorite character in the nfl on his way to Philly. Hope they enjoy his pregame stretching routine in only a jock strap. The kid came in as a lower tier draft pick and showed he could compete with a shitty team in Jacksonville, hope he gets a chance to shine again and share that hillbilly nature of his. 

Lance, whatya know about  49er runningback Wayne Gallman?

We lost our main guy last night to a knee injury and Gallman's name has been mentioned as  a possible free agency pick up or trade. Ravens run a pair of runningbacks in a knock-em-flat offense, so the workload is spread out a bit.

Not that it matters much, but Ravens just made NFL history last night with a 20th consecutive preseason win. At least it sets a positive tone to go into the season with. The team is too banged up to be over confident, but going into the regular season with a winning altitude can't hurt.

Ravens open their season with the first Monday night football game, Sept 13, against the Raiders. It still seems unnatural to say "Las Vegas Raiders."

Wasn't Gallman the Giants RB that came in when Barkley went down


just been thinking about picking up Gus in fantasy in a latter round, you don't think he will take a lot of the snaps? 

Tough injury to Dobbins. He's a good player, I had him penciled in as a 3rd or 4th round sleeper pick for my fantasy team.

The 49ers are pretty deep at RB. Gallman played well last year for the Giants and he's looked good this year with the 49ers. He's generally been considered a lock as a rotation player, but a young guy has been playing well in preseason and they have a couple of rookies who look good, although one is hurt. I believe the thinking is that Gallman will make the team because he's proven, but special teams contributions might bump him out, especially if the Eagles are offering something decent for him.

Injuries suck.

Damn. "Dobbins is looking at least 12 months of recovery to be ready for the 2022 season, but he will miss the 2021 campaign." That was our go-to guy for 2021.

Gus Edwards averages 5 or more yards and has three 700 yd seasons, but he's a workhorse, not the "star" that's needed in the Balto offense.  Now Lamar will be tempted to run more and that's no good - he runs enough.

We've got some up-and-comers, but not Super Bowl caliber. So Ravens may be looking.

Will Jackson be tempted to run more, or HAVE to run more as their best weapon?

And as I'm writing this, Gallman just made a nice tackle on a punt return, showing he can play special teams.

The 49ers are very deep at a number of positions. They're going to be cutting some good players, especially on the Dline and probably RB as well.

It always sucks to cut good players, but that's a sign of a good team and it helps the lesser/in-need teams improve. All the maneuvering the week after final cut-downs is always interesting and fun to watch. 

I already hate by fantasy team and the season hasn't started.

Waiting for Lance's opinion on Lance.

My initial opinion was that he is rough and raw, and while he shows promise, he needs to sit for a year or more under JG, but after yesterday, I'm second guessing that.  Having the ability to befuddle defenses by rotating him in seems like an edge they might want to take advantage of, if not in the regular season, possibly in the post season (assuming the injury bug doesn't bite them yet again, negating a playoff birth).


>>>Waiting for Lance's opinion on Lance<<<

He looks rough & raw, with flashes of brilliance.

He's a 21-year-old rookie who played at a small college and didn't play that many games there (and remember about yesterday, the Raiders were playing all their 2nd & 3rd stringers against the 49ers front-line starters).

He looks like he's got the skills & the smarts to become a very good/great NFL quarterback, and if he was in a more normal situation for a top-5 QB pick he'd be on a flawed/bad team and starting right away, making his mistakes and learning.

But he's not on a flawed/bad team, he's on a team that's built to win now, with a realistic chance (if reasonably healthy for once) to go deep into January and a shot at the BIG GAME. In that situation, Lance is a 21-year-old rookie, and NFL defensive coordinators know how to trick & confuse rookies, no matter how good, and that leads to stalled drives and back-breaking mistakes that lose games.

Nowadays it seems that Garoppolo has become the new Alex Smith, where everyone has decided that he stinks. JimmyG has flaws, but when healthy he's a very good, very well-trained & experienced NFL veteran QB who understands how to read defenses, how to see a hidden blitz coming, how to change a call at the line, how to dump off to convert a 3rd & 4 in the 4th quarter. Ultimately, even though people try, no one can successfully argue with his 38-12 record as a starting QB. 

Garoppolo doesn't throw the deep ball well and he's a bit of a gun-slinger overall, so he throws some ugly INTs because of that, but he's good player and he knows how to win NFL football games.

I think in the regular season we're going to see quite a bit of what we saw yesterday, with Lance coming in during drives, probably often, to change it up, throw lots of quirks and different looks at defenses and let him chuck the deep ball, but if they're going to win the number of games they'll need to get into the playoffs, especially playing in what will likely be the best division in the league, they're going to need Jimmy Garoppolo.

Overall I think this is the perfect situation for Lance. He's going to get to play, learn & grow without EVERYTHING being on his shoulders.

I'm really looking forward to the season, and I think if they can somehow keep half the team healthy they'll be pretty nasty, with a very nasty defense.

The only thing that's going to suck is if all their best players start dropping like flies again, and how the first (and every) time Garoppolo makes a mistake the home crowd is going to boo him.

Lance is flashy, and people love flash, but it's not a video game. The NFL is a grown man's league, and there's a reason why no rookie starting QB has ever made it to the Super Bowl.

All good things in all good time.

GO NINERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>>>>Nowadays it seems that Garoppolo has become the new Alex Smith, where everyone has decided that he stinks.

SF fans didn't deserve a classy guy like Smith. Restructured his salary to bring in more talent, and got screwed in the end.  

I LMAO when I was at HSBF wearing my Alex Smith jersey. It was when people were first grumbling. I went up to a SF cop and said "Hey, if people harass and attack me for my Alex Smith jersey, will you help me?" 


