The Last Waltz Tour 2022



Looks like a real solid line-up.  Lucky Easties.


Solid indeed



Tickets on sale Friday, September 16th, Eastern Time via Ticketmaster.

Yes, looks good! I wonder if the line-up rotates or changes in different cities/ Don Was is scheduled to be in Denver with Wolf Bros to close out that tour on Nov 4 & 5 (conflicting with the first 3 shows of this tour)

I'm considering.   Presale on now. Anybody have the code? 

 It's a bit pricey but the venue is small.  





Just got Bill Burr tickets for the same night of St. Pete., I'm out 

Thanks for the heads up and presale code.  Just got tix for the St. Augustine show.  Was already planning on visiting down there in November, so timing works out great.

I realize there isn't enough money in it but wish this thing would com out West one year.

Thanks for the code.  Front row balcony. Much appreciated.  

> Lucky Easties.

Well, the West Coast did get the first Last Waltz, but it would be nice if they could arrange a western leg to the tour.

Thanks for the news flash. Got 2 tickets for the St. Augustine show, my wife is happy...and that makes me happy

So does this group play the whole show, start to finish?


Enjoy that.

I will enjoy that  :)   

Who knows but it's been years since I've seen Warren.   Last time was probably either a distant Q shoe or the time "the dead" came on and played the second set between two Gov't mule sets at the Warfield.  Should be a great time.   

Wow I'm not one that complains too often about prices but this is pretty steep for what it is

It is steep.   Venue here is small though.   I'm fine paying a premium since I go to so few shows.   

but a lot of musicians and hopefully a very long show.  

In for St Augustine

It's my favorite snub spot, just for being a lil high

^^^^Nice Tim!   See you there.