Just by thinking about it..

Not only can Trump declassify material just by thinking about it, he also thinks the FBI raided Mar-A-Lago because they were looking for Hillary Clinton's emails. Seriously.

Dude is losing his shit. Finally. Video at the link.


But of course...

Trump Support Remains Unmoved by Investigations, Poll Finds


If tRump and Putin were put in a Death Match and the world could place bets on it with the money going to charity we could solve global poverty.  

Still time for a Secret Service fragging.


Think about that.

Cue up the Wizard of Oz soundtrack:

If I only had a brain...


Does he realize how utterly f'n stupid he sounds?

Not to the cult- they still worship him




Hannity  is Trump's Goebbels

>The special master reviewing paperwork seized from former President Donald Trump’s Florida home on Thursday gave Trump a “final opportunity” to dispute an inventory of records taken by the FBI.Judge Raymond Dearie said that Trump has until Sept. 30 to clarify his claims that documents may have been planted.


What a conundrum!

If that's effective, we'll see how the IRS feels about me "thinking" about sending them a check next year.

....maybe we can also similarly "file" our tax forms

So by that reasoning, if Joe Biden thinks about reclassifying them, then they are :-)

Trevor called it a Jedi mind trick, but it's more of a Sith maneuver...



Speeding thru the universe - Thinking is the best way to travel

While I don't believe it's a valid way to declassify documents, it is consistent with how Trump operates to an extent.  IOW, if he mostly issued orders in "code" (as Michael Cohen purported), the explicit instructions / intent behind said "coded instructions" are locked inside his mind.  So, on this level of abstraction, it's almost as if Trump just needs to "think" to get others to do his bidding ... since the code is second nature to him.

I wonder if Trump has been thinking about CIA informants?

Your Master Ain't so Special. Boom