Then I wore it again a year or two later while he was kicking ass with KC, just to rub it in.  

Yeah, I've always said that nothing brings out the stupid like football.

Although, these days there are some close contenders.

I also agree with the old saying, "The most popular player on every football team is the 2nd string quarterback".

The Harbaugh 49ers didn't really screw Smith. When he got hurt and Kaepernick filled in Kaep was just the much more dynamic player and took them to the Super Bowl (and ultimately turned out to be not as good as Smith). The team had to decide, and they actually did what Smith wanted them to do, but the fans were always unfairly brutal to, and wrong about, him.

Funny thing is that now, after everyone has seen that documentary that details Smith's unbelievable journey back from the horrific leg injury that almost killed him, and that clearly demonstrates once again what a total class guy he is, virtually everyone around here now claims to have always been a Smith supporter.

Football fans can be a funky bunch.

Aaaaand, now Lance is out for at least a week with a chipped finger on his throwing hand. Smacked it against a helmet yesterday.


I suppose it could have been worse, and it could have been a more central player who got hurt, but still.

Fucking injuries.

I wish it WAS a video game!

Cam Newton cut by the Pats, bet he ends up in Dallas 

Wouldn't be surprised if Cam makes his way to the Ravens. In fact, lock it in.

Cam is unvaxed it's a huge risk making him your starting QB. He has said he doesn't want to be a back up -  if anywhere I would say the Texans. 

He also is not that good 

Texans are in need 

^ Ravens don't want another unvaxed QB.

Management and the fans are all pro-vax on this one -- no one wants Jackson to take a 5 -10 day medical leave anytime  this season. He's already had Covid twice.

Going into his big contract year you'd think Lamar would get over his vaccination issues. Lot of money on the table. I read a possible $170 million over 4 years. And he doesn't seem the stay-at-home type. Can't spend it if you're dead.

Ravens have a very Jackson-esque guy who seems to be a decent backup after winning a pre-season battle with the now backup backup.

>>>NFL defensive coordinators know how to trick & confuse rookies >>> let him chuck the deep ball

I was thinking more of using him in the run option with the vast majority of his work being hand offs.  It would give the O line and running backs an advantage and stop defenses from crowding the line against the run as much since they still have to respect the deep pass. 

I agree that Jimmy G is the guy, and for fans to boo him is crazy (has that really happened?).

pretty much done with football.


I can understand why you feel that way Turtle. Even without teams turning their backs on their fans & communities for more of what they already have too much of, the NFL just keeps finding ways to make it all harder to follow.

But under all the BS, it's still such a great game.

And I agree with you Hall that Lance will mainly be used at first as a run-option guy that will help open run lanes, but since the 49ers don't throw many bombs with JimmyG that can also be a big play option when Lance is in there. His presence should make things even more dynamic for the offense overall.

And while I'm cautiously excited about what Trey Lance can become, the 49ers paid a heavy price for him, and all the while I've been wondering if maybe it would have been smarter to take Jones at their original draft spot.

After the 49ers traded up for the #3 pick, Shanahan let the conjecture that he was going to take Jones there blow the Bay Area fans & media UP. Everyone was howling that Jones wasn't athletic enough to be a modern NFL quarterback, to which I would counter that it's fine to be a great athlete, but you still have to be a QUARTERBACK, which Jones for sure is.

Now we'll get to see right off the bat how good Jones can be, even if he can't rip off 50-yard runs.

With the Pats O line this year they will run more than the Titans and the only time Jones will throw is play action. Hmm sounds like a formula they have used before. 

Cam is a ding dong. Straight up fool not to get vaccinated given the potentials for fucking it all up. Then to not really pay close attention to protocols. The cat is blessed in no doubt, but cursed at the same time. He was lucky to get a shot with the Pats and he blew it.   Dimi. 

Lance lacks mental polish but he's young. It is big step up... to the NFL. Can he become a field general with command, poise and discipline? It sounds simple but these kids that made their collegian name largely on athleticism coupled with good support in college can struggle getting their heads around it all... let alone actuate accordingly. I can see him being good, I'm skeptical on great though. 



Are you fuckn kidding me?

In practice today we lost the last of our three starting running backs to another season ending injury. Three of three!  A few days before the first game. Plus, within the space of minutes, we also lost our star cornerback. "Peters is a four-time All-Pro and three-time Pro Bowler. His loss will be profound."


"When the Ravens kick off their 2021 season on Monday night against the Raiders, they won't be doing so at full health, thanks to not only one but two more serious blows to their starting lineup. As NFL Network's Ian Rapoport reported, Baltimore ended its practice early on Thursday after running back Gus Edwards and cornerback Marcus Peters -- arguably two of the team's most important starters -- suffered knee injuries on back-to-back plays. The initial tests revealed likely ACL tears, according to CBS Sports Insider Jason La Canfora, which would end their 2021 campaigns before they could even begin.

Edwards, who topped 700 rushing yards in each of his first three NFL seasons, was already filling in for fellow running backs J.K. Dobbins and Justice Hill, both of whom suffered season-ending torn ACLs this preseason. His sudden injury leaves the Ravens, one of the league's top rushing teams, with only reserves Ty'Son Williams and Trenton Cannon in the backfield. Former Steelers standout Le'Veon Bell is the most accomplished option at the club's disposal, but he just signed to the practice squad this week. Still, coach John Harbaugh said "there's a chance" Bell could be active as soon as the season opener."

Yeah, just read about Edwards. I immediately picked up for my fantasy team whatever his name is who is now the Ravens starter, at least for the short-term.

I then came over here, betting myself 12 cents that Alan would have made a post about the Ravens miserable luck. I win 12 cents!

