New York Yankees To Celebrate Jerry Garcia “Second Set”


Sweet cash grab:

The way the Stankees have been floundering this month, my suggested playlist is:

Shakedown Street>
It's All Over Now


Dark Star>
New Speedway Boogie

with a surprise appearance by the Tom Petty bobble head doll for an encore of Free Fallin'.

Hey, if you're going to hump a corpse, you might as well hump it twice.



I join you in the "Wow".....  as a Yankees fan (saw Phil on Sat and Yanks on Monday) this corpse humping is rather embarrassing. What do Jerry and the Yankees have in common, besides some fans?

BTW As of late Yanks have won 3 of 4

What's the problem with this? Do the Yankees have trouble selling tickets?

 Promotions at baseball games are as traditional in baseball as hotdogs. This is just another promotion, and no worse than most others.

So they give away a bobblehead or t-shirt and play some GD before the game and maybe between innings, and they raise a little dough for a charity.

Oh, the horror.

No trouble selling tix, yesterday's game was the largest home crowd in 10 years.

Yeah sucking of late but still 8 games up,  hey dave, them red sux out of the basement yet ? 

> Oh, the horror.

Who said anything about horror? I just think it's more than a little tacky.

The GD have been tacky for decades.


>>>>yesterday's game was the largest home crowd in 10 years.

Sure. They played the NY METS. Two NY fan bases wanting tix. I love seeing the two fan bases sitting together. Sometimes spouses with different jerseys. Fun stuff. See, we CAN have peace. 




I'm big Yankee - Wife big Boston

We've loved each other since setting eyes on each other in 89

Yes it can happen