I am allergic….


to legal weed. I am convinced if it. The whole dispensary thing is weird. In Florida they have everything sealed up in containers that you cannot see or smell. Basicallly you need to order online and pick up or have it delivered. I am used to smelling four or five bags of different scents and I go for the most pungent cat piss, ammonia smelling skunk I can find. I have always gotten high with my friends that sold me pot. I have been doing this since I have been 14, 47 years. I need to get back outside of the law again or quit, for my health and the well being of community

And it makes me sneeze and my nose runs

I feel you. I get a bit of that reaction too, even with legal vapes. Stuffy head and nose run.  And the legal is never as good as advertised. I get the highest thc I can get my hands on and I can still function properly,, not a big fan. Homegrown is the way to go and The Attitude is where to shop. There's always room to sneak a plant or two in with the other weeds. 

THC percentages in Fl. are in the 16 -28% range in Florida, but I have bought some in the low to mid 30s. I heard Florida throttles down in allowed THC percentage. Truelieve