49ers fans (really most fans) know well about losing every player at a position of need. I think it's fortunate for the Ravens that RB is a bit more of a plug-and-play type of position, where a team, especially a good running team, can still get decent production from scrubs and last-minute pickups.

That CB loss could be much more hurtful.

As for Lance, he's got all the tools, including the character & mental ones, and he's in a very good situation, playing behind an extremely well-trained veteran professional with time to learn, while also playing on a good, well coached team that is always going to be a run-first operation.

Virtually every QB comes into the league as a question mark, and most who start early or right away play for bad teams that often change coaches & schemes within the first two or three years of the QB's career. Lance won't have those issues, but as usual it will likely be a couple of years before we know anything definitive about any of this year's crop.

Kickoff in a couple of minutes. I hope for a healthy, exciting season for all of our teams.

Here we go....

GO NINERS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh yeah, did I mention we also lost our number one draft pick who was going to be the star receiver. And like 10 other guys. 

Ok -- here's a crazy idea just too get us thru. Use our backup QB as the number one QB. He's like a little Lamar already, but with a better arm. Let Lamar be a runningback. Add another discarded vet with a chip on his shoulder and something to prove as a dual runningback threat. The other teams will be so confused, they won't know what to do.

(The way I see it Lance, you owe me 6 cents to have made that happen. I'll settle for a nickle, cause who uses pennies nowadays?)

You must be joking Allan.


(I really mean about Lamar. You can't be serious about that)

Someone tell me about the Las Vegas Raiders this year.

(After living in the Bay area for 25 years, it is still weird not to say Oakland.)

I still call 'em the LA Raiders.

And who knows with that funky bunch.

They've got talent on offense but they completely revamped their Oline, for better or worse we'll see.

On defense, last year as usual they couldn't stop any running back, or really much of anything when it counted. They added players to their defense as well as changing their defensive coordinator, we'll see if they can actually stop somebody this year.

They play in a tough division but their offense should be pretty strong overall, and they'll be playing in their new castle this year with fans, so if their defense can be a little better than terrible things could be pretty exciting in Sin City.

^^ Lance, yes I'm joking, but note that the Ravens have successfully "used a QB as a RB" before. If they do it again I'll gladly send you another 12 cents.


"Sunday in Cincinnati, the Ravens lined up in a split-backfield shotgun set, with Griffin lined up to Lamar Jackson’s left, and Mark Ingram to Jackson’s right. The personnel group became known as 'The Heisman Package.' The play was a triple option, where Jackson faked the hand-off to Ingram and ran right, only to pitch the ball to Griffin. The right side of the field was wide open, as Griffin gained 12 yards and a first down on the play. The formation was likely the first time in NFL history — there is no official record of it happening before — that three Heisman Trophy winners lined up in the same backfield, on the same play."

The Bengals’ defense, which allowed 35 offensive points as is, had no idea how to react when the Ravens put two quarterbacks on the field

“They didn’t know what to do," Griffin said. "I don’t know if they could’ve reacted any better for us, the way the play worked out, getting a first down and getting an 11-yard gain. Teams will be aware of it now, we can use that to our advantage and do all kinds of things out of that package.”

The Buc's gave Dallas every opportunity to pull off the upset last night, and wound up giving the national audience a thriller. Dallas looked good, and had a great game plan- running up the middle is very tough against the TB defense, so let's not bother.  

Champa Bay... back to the Rays march to the AL East title tonight.

I hope the Packers have the same gameplan and let Rogers throw the ball 58 times, he could get me 60 points in fantasy 

Alan, I have Ty'son on both of my fantasy teams, should I be concerned about Latavios Murray, or will the young back hold him off? 

Fabes - Latavios Murray is 31 and the Raven's offensive line is a work-in-progress, so I wonder how well he would be able to read and utilize their blocks and synch with Lamar, who's a little unconventional. But "they" say he is Ravens material. I just read that the Ravens are willing to pay him for his experience.

I'm assuming Ty'Son  has learned the schemes and he certainly raged during the preseason. He's listed at  6 ft 220, so he should be able to withstand the punishment. However, he has never been in a regular season game. 

But who doesn't love a rags-to-riches story (previously undrafted > practice squad /backup > first string starter)? I'll root harder for the young upstart presented with an unexpected opportunity.

Go Bills!

BIG expectations in Buffalo, as I'm sure you know, C-R. There will be massive hangover's tomorrow if they don't defend home turf today...


Glad to see Jets fans got a taste of what Zach Wilson can do. Yeah, short little mormon boy from BYU (usually not my cup of tea), but the kid is good. 

Kid and his family were Utah Ute fans their whole life (season ticket holders) but Utah screwed up and failed to recruit him. Family was waiting for the call. His size may cost him in the end, but the kid has talent, smarts, and desire. I wish we Ute fans could've seen what he would've done in a red and white uniform. May not have come up short in the PAC -12 like we have. 

Lots of interesting games today, some surprises, some shockers.

My 49ers defense didn't look so good, but they hung on and a win is a win in the NFL.

Folks in Green Bay are probably pretty surprised this evening. Who dat'???

A bummer in Buffalo. The Steelers are still the Steelers.

And on & on.

Yay football.

>>>and let Rogers throw the ball 58 times, he could get me 60 points in fantasy 

Ouch, the pack looked like shit.   Does the team begrudge Rogers or is he just old.   All that fuss for a whole lotta jeopardy skillz.    


Iggles looked good for a game but they have a rough 5 game stretch as any and it might have been more of a mark of how bad ATL is.   Should have gotten rid of Matt when they could have.   

Looking forward to see how the Ravens do tonight.   

Tonight's game is going to be all about how improved, if at all, the Raiders defense is this year.

