New Addition To The Family


Well I am a sucker for rescue animals.

My old companion of 14 years Mr. Charlie passed away about a year ago and he broke my heart. He was my am dog, he would get up with me help me with my chores and ALWAYS get a snack for his efforts. He was a big snacker. He would go to work with me 3 or 4 times a week.

I surf the rescue sites looking for a replacement. I found Nina. I don't know why but she just jumped out at me and I went and saw her and picked her up last night. She had a heart wrenching story too.

Her human mother had Nina and her dog Mom. The human got cancer and died in Hospice care. This no kill facility brought the two dogs in but Mom had kidney and liver problems and died 3 weeks after arriving to the shelter.

They put ole Nina on the interwebs and at least 10 families came by and visited her but they all left without her. She was a very sad and depressed girl.

I went over last night and she is overweight and 10-12 years old. She has growths on her skin, greasy fur, lumps under her skin, has a bad tooth with stinky breath, she is shy and depressed. I brought a couple of snacks with me and I sat on the floor and she didn't even want to look at me. I tossed her a snack and she moved closer to me. By the time I gave her the third snack she was leaning on me gazing into my eyes.

I looked her over and thinking she needs some vet attention and that is when it happened.

She farted.

It was paint peeling stinky. I told them I want to take her home.

She could not wait to get into my truck and she just collapsed in the chair sleeping. When we got home we introduced her to the other two rescue dogs. After a few minuets of butt sniffing and a couple of growls they are all good. Could not ask for an easier transition.



Lol, Tim, thanks for a true morning laugh, and and a great story on top of that.....nothing like a good dog fart to capture your heart....shit, i think there's a country song in there somewhere , lol, start writing it.....welcome Nina!

It’s a beautiful thing :-) 

Awesome story, Nina must be stoked!

Nuthin finer

Awesome man, she is perfect! 

Bless you, my man


Have you ever read Walter the Farting Dog?

Good read.

Top of the day to you, sir.

I just got bit three times by a 70 pound pitbull. 

Strong work Tim heart yes

Love at first smell... Match made in heaven. 

I'm sure she's fitting in just fine. 

Thank you Robert/Rick Hunter for your addition to this thread

pretty Bizarre But I guess it’s not surprising

The 3 dogs are hanging and playing like they have been together for years and years.

I cleaned the shop today and I'm all ready for her to start coming to work with me.

I think her name should have been Quaalude.

She does NOT like fireworks. Complete melt down. Lucky we have chill pills for another of our dogs. She seemed a lil rattled for a few moments this am but after her breakfast all seems well.