Jerry's Middle Finger (the band, not severed digit)


They are playing here next Sunday at the Get Down.  GD cover bands are a dime a dozen these days and wonder if these guys are any good?   Thanks.

JGB cover band. 
Yes, they are good.

Zoner W. Lewis (Burt) was playing bass with them for a while.

They do a pretty mean Tangled Up in Blue.


They are a great, fun, low-ego band serving up a quality tribute to (original, later era) JGB and I would highly recommend checking them out.

Good band, yes go check them out

Garrett is a real deal ripper 

seen 'em about 4-5 times and they always "bring it"

they're appearing here in Humboldt for a 2-night run on Nov. 4 & 5 and I intend to be there both nights

I've enjoyed their shows.

Dont miss it Ken. Garret Deloian is a top new talent on the guitar. And one of the singers, Lisa, is a friend of mine.


celestial ball, ballz will fall

go to the show

Thanks for all the encouragement.  Got tix and looking forward to the show.

Saw them last night at the Get Down and it was great.  Every song was like hearing the Jerry Garcia Band on a smoking night.   Like the DSO of JGB.

They focused on Melvin era songs, but several times they dug deep into the Keith era material and even did a Promontory Rider (sung by drummer dude).   The singers could sing:

JMF 2.jpg  

It was fun and for a Portland basement venue, the Get Down ranks higher than the Goodfoot for sure. 

The singer on the right ^^^ was a special guest from Portland, spaced on her name. 

Both the singers in the pic above are in JMF.   The singer in the middle in this picture was the special guest.  I recall Jerry dude saying she had sang with Cubensis:




The two usual JMF female singers are Lisa Maisberger (left) and Halina Janusz (right).

The guest is Cece Sherman. Here is an old video of her singing with Cubensis:

Thanks Ken and Zooey!  CeCe can belt out a song!