I imagine it will be just a bit raucous in that place tonight, and if the Raiders defense has taken a step or three up and the Ravens don't click on both offense & defense (the Raiders offense is good) this could well be another surprise upset.

Tonight's game is going to be all about how improved, if at all, the Raiders Ravens defense offense is this year.

Thankfully we just picked up a couple of retired rugby players and a local Uber driver to play RB tonight.

I think the big question is, can Lamar win the game himself without getting hurt? 

So far not that loud for an indoor stadium. Raiders are going to go from the least visited stadium to the most visited by opposing team fan bases, and one endzone is now expensive club seats with fans sipping drinks. We'll see but I could see Raider Nation turning into a Vegas Cos Play thing and not all that intimidating for the other team. 

that stadium looks like a giant Glade air freshener stuck to downtown

jeeezuz there's a lot of commercials

what's with the rehab rap? during the game.... Shut up save it for halftime

after that game all I know is a grown man shouldn't be allowed to consume an entire bag of Utz Honey BBQ potato chips..... and yet...




A good game on Monday Night what is the world coming to.

Anyone watch the Manning's broadcast?

I enjoyed it for a time but was also jonesing for real play by play. The explanation of terminology and what the words in the play call stood for was excellent. Ray the murderer segment was good too. 

I need a miracle.

"Ravens cornerback Chris Westry was placed on injured reserve Friday, becoming the team’s 15th player to be sidelined with an injury designation this season.

No team has more players on IR than the Ravens."

(Well, here's hopin the Chiefs will eat some bad crabcakes for lunch today. Lance, remind me again how the 49s handled this last yr.)

Everybody enjoy your Sunday.


ok you gotta be lovin the first 3 minutes of the Sunday night game 7 to 7.

I think the crowd will be a factor. They are loud tonite...crazy loud.

by the way, these late games are not as good for snacking as afternoon games...I already ate a good dinner and am kinda full

>>>Lance, remind me again how the 49s handled this last yr<<<

They lost lots of games.

>They lost lots of games.<

you're usually more verbose. :-)

I hope you are watching this Ravens Chiefs game --- say what you will, the Ravens play some entertaining ball

>>>you're usually more verbose<<<

I just try to articulate my point/s. Shockingly in this day & age I actually try to support my points using examples & facts, which can take some space. (Communication? That's so 20th Century maaan!)

In this particular case that's all that needed to be said to answer your question. The 49ers lost many of their best players last year, and many of the backups to those players as well.

And so they lost lots of games.

Most of those same players played last week and today, and they're 2 - 0.

It hasn't been pretty and there have been lots of holes in their game so far, but winning is winning, and good players lead to wins.

And I'm watching your game. It sure seems that if Jackson ever loses his amazing ability to run with the ball things are going to go downhill fast for him.

But damn, he can sure run with that ball.

GO NINERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I, for one, appreciate articulate human beings.

However, the Chiefs just ran one in so I hate all humanity at the moment.

I'll be ok.

As good a reason to hate as any.

Humanity forgives you.

Man what a drive. But typical Ravens they went for 2 after the Lamar cartwheel touchdown (true) and blew it, so that may may the difference between a win and a loss. We'll see.

Unbelievable. Fun game to watch. Wish I was in a local bar.

What's in these Kettle Sea Salt and Vinegar potato chips, anyway? Opium?  

>>>What's in these Kettle Sea Salt and Vinegar potato chips, anyway? Opium?<<<

Probably just a very well-timed fumble.

What a huge play!

It's amazing what Jackson's ability to run does for your team.

Defenses have to obsess on him.

On we go!

>>>What's in these Kettle Sea Salt and Vinegar potato chips, anyway? Opium?  <<<

no I mean I can't stop eating them. I ate the whole bag and the wife will be pissed I didn't leave her any. We just went food shopping last night.

Something about football and salty foods.... I guess it counteracts and accents the sweetness of the Mead. Did I mention sweetness of the WIN. Why, yes I did.




Bills looked good yesterday, their defense is going to be top 5 this year. The rookie defensive end rouseau had 2 sacks yesterday and 2nd year defensive end espensa was all over the place. When the offense gets it together, look out. 


Unbelievable. Not that Ravens "gave away the game" to the Lions in the last minute to seemingly lose 17 - 16. They played like shit.

ITS UNBELIEVABLE that the Raven's Justin Tucker hit an NFL record 66 yard field goal with no time left and at first it didn't make it but then it bounced off the crossbar into the endzone to win 19-17!!!

RAMS Giving It To Screw Brady ! I Love IT.

charger's qb ain't half bad. 

Raid win longest possible game (non-playoff) in the New NFL era.

Ugly but I'll take it 

Unreal field goal by Justin Tucker, Alan.  Very cool, but that must've been a dagger for Lions fans.

I thought you didn't care anymore Turtle.

Once a fan....

LA has two good QBs now.


Right at the 2 minute warning of the 49er game, the power went out in Stinson for no apparent reason.

Luckily I could watch it on my phone via Peacock, in order to watch a crushing last second loss...

49ers/Packers was one hell of an NFL football game.

SUPER exciting game, brilliant plays from both sides (and the fucking refs involving themselves WAY too much) AMAZING exultation for us at the end, only to be crushed by another last minute let-down from the defense/another great comeback from a brilliant HOFer.

It was funny walking out of the game listening to the Garoppolo haters desperately trying to find ways that it was HIS fault they lost the game.

Football fans are idiots.

And yes, that includes 49ers fans, but really, most football fans are idiots. So many remind me of Trumpers; "It's true because I SAY it's true!!!"

Which is strange, because NFL football is the most cerebral of professional sports.

Still, despite the brain-dead heavers that populate football games it was a great game to be at, it was an amazing performance by two really good teams giving it all they had.

