Always a reflective day. Happened to see Rosie McGee's photo book today, it is very well done, got lost in it....which was great.

(of course above is a Herb Greene photo). 

I have to admit, the date was in my head all day.

We all love ya' Jerry.

I'm not generally one to quote lyrics, but in this case...

All the years combine
They melt into a dream

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Once, in a conversation with John Barlow, he said to me, "Jerry's dead!" To which I replied, "Yeah, but the music isn't."

He looked at me, smiled and said, "You're right."




>>> Always a reflective day. Happened to see Rosie McGee's photo book today, it is very well done, got lost in it....which was great. <<<

LCL, I sent that to Rosie, the subject of my email  > lovely comment about your book <

She agreed, That was lovely to read.

The copy you saw was one of about a dozen advance copies she received and sent out; the big shipment arrived today from the printers and fulfillment will begin on Monday.

One of my favorites from the photos I took. Lake Tahoe 8-25-91.

Judit, thanks for sending her that message. I was moved enough that I was going to send her an email but ultimately decided not to.

I'm glad you did, it really is an excellent presentation of her work. Good to hear she got the shipment and it sounds like it all came out well!

I think people are going to be very happy.




What book?

She has a new one out?

doolittle, did you find Rosie's new book? If not, check her facebook Rosie McGee, Photographer and Storyteller page, go down to Sept. 4th post with the video of some of the pics.

She is starting a sale on Ebay today at 4:20 of the last 225 books in to be sold.


She brought me a copy today ~ it's beautiful.

Judit, I'm sure it's really expensive and out of my budget for a book as most GD tickets are these days. Unless she want's to send me a freebie.wink

I guess I can maybe see it at my local library. 

doolittle, it's out of my budget, too. Rosie had a limited number printed, so I doubt it will be at your library.

It looks like 73 of the 225 books have sold since 4:20 this afternoon. People have been waiting for this book. It's lovely.

I am sure it's All Great!! Thanks for the 'heads up', Judit.

Sold out!

Well done Rosie!

Thank you Judit!

Baseball player Jerry looking pretty svelte!

Aggravatingly, Ebay has interrupted the sale. They did it with the first batch, too. Their concern is that people haven't gotten the books they ordered Sunday... Rosie has been selling on Ebay for almost 20 years, 100% positive rating, but something sets off their radar.

She was able to get it restarted a couple of weeks ago and she'll be able to do it again. Arghhh!

This is what she posted on FB:

NOTE: If you already got your order confirmed, fear not! Your book(s) WILL be shipped to you in the next days. I just can't sell any new sales for now.

Yes - eBay did it again, pulling my listing when I'm down to only 56 books. I'm working on it and will let you know. It'll work out, but no telling when. Hopefully today.

I ordered one the other day, and it's in transit.

Sorry for the bad info, it looked like she was done. Too bad EBay is fucking with her.

Missed it by this much. Again. Maybe next time. Thanks for the head's up though, judit.

Mike, I'll post if I see it's back up. I'm watching, but have to be gone for a couple of hours later. I want her to succeed and for people to have it. It's a lot of photos from over such a great timespan.

Mike, I see on Facebook:

The LAST AVAILABLE 54 copies of "My Grateful Dead Photos" (coffee table book, signed First Edition) will be listed on eBay

THIS EVENING 9/28/22 at 7:00 pm Pacific Time!

(If you go there early, you'll find no Active Listings.)

- First purchased, first sold - no reserve list

- $100 each plus $8 shipping

- 340 pages/381 photos/hardbound/high quality/1966-1991

- Signed (not personalized) by me

Thanks, judit!

Trigger pulled. Thanks again, judit.

You're welcome, mike.