Jerry Garcia Hologram to play Johna Hill in new Scorsese Biopic


Just going to cover Hill's drug years. Should be good.

Life was so much simpler when there was only one Fake Jerry.

When it was Kimock putting his life on the line.

Ugh.  Being negative already. Let's try to enjoy the good thing and be proud one of the best directors is making a movie about our leader.  Our music has belatedly been heralded as an intricate part of the American songbook. There is a thriving live music that is all basically derivative of our music. You can finally state to those emphatically that we were correct about the importance of our music and counterculture on the American landscape.  Oh, and btw weed was legalized in my state. Another manifestation of the counterculture we so boldly held to despise 40 years of propaganda to the contrary 

Long Live The Grateful Dead.

no horse in said race

I recently tried one of those Oculus Quest VR units. It was a wild climb up an El Cap type cliff with all sorts of insane visuals going on in my vision. About a minute into this first time experience it hit me that this may be the way I actually get to enjoy what looks, sounds and seems to be Jerry Garcia playing right before my eyes. I'll wait for that to hit the market. 



Help us Obi-Wan Garcia, you're our only hope