No matter how fucked up the league/the billionaires can make it and no matter how idiotic the average fan can be, NFL football is still a brilliant performance to watch unfold, especially when in the stadium.


ITS UNBELIEVABLE that the Raven's Justin Tucker hit an NFL record 66 yard field goal with no time left and at first it didn't make it but then it bounced off the crossbar into the endzone to win 19-17!!!>>>>

Should have been a 71 yard attempt.

It wasn't reported last night, but the refs went to sleep on the play before.  The play clock expired for at least 2 seconds, no penalty.  How does that happen!!!

Football fans are idiots.<<<<<<


I'll go with ya on that one Lance.

I was pissed at Garopp in the first half too - whatever- no blame -no bueno.

Terrible officiating for the most part.- great second half. Too bad they choked it.

>LA has two good QBs now.<

good for stafford. poor guy got his clock cleaned in detroit for a decade +. 

>Should have been a 71 yard attempt.<

I know but don't take it out on him -- he still kicked one in at 66 yards. 

I'm not gonna list his stats, but the guy can save games like no other. Next week it'll be a 71 yarder.

Mile High stadium is right --- Denver fans have been sitting down all game. Are they selling edibles at the concession stand?

Ravens 17 - Denver 7 so far, but still a quarter to play. Oh, and we knocked out their QB. Drew Lock is their QB at the moment.

Well well, Gruden out in Vegas, after virtually OWNING that franchise.

Apparently hoisted by his own petard.

What a maroon.

And worse than that.

It's one thing to be misogynistic, homophobic and racist, but if you're dumb enough to post multiple emails about those things over many years, clearly exposing those traits, you're pretty dumb and deserve to do down.

Even a doofus 20th Century old-timer like me knows that anything you put on the internet can be traced.


Still, pretty shocking and really too bad.

On many levels.

Nice to see that arrogant Chucky gone. In the 4th year of a10 year / $100 million deal. This cost him.

Cost him on every level.

He'll never work again (not that he has to) and unless he frequents Trump rally's he won't get much support no matter where he goes now.

What's the matter with us?

uh .. don't give up hope - that was the lesson from the Monday night football game. Ravens overtime win after incredible 4th quarter comeback after getting manhandled most of the game.

Gruden is all out of hope.

And who the hell is watching a football game when the Giants & Dodgers are engaged in an epic playoff battle????

For the love of god.

GO GIANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For reals, Lance.  Great match-up going down at  Chavez Ravine right now.

Fuck Gruden, and Go Giants!

I actually feel bad for Gruden.

I feel bad for his ignorance, for his lack of depth, for his foolish ego, for his fall.

He's a talented coach, a talented person.

It's always sad when ignorance & shallow hate creates failure.

The Ravens needed a missed extra point and a made up call on a forward lateral to get that W.

Hopefully this is the first domino that ends up bringing Snyder down, but generally only the employees take the fall. 

How about those Buffalo Bills? The number one scoring offense and the number one scoring defense.

Last Sunday night they dismantled the chef's, this Monday night they will knock the snot out of the Titans.

Last year the bills played the covid Titans on a Tuesday night and lost 42-16. They owe the Tennessee covids an ass kicking.

Maybe next year the bills will get some Prime time games at home if the league feels they have earned it

Go Bills!

Aaron Rodgers unvaxed and probably lying about it now out with Covid

And the Henry Ruggs story, just brutally tragic.

Young, rich, on top of the world, then in a moment of foolishness multiple lives are ruined.

As a past co-worker of mine used to say, "Always be aware, because things can go from sugar to shit in the blink of an eye."

While I doubt most of us would ever be driving well over 100mph on a city street in a Corvette, it's still a cautionary tale for all of us.

Aaron can't play the "It's All about Winning " card anymore

But he did double down on the "it's all about Aaron " card

Fastest I've ever driven was about 120 and that was WAY out in the desert with no other vehicles in sight.

That guy was out of his fuckin mind.

Rodgers underwent a "Homeopathic or holistic immunization treatment" which the NFL does not consider a vaccination.

He released a video of his treatment



I'm thinking we're gonna see Jordan Love can play ball. At least I hope so. Had a great career at Utah State. 

It's kind of funny that way back when, the 49ers (and quite a few other teams) passed on drafting Rogers because they thought he was an arrogant jerk who wouldn't listen to his coaches, so they drafted Alex Smith instead, who they thought was a super smart, super respectful professional.

It turns out the 49ers were right about the character aspects of the two, but they swung & missed on the talent aspect.

But who would you rather have as a neighbor, or the one to marry your daughter?

Whatever, talent is always what matters most in the NFL and Rogers is a superstar and is still great, so he'll get a pass on this and continue to be a star in Green Bay this season, and then he'll carry that on somewhere else.

But he's still an arrogant jerk.

At least the NFL swiftly put him in his place! 

What's that? Nothing yet? Huh

See ya Sister Odell - worst Browns free agency pick up ever. Let the Peoples Jones live!

In Cleveland you could not even be the top Odell


Sorta funny watching all the talking heads rail against Rogers when none of them had a follow up to immunization card when it was played. Dumb Jocks 

Mac Jones is the real deal, but we will see how the Pats hold up with two games against the Bills and one against the Titans. You have to feel bad for Matt Ryan that O line is just horrible. Truly and epic Falcons game with three picks from three different QB's

These 820 pm Sunday night Thanksgiving weekend games are for the birds*... not old guys who have been eating and drinking and running around for 4 days. 

* Go Ravens!

Sorry Alan, I admit I'm glad they start at 5:20 out here.

Been a long weekend for sure.

