Never Understood The Nazz


Caught the Rock + Roll HOF the other night and loved seeing Todd Rundgren inducted,, and I read he chose his 1st band's name The Nazz from the Yardbirds song The Nazz Are Blue, a great tune off the Roger The Engineer album with Jeff Beck handling the vocals (he didn't do a lot of lead vocals). So where did the Yardbirds get The Nazz from I'm wondering. A few clicks on the webb led me to this bizarre character Lord Buckley who influenced the likes of Kesey, Wavy Gravy, Dylan, FZ and lots more. I had heard Buckley's name mentioned while studying those circles, but never heard him mentioned here, where endless knowledge abounds. I knew nothing about The Nazz till I came across this >

Lord Buckley's "The Nazz"

The Nazz is of course, Jesus Of Nazareth,, then the words to the 1st song on Rundgren's 1st album with The Nazz called Open My Eyes (the Nazz 1st single, the B side was Hello It's Me)  suddenly made a lot more sense. Fuckin A Lord Buckley, you be one cool mofo. RIP

Clear my eyes, make me wise
Or is all I believe in lies
I really don't know when or where to go
And I can't see a thing 'til you open my eyes - Todd Rundgren

He was the Nazz
With God-given ass
He took it all too far
But, boy, could he play guitar!!!

Love the Gourds version.

And Bauhaus' isn't bad, either.

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One of the musical highlights of my life was catching Todd do that song on that Beatles Tribute thing he did with Entwistle, Ann Wilson and Alan Parsons years ago. Todd is da shit, so much more worthy of the HOF than half the acts in there. 

Todd Rundgren Open My Eyes

Another fun version

The Bangles - Open My Eyes (stereo) 2011