"There will be dancing in the aisles once again as the Grateful Dead return to cinemas worldwide for the 2022 Meet-Up At The Movies!

This year, we’re celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Europe ‘72, by bringing the previously unreleased Tivoli Concert Hall, 4/17/72 performance to the big screen on Tuesday, November 1st with additional screenings across the U.S., Canada, and select territories on Saturday, November 5th.

This ground-breaking concert broadcast event was the Dead's first major live concert broadcast, and a first in Danish television history. Fully restored and color corrected in High Definition with audio mixed from the 16-track analog master tapes by Jeffrey Norman and mastered by David Glasser, Tivoli 4/17/72 features nearly an hour and a half of the Grateful Dead at a peak of their performing career. The show's many highlights include an overview of the Dead's 1972 touring repertoire, including magnificent versions of “China Cat Sunflower>I Know You Rider,” “Big Railroad Blues,” “Truckin’,” and many more of the Dead's classics, as well as the first live performance of “He's Gone,” and other new songs including “Ramble on Rose,“ “Jack Straw, “ and “One More Saturday Night.” Pigpen, on what would prove to be his last tour with the Grateful Dead, is well-represented by three songs, including the broadcast's opening number, “Hurts Me Too.”

Join us, won’t you?"

Let there be clown noses for all!

Fun!  The last time I attended this in Portland, everyone in the theater was up and dancing the entire film... and puffing in the back row.

i don't want to 'subscribe' for updates.  just tell me if it's playing in my area.  jfc

^I hear that! Maybe it'll be like that (it had been for previous showings) as it gets closer but in the mean time it looks like just another data collection sweep. I am pretty sure that I saw at least a good chunk of this show on YouTube not too far back as well.

The bozo bus came by and I got on.

Kind of odd that they're doing it on a Tuesday and a Saturday. The previous ones were only one-nighters I thought.

> a good chunk of this show on YouTube

Yeah, this has been out there for a while, but not the restored version with a new mix. That's what we're giving our data and ducats for.

Here is 1:17:26 of it anyway that looks & sounds very nice.


how about dinner ?

They put up a sample of what seems like the new mix and "remastered" video -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1KD1usF2HtY

Frankly I think the currently circulating copy linked above looks and sounds better overall. But still always nice to see them on the big screen

^I agree on all of that and will still most likely be in a theater to see the new & improved release too. I have really enjoyed the other movie Meet Ups and having Deadheads gather for non-concert events is very cool too.

I've been to a couple of these. One year the movie theater was selling $1 grilled cheese during set-break. They show it in 2 theaters, one they sell beer right up front and the other is dry. I'm always in the boozy one, which is a hopping good time. I walked into the dry one and it was a different scene altogether. Everyone was sitting and totally quiet.

>>>how about dinner ?

I thought about it.... but most of us could afford to skip a meal

> I walked into the dry one and it was a different scene altogether. Everyone was sitting and totally quiet.

So, a boozy one, and a dosed one. You won't find me in the boozy one, and not just because I don't drink.

I don't drink either. It was just more fun in that one. I don't think the other one was dosed. I seemed like they were watching the English Patient.

Soon they'll be doing a weekend in Cancun for $3,000 with hotel to watch GD movies. With Grateful Shred opening. 

Enough is enough for Christ's sakes.

The videos are on YT.

Will this movie not have the playin, DS or caution from the full show?

Set 1
Cold Rain And Snow, Me And Bobby McGee*, Chinatown Shuffle*, China Cat Sunflower* > I Know You Rider*, Jack Straw*, He's Gone*, Next Time You See Me*, Black-Throated Wind

Set 2
Casey Jones, Mr. Charlie, Playing In The Band, Sugaree, One More Saturday Night*, Hurts Me Too*, Ramble On Rose*, El Paso*, Big Railroad Blues*, Truckin'*

Set 3
Dark Star, Sugar Magnolia, Caution (Do Not Stop On Tracks), Johnny B. Goode

* - Recorded by Danish Television for subsequent broadcast as "TV from the Tivoli" in three parts on April 17, 1972, August 12, 1972 and August 25, 1972.

There was no encore for this show. "One More Saturday Night" was played in the second set and was the intended final song for the TV broadcast, which explains why Bob Weir said "Bye, bye" at the end of the song. The television cameras were not on for the third set.


I'll go to another one if it's in the cool independent boozy theater in the next town over the river.