Who the hell are these NBC announcer /hosts? A woman who sounds like she would eviscerate a slow DMV employee,"Coach" - a bald guy with giant Mickey Hart Spock ears, and a mannequin with a dueling scar. Quit yappin and play already.

Local, I have a problem. I just ran out of tequila after a couple small cocktails. I have mead in the house. And some dark rum with some ginger beer. Neither sounds appealing but I'm voting for the mead. I should probably just have a salad -- I've been craving greens.

Alan, yes, that is a problem. You should have both; I've also been needing to have a green salad.

Good call.

Enjoy the game.

Oh crap, our center just got injured. It's gonna be a long game. I'll spare you the play by play. I went with the mead. It tasted vile to start out, but it's getting better.


Looks pretty intense.

I do hope your team pounds on Mayfield.

The Niners looked ok today...who knows how the season will end for them.

>Looks pretty intense.<

Don't let the Ralph Steadman graphics fool ya. It's only 5.5%.  It's more champagne-like than the more traditional honey-heavy mead I'm used to. Wife bought it for me so I was waiting for an emergency situation to try it.

I don't know what's making me more queasy - the turnovers in this game (5 in 3 min?) or the psuedo mead I found in the back of the fridge (which is really, I come to find out, a honey flavored cider).

Either way, I think I'm going to have a headache in the morning.

Alan, there's this thing called 'pause' on your TV.

Tequila makes everything better. For god's sake and your own pause the game and go get some good Anejo. You'll enjoy whatever happens better if you do.

And what a battle at Vanilla Stadium today (where more than a little Anejo was consumed).

The 49ers & Vikings have played so many important NFL football games over so many years, it was just great to watch those two classic teams go at each other again today, in yet another very important game.

It was intense. It was BRUTAL. A brawl. It was violent, it was nasty, it was NFL football.

And it was a very nice, very hard-fought win for the 49ers.

And a good time was had.


Yes that was quite a sloppy half.

I'm glad to see Steadman still out there. Mead isn't really my thing, sticking with Skyy and a little tonic.

Maybe this half won't suck.


Glad you were there Lance. Great game to watch.

The nearest liquor store to me that's open is a half hour away, so Alan might have that problem...

I had to do the monthly Zoom call with the California relatives earlier in the evening so the tequila was done before the game got going. I was left to scavenging in the fridge to see what was still left, which seems to be the theme of this weekend. Very enjoyabe.

Drinking-wise, yes, ya have to be very careful what you transition into post tequila... the only good thing is that the cider's sugar buzz will keep me awake. Good mead is much much better.

Glad the 49ers won -- they are my backup team.

>>>The nearest liquor store to me that's open is a half hour away, so Alan might have that problem<<<

Alan lives in a secluded, little beach town ringed by mountains and ocean on all sides, who's only claim to fame is that Jerry Garcia used to live there?

I suppose that sometimes there are advantages to living in more populated areas.

But I suppose most other times it's pretty damn cool to live in a secluded, little beach town ringed by mountains and ocean on all sides.

Just make sure your bar is stocked on the weekends.

That game could have gone either way. Lamar threw 4 interceptions. Somehow the Ravens chalk up another win. 

It's 1130 on a Sunday night after watching an uncertain game and surviving a 4 day weekend and they expect people to think straight tomorrow? I'm sure glad I don't have to commute around the Beltway in the morning rush hour.

Alan, I'm glad your team came out on top. Pretty crazy game...

   Lance, you know damn well other people who don't live in a "secluded little beach town" can be far from a store of any kind. 

      And very few people here care that Garcia lived here almost 50 years ago.

The town's claim to fame is actually a beautiful beach that is three miles long. And there have been very few shark attacks here,

so swimming is relatively safe.



Ravens getting ready to play Green Bay. It could be a slaughter.

We are playing practice guys in the secondary and in the trenches. We've been playing second and third-string running backs all year. Season ending injuries and covid.

Plus, Lamar is injured.

Somehow, I still have hope because of our backup quarterback.

Worst part about being a Giants fan = watching them play,, when all hope of a turnaround gets dashed.

Too bad we didn't wait longer so the antivaxers coulda got healthier

It does seem like the narrative the NFL wants to push(see QAaron)


Fuckin browns 

After a 3 and 5 start, I had pretty much written the 49ers off, but they seem to have found a spark (except on special teams, which is a total dumpster fire).  And as it turns out, the rest of the league is pretty mediocre, so it looks like making the playoffs (playoffs?!) is a possibility for this team.  Crazy.




this is becoming a joke -- Lamar (injury) and Tyler Huntley (Covid) out. We are going into a make or break division game today against Cincinnati with a third string qb, Josh Johnson.

"The Ravens signed Johnson 10 days ago just in case of this scenario. The 35-year-old journeyman has played in 36 games with eight starts over his seven years in the NFL. Since entering the league in 2008, Johnson has played for 13 different NFL teams, including for four (49ers, Bengals, Jets, Ravens) at least twice. He was last with the Ravens in 2016, spending the summer practicing with Baltimore before being released at the end of training camp.

The Ravens' fourth-string quarterback on the practice squad, Chris Streveler, is also on the Reserve/COVID-19 list."


^ ha the "new"guy marched 75 yards down the field and scored on his first possession of the game. last thing anyone expected. lots more game to go, though.

Good thing I have good snacks and leftovers. 

At MetLife Stadium right now showing up for the Jags.

Changing of the guard in the AFC East, out with the evil empire and in with the new old Bills. MJ10 has a ways to go to take over for TB12

Well the Bills - Patriots series is tied at 1 - 1 now. Looking very likely that there will be a decisive game three in the playoffs, but as a Pats fan I would agree that the Bills are looking good. Sucks they have a Thursday game this week so late in the season. We may also have a meaningful Miami - Pats game at the end of the season this year. That said all the best teams are in the NFC this year. The only hope for the AFC is that they beat each other up on the way to the Super Bowl. 

