Jerry movie on hiatus


Jonah Hill Steps Back from Public Eye, Announces Self-Made Doc About Mental Health Struggles

"I have come to the understanding that I have spent nearly 20 years experiencing anxiety attacks, which are exacerbated by media appearances and public facing events,” Hill said in a statement, confirmed to IndieWire....Hill additionally announced that while he will not be retiring, he will not be promoting “Stutz” or other upcoming projects,... "

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[Martin Scorsese has found his next movie for Apple: A biographical drama about the iconic rock band the Grateful Dead in which Jonah Hill will star as frontman and counterculture icon Jerry Garcia. 

According to Deadline: “Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski, who have received rave reviews for penning ‘American Crime Story: Impeachment,’ are writing the script with Rick Yorn of LBI Entertainment joining Hill and Scorsese as producers. Bernie Cahill, Bob Weir, Phil Lesh, Mickey Hart, Bill Kreutzmann, Trixie Garcia and Eric Eisner will exec produce. Insiders add that with the band and the groups management participating in the film, Apple has rights to use the groups musical catalogue for the film.”... Apple first lured Scorsese for “Killers of the Flower Moon,” which the director started shooting in late summer. That film is a $200 million Western epic starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Jesse Plemons, and Robert De Niro. Filming on “Flower Moon” wrapped recently, but the Grateful Dead movie won’t start until Scorsese is done with “Flower Moon” post-production.]

Too bad because he was doing good cultivating the well-groomed Garcia beard.


I'm sorry to hear Hill has been having anxiety attacks (careful with those benzos, Jonah), but my response to this whole project is still a resounding blech.

Maybe he couldn't handle the method acting acid requirements of the character's role. LOL

Good, we don't need a commercial movie on Jerry

i just don't see it as a good fit.

If they need to go with someone mainstream Hollywood, Seth Rogen would be a better fit.

there doesn't need to be a jerry biopic anytime soon

so long especially as the widow koons would profit from it

something happened to jonah hill whenever he said something dumb that i barely recall, but the blowback so badly freaked him out my theory is that snapped him.

poor kid

First, he didn't say he was no longer working on projects. He's just not out promoting current projects. Second, this project isn't a biopic about Jerry, it's about the GD, with input from band members and crew. The Core 4 are all executive producers, as well as Trixie. Koons has zero involvement.

When it comes out I'll watch it, and I'm sure it'll be great. My guess is that the same people who hate on DeadCo will also hate on this movie.

"Filming on “Flower Moon” wrapped recently, but the Grateful Dead movie won’t start until Scorsese is done with “Flower Moon” post-production."

It'll be a while but what's wrong with Jerry's actual The Grateful Dead Movie?

> My guess is that the same people who hate on DeadCo will also hate on this movie.

BK, what you call "hate" is actually indifference for a lot of us. "Hate" sounds so much more dramatic though.

Jonah just needs a few thousand more doses to get it right.


And a face change

Shitcan this whole putrid idea and start over with a format I know we can all agree on --

Animated, all skeletons,, similar to the Touch Of Grey puppets before they switched over to live bodies.

Imagine all the possible pranks

I don't know, Mike, there's definitely some animosity towards DeadCo. Indifferent people don't jump on threads and shit on it.

Anyway, I figure that if the movie is based on the fractured memories of the Core 4, plus others close by, and they have a good time with it, it'll be a fun movie.

BK, Google tells me that "animosity" is "strong hostility". That might exist for D$C, but my take is it's simply not for me, and the same goes for this Scorsese project, but by opposition isn't very passionate; I just see the choice of Jonah Hill to play Garcia as a typical Hollywood move calculated to put asses in seats and ticket sales on corporate ledgers.

Agree Mike. Just more Hollywood BS. 

The Justin Kreutzmann Jerry doc coming out next year will be Way more interesting.

I know, Hollywood doesn't want "interesting", they want "entertaining".

Thanks, Local. I am kind of excited about the doc Justin is making. This has been a focus of his life since early on. What was he, like 12 or 13, when he first started filming the GD?

More like 7 or 8 I think.

Indifference is the word for me, as I don't think any of these projects will be interesting at all, as they'll just be the same generic story we've all been told a million times before.

What would be interesting is more of the real story, the darker sides, the parts no one but those who were there know.

And we'll never hear about any of that, so ultimately, who cares if another generic documentary or another sanitized, "authorized" version of it all is made?

Anything new that's made will be harmless, and I suppose if the music is still popular 50+ years from now there would be some historical value, but for all of us who already know the story, I don't think there's anything left to tell..... that's ever going to be told. 

Deadco is a bit too pathetic to be worthy of my hatred.
I have been looking forward to this movie, though.