Jeff Beck US Fall Tour


Here we go !  Cap Theater + 

Jeff Beck Announces Fall 2022 US Tour

Looks like Reno for me.



Go Jeff GO

Any chance Tal Wilkenfeld will be in his band again? I'm not finding anything about a line-up.

Mike you have been removed from first class and will be riding coach with Ann Wilson

Banished to the bozo bus. Story of my life.

^^ ^ good stuff right there guys !

No Johnny Depp, his touring band is rounded out by bassist Rhonda Smith, drummer Anika Nilles, and keyboardist Robert Stevenson.

Just scored front row of the loge in Kingston for $105 apiece. $245 out the door. Other shows onsale today too.

Passcode - BECK18

Thanks for the pre-sale p/w. Just scored 10th row orch at The Cap.  $149 + fees -  not too bad considering.  $349 total for 2 tix.

One of the five greatest concerts I've ever seen was a Jeff Beck show.

But that was 42 years ago.

He also destroyed at the Ronnie Lane benefit show in '83, and while I was very late to the party it's also thanks to JB that I "discovered" how fucking great Stevie Ray Vaughn was, going to his show only because Beck was also on the bill.

JB was the opening act and I figured I'd get tired of what I thought was Vaughn's straightforward blues bit and leave early...... good lord. After SRV melted my brain I floated out of that show both enraged at myself for passing on so many previous opportunities to see him and ecstatic that I now knew how unbelievably great he was. I only got to see him once more after that. Damn.

But I haven't been that impressed with JB the past couple of times in recent years I've seen him, more of a going-through-the-motions exhibition than a real deep into the soup type of performance. He'll be playing real close to me and it'll be on my calendar, but especially at these prices I'll likely pass on this show.

But he'll always be high on my list of legends.

Cow Palace 1983...

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I thought I would never see the day that I had gotten the jump on Mr Lance Newberry, but that Jeff Beck/SRV show (Oakland Coliseum) was my 5th time seeing SRV, though I admit I was more excited about seeing Jeff Beck that night.  Lance, I assume you also saw him open for Santana (I think it was?) at the Shoreline and BB King at Concord?  Those were some amazing sets.

See ya at the SJ Civic!

I think I first saw Jeff Beck (Jeff Beck Group) in 1968 (at Fillmore West). That was spectacular. So great!

Another great JB show was 1977 with Jan Hammer at the Lane County fairgrounds in Eugene. Funny low-ceilinged building with columns throughout, probably not great sound quality, but really good anyway.

I have the feeling I saw him another time but don't know. Some of the early albums have been some of what has sustained me during tough times.

(Never saw SRV)

^ JBG 68 Fillmore West ? I bow in envy, more love at you !

A more recent live Morning Dew

Looks like another drummer than Vinnie but he'll be great - Rhonda on bass - no need for Tal ... a little overrated in my opinion.

Saw him open his 2018 tour in SLC and it was fantastic. Getting better with age .


T - Minus 25 hrs and counting


Warm nite, shorts weather, warm full sound nicely mixed in that theater. Jeff was his usual stellar, from the opener Freeway Jam to the Little Wing encore. Heard a lot of favs, Big Block, Star Cycle, a bit of Mahavishnu You Know You Know, Day in the Life. No Angel Footsteps tho. Depp's best contributions were the 1st song he did with Jeff, a ripping version of Link Wray's Rumble, after that Isolation hit it right but the rest of his shit I thought was mediocre at best, quite a few steps down,,  but fuck it, they were having a lot of fun up there.

Crowd was old white fat bald and mostly dead till the encore, perfect for the listening experience in the 1st row of the loge. You could hear the music puuurrrrrfect all nite, total opposite of a Capitol theater fiasco,,, those mutherfuckers don't know how to stfu and listen to a show.

78 year old with a strat kicking my ass - Bless Ya Jeff