Seems to me that as usual around this time the contenders are beginning to seperate from the pretenders.

I'm thinking that there will be a rematch in the Super Bowl, as KC is really starting to hit the gas, especially with their defense, and Tampa Bay seems to be the most complete team in the NFC.

The Bills could upset the Chiefs, but so much for them relies on their QB to be a super hero, while KC doesn't really have a weakness. You can never count out the Patriots in a playoff game, because Belichick, but they don't have enough star power and they have a rookie QB, so it should come down to Buffalo & KC in the AFC.

In the NFC the Packers continue to win and the Rams are capable of swarming a QB and have an explosive offense, but the Bucs are just so solid and experienced and their defense is excellent, and despite their record I just don't see Arizona or the Cowboys able to rise enough to get through those other three.

On a personal note, I'm hoping the 49ers squeak in and get an extra game. If they do they're capable of beating any team, but they have some holes that are especially hard to hide in the playoffs and overall they just make too many mistakes.

Overall the playoffs should be fun to watch and there will certainly be some surprises & upsets, and with the huge COVID wildcard always lurking to suddenly change the balance of things anything COULD happen, but right now it's hard to bet against the two most complete & experienced teams making it through.


The Colts placed QB Carson - No Vax- Wentz on the COVID list. 

This season will probably come down to which team has the best Covid protocols 

Cheering for Rodgers or Wentz is sorta like being a Trumper so there's that

Wonder how Roger votes,,, oh wait he proudly supported Cheato 

Guess it'll be a Colts v Pack SB 

When all the rules get bent your way,,, hey hey hey 


Chargeless v Raid moved to Sunday Night Primetime !

Browns season is over, but a win tonight over Rapistberger will be extra sweet 

Looks like it's the Packers year in the NFC. I can't see Tampa, Dallas, Arizona or the Rams winning in Green Bay in January. Maybe global warming will come to the rescue of those warm weather/dome teams. AFC is up for grabs. I give the Colts, Titans, Bengals, Chiefs, and Patriots all about equal chance of getting to the Super Bowl. 

Unless they find a way to protect players (from when they're children) from brain damage I'm out.

It's like boxing which should be banned in all civilized countries.  Two idiots hitting each to find out which one gets brain damage first.  Very nice.

Sorry Charger fan


Mercifully the season has ended, said the Giants fan.

Missed last nites game, are the Raiders really any good ?  I'd love to see them win a couple playoff games. 

chargers coach has got to be the stupidest person in the history of the nfl.

jesus christ.


   Boys goin down 


The team America loves to hate


So because of the TV gods Patriots v. Buffalo game will be a night game on Saturday and current weather predictions is around 5 degrees. Not good for the rookie QB from Alabama. 

>>>chargers coach has got to be the stupidest person in the history of the nfl<<<

There is stiff competition for that title, but after going for it on 4th down deep in his own territory and early in the game I thought the same thing. Fans ALWAYS want their team to GO FOR IT! But that's why fans aren't NFL coaches.

BTW, it was 40 years ago today that the no-name 49ers beat the great America's Team Cowboys to advance to their first Super Bowl.

(An alternate image I love)


In some ways it feels like 100 years ago, at the same time I remember it like it happened last week.

And now, once again, these two old foes face each other in the playoffs.

GO NINERS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wild season. You're lucky if you still have something to do on Sundays. (I'm gonna have to take up ice fishing or something.)

See ya in September 2022. 

AND then he called a timeout in OT....



he cost us at least 3 games this year.

i feel bad for herbert. nothing will change while he's on the clippers....

>>>Looks like it's the Packers year in the NFC. I can't see Tampa, Dallas, Arizona or the Rams winning in Green Bay in January.


I would agree, except that the one team that got left off the list can and will run the ball.  And GB (and their lower ranked run D) did not have to face SF with either of their 2 best runners (Mitchell and Samuel) earlier this year.  I would be nervous if I were them, especially after what happened in 2019.

That said, I tore a ligament in my thumb in a bike crash decades ago, never got it repaired, and still feel the effects to this day (if it gets jammed, I'm in real pain).  And I think Jimmy G is going to feel his torn thumb ligament in the cold more than he did in the past two games where he only had a couple of balls that got away from him.  If that ends up being a serious issue, I don't see the Niners having a very good chance to move on.

And until then, I'll continue to bask in the afterglow of SF ousting the cowboys in the playoffs in Dallas for the one and only time in the team's history.



Yeah, I thought torture was reserved for the Giants, but no. Yesterday's game, and really this entire 49ers season has been TORTURE.

So much rides on Garoppolo. He can play so well, as he did in the 1st half yesterday, and then he'll throw the one pass that can break his team's back. As he did yesterday.

Of course, we're just hearing today that he sprained his right shoulder in the 2nd quarter yesterday, which means he played the 2nd half with a sprained throwing shoulder and a torn ligament in his throwing hand. Most fans don't take that kind of thing into consideration, many seem to think it's all like a video game and want everything just exactly perfect, but I have to imagine it was pretty tough to be playing with those injuries, and he was just about exactly perfect before he got hurt, again.

There are reasons why the team will be moving on from him, but he plays with heart and usually wins the games he plays in. We will see if this Saturday will be his last in red & gold, or if he/they can take it one more week.

The 49ers played very well yesterday, but the Cowboys played like shit, so the Niners will have to play even better in Green Bay, on a short week, and who knows what the conditions will be.

