King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard


At the Roseland waiting for the band.  The demographic is intersting and we are in the top 7% as far as age and wisdom goes.  Good to see young folks take up the torch of psychedelic rock and roll.

I hope you enjoyed the show Ken. What a great band. Infest the rats nest is my favorite album by them. They will be in atlanta at the end of the month. 

Show was fun.  Never seen them before, but had seen Youtube videos.  Started off harder than I was expecting, with the band sounding almost punk or metal, but before too long, they were thick into the spacey, loose jams they are known for.  Show was sold out and the Roseland was packed.   Glad we were able to get up to the balcony early and grab a spot, otherwise it would have been an uncomfortably crowded situation.   A good portion the crowd below was moshing and there was a non-stop parade of crowd surfers being handed to the yellow shirts up front.    Start time was supposed to be 9:00 pm, which I thought was late for a school night, but with an opening band, King Gizzard didn't go on until 10:15 pm.   My girlfriend remarked that the start time was when most bands we go see would be playing their encore.

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>>>spacey, loose jams they are known for

Idk, I'd say they're just as known for tight, slightly harder edge, progressive psychedelia and even all kinds of weird random, almost even rootsy stuff.

they're kinda all over all the place, almost even to the point of too many cooks in that kitchen for my taste at times.

With the exception of a track here or there, I still haven't been able to get really into them, but the reviews of their live shows sure tend to b overwhelming positive.

In fact the hype surrounding them seems to only get bigger and I question whether it's truly that deserved as they just seem like one notable part of the the flourishing Aussie neo-psych scene, but I haven't checked out any of those other bands live either so i guess that's mostly conjecture on my part.

glad u went and had a good time, heard the Greek was excellent, just like most everyone usually says about them, lol, maybe one day I will too...

They've been on my list for a while.   Probably time to go check them out.  

Fun band.

Thought we had tix for 11/2 Red Rocks. Turns out they were for the 10/10 show. Who does that?

These tix were rescheduled 5 times since original purchase in 2019.

Saturday in Philly is Sold Out . Tix on secondary market are a bit high.

Have to take a second look. I always thought they were a joke and blew chunks.

They are playing tomorrow night@ Forest Hills stadium here in ol Queens. Any zoners planning on attending? I may go. Hit me up

Didn't they used to have two drummers?

I've missed on seeing them a couple of times, but am interested. They're definitely not the type of group that can be "gotten" from video or audio clips, but they're clearly a rock 'n roll band.

And there's never anything completely wrong with that.

Same could be said about The Mars Volta, a raging band that I love from the times I've seen them live but can't handle on tape. I'm disappointed I had to miss them at the Warfield this week. Hopefully they'll come back around.

I wonder if the brother of the great old-time zoner Wino is still the bass player in Volta?

I miss Wino.

Anyway, didn't King Gizzard used to have two drummers, or am I thinking of someone else?

I like two drummers in a band.

One of my friends just bailed on the King Gizzard show on Wednesday in Atlanta. He asked me to sell his ticket. Any Atlanta heads interested? Face.

Amazing video, but the visuals outdo the audio IMO


Agreed, zooey

Here is a link to the archive for the 10-26-22 Atlanta show. This was my first time at this venue, it is somewhat new in the last 2 years. Really nice venue that holds around 2000. The parking was a joke. I ended up parking a couple blocks away and walking. Great show, it was the singers birthday so they were in party mode. This was the 2nd time I have seen them live and they did not disappoint.

the Eastern is a pretty great venue.  

JRAD's doing 3 nights there in feb

Thanks for the heads up! I just picked up 2 for Friday.