Looking for recommendations for a short trip to Northampton MA


Hey there zoners...I am looking for a real easy way to meet a friend in Northampton, on a Tuesday around noon.

I'd like to know an exit number, and simple directions to a parking lot where I can meet my friend, preferabyl a parking

lot near a gazebo, or bandstand, maybe in a park, so I can sit and play guitar while I wait for my friend who I haven't seen in about 9 years.

I most likely won't have a cell phone, so, like the old days, I need to make this a real simple way to meet, as I am not familiar with the town. 

Also, any brew pubs that would be a good place for lunch? 

Thanks in advance!

Exit 18 Rt 5 North

At the town center:

Across the intersection on right is Calvin Theater on left Town Hall I think.

Take a left, a couple hundred yards is Academy of Music with park behind it.

Used to be a great post show pizza place across street. Lots of places to eat though.

Further up road a mile or two past Smith is https://childspark.org, lots of regulations though.

Take a right and there's Toasted Owl Tavern a couple hundred feet down. Was ok.

Lots of parking, street side metered and garages around town center.


Cute town, but not what it once was for me to haul up to see shows at Calvin.

Or keep it simple - meet at the bud store


NETA Northampton (Recreational/Medical) - Northampton, MA Marijuana Dispensary | Weedmaps

The dispensary was my first and though, too. It’s easy to find. I haven’t been in yet because the few times I’ve been by there the lines have been too long.

Thanks, Hank, and all...  I also heard about long lines.