Still, they're a smashmouth team that's had success against the Pack. They'll need to swarm Rogers to have any chance, so they'll need Bosa to get over his concussion and be at his best, along with as many other of their defensive players as possible.

I don't think it would be a miracle if they won the game, but it's going to take a huge effort, with almost no mistakes, and as always getting a few breaks.

They've got the talent, can they rise to the occasion?

We will see.

(If nothing else, it's always great to make Jerry Jones eat his liver, so yesterday made the season at least that satisfying)

GO NINERS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Life long Bills fan and Saturday nights demolition of the patsies was great.

The bills rematch with the chefs Sunday night should be a helluva game.Bills beat them once in KC this year already.

I don't see this being any different from the earlier game. If you don't see Josh Allen play every week, you have No idea how good he is.

Throws no look passes, check , keeps plays alive scrambling around check, runs for 1st downs when needed check, throws to a tight end check and has a better refuge pup than the chefs. PS....Bills have been averaging160 yrs rushing a game and has the number one defense in the NFL.

Count the bills out if you like, the lost to the titans by 3 on a failed QB sneak

Go Bills!

IMO the Titans are a pretender. I think the Bungals have a good chance to beat them (Burrow & Chase are the real deal) but the Bills/Chiefs game is the real AFC Championship game. Who wins that one goes to the Big Game.

And yes, Josh Allen is an excellent young player and when the Bills finally got around to actually running the ball a bit they started playing better, but they did lose six games so they're not invincible, and the Chiefs also have a good defense, lots of major offensive talent and experience on their side.

That Bills/Chiefs game should be a real good one.

But I think overall the NFC is more wide open. The Bucs, with the GOAT and lots of other assets look good, the Pack also with a brilliant HOF quarterback, a great WR and a great home field advantage, the Lambs with talent all over the field, the 49ers as the quiet underdogs who shock the world?

That will be a good story to watch unfold.

There are so many things to hate about the NFL.

But still so many things to love.

There are no slackers in the NFL. Those guys leave it ALL on the field.

Good luck to all who care, and...

GO NINERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bummed CBS didn't show the camera on jerry Jones' suite after the loss

All of America wanted to see that

Would have made for Great TV 

Interesting , for all the Jerry Jones/Cowboys hate, at the very least you get the impression that the dude really wants to win. Can't necessarily say the same for some of the other owners, namely Jets and Giants. Johnson and Mara are rarely visible at games, and seem not to give 2 F's whether they win year in year out. The teams are kind of like side projects for them

Niners-Pack will be the game of the weekend.  Niners have so many good pieces and I think Shanahan is an above average coach.  But Jimmy G?  I'm not feeling it. He's not winning a super bowl.  But they're playing with house money and Packers have so much more at stake in the game (see: Rodgers future).   The game will be close and maybe they pull off that 2013 lark again. 

Bucs, Chiefs and Titans look like they're rolling.  SF was the only dog to pull through last weekend, right?

Man, no love for buffalo,  seven touchdowns on seven possessions against the 2nd ranked defense. Josh threw 5 td passes and had 4 incompletions. The only negative plays were kneel downs at the end of the game. Bills are peaking at the right time and have no injuries. The offensive line is playing as well as any team in the league and they are averaging 160 yds rushing a game. Josh Allen is bigger than mahomes, runs better and he is on fire right now. Chefs better look out, they might be down 14 nothing before they know it. 

If the miners get boss back, they got a chance.




Packers/Buffalo/Rams & the Bengals move forward I think this week

>>>for all the Jerry Jones/Cowboys hate, at the very least you get the impression that the dude really wants to win.

He may want to win but at this point we can all agree that he doesn't know what the fuck he his doing. He is the Moon Alice of football GM's. As someone who was a fan of both the Patriots and Red Sox under horrible ownership who saw them both become dominant with ownership change and who is current fan of the Sac Kings I can say that there isn't a more important position on any team. 

My prediction is Bills v. Packers Super Bowl with the Bills finally getting a win hopefully on a last minute field goal.


if game-time weather at Lambeau on Saturday night wasnt' a factor, I'd take the Niners at +5.5

the forecast currently says no snow during the game and air temps in the teens at kickoff, with light to moderate winds... by the end of the game forecasters predict temps dropping to around 5 degrees and winds of 10 mph which will make it feel like 10 below zero. GB is used to playing in frigid weather, and SF (esp. Garoppolo) is not.

as a Niners fan, it hurts me to say that those conditions do not favor SF to cover the spread, much less win, even if Bosa plays and they're at full-strength personnel-wise

that said...the eternal optimist in me says -- GO 49ers!!!

People put too much into temperature in football.

Cold doesn't really affect NFL players that much. Rain, snow & wind do, but those don't seem to be much of a possible issue for this game, it's just supposed to be fucking cold. If it comes down to the kickers that could play into it, otherwise adrenalin should mitigate the temperature. 

As for Garoppolo, he grew up in Chicago, played college ball in cold weather and spent three years in New England. The cold isn't going to affect him that way, but it could mess with his torn thumb & shoulder.

If the 49ers can harass Rogers and avoid backbreaking mistakes they have a solid chance against the Packers & their middling defense.

If Rogers has time, he and Davante Adams will make it tough, and JG will have to rise to his best self to keep up.

We will see.


"He is the Moon Alice of football GM's"--lol that made me laugh, kxela,even though I am not sure of the reference exactly. Does Moonalice have poor management, therefore inhbiting their rise to the upper pantheon of jam bands?

"He is the Moon Alice of football GM's"--lol that made me laugh, kxela,even though I am not sure of the reference exactly. Does Moonalice have poor management, therefore inhbiting their rise to the upper pantheon of jam bands?

Jerry Jones and Moonalice are both amateur hobbyists who have bought their way into playing with professionals.