I Could've Bitch-Slapped Eric Trump Today


That is, if i didn't care about getting slammed to the ground by his secret service guy and going to jail.

6th Ave today. Eric was apparently heading to Fox News-where else, of course  :)

Funny thing, him and his secret service guy tried to enter the side door to Fox studio, and the door was locked..




Asian lady giving him the Corey Booker side eye


Within dosing distance for sure.

Surely SS wouldn’t tackle you for an uncovered sneeze? An “accidental” trip and fall forward? Fumbling your smoothie in his general direction?

I wouldn’t be able to resist the chance, just like someone else earlier this week.

Over/Under on asian women in yellow being UC Berkeley chinese student on summer vaca. I'd bet $100

her yellow shirt and short shorts gave her away

Don't do much sports wagering, do you?

why couldn't you just yell at him?

>Don't do much sports wagering, do you?

No, I don't pay the idiot taxes

The innate violence of the progressive left on display once again.  No wonder you folks always end up running gulags.

Settle down Thom, he didn’t drive a car into a crowd and kill a woman, or walk into a synagogue and shoot a bunch of people.  In fact he didn’t do anything.

yeah those nazi liberals were such dicks!

giving free health care, smoking weed and gassing jews.


Haha Thom. Too funny.