Keith's 2nd show: 10/21/71 Soundcheck: Get Back: Garcia on Vocals


Popped 4 months ago.  Not on any of the archive recordings or  Dave's Picks bonus disc

Nice. Never heard this.

Garcia Band would have crushed it, given the opp. 


The Fab Five.

The Chicago Auditorium is one of the nicer venues the boys ever played:


That's quite different take from when they played Get Back on 01/28/87. In the 87 version, Weir (who was pretty intoxicated that night because his dog, Otis, has just died) sang lead vocals, and they were pretty sloppy, to say the least. It also didn't help that Healy was up to his let's-run-Weir's-vocals-through-the-helium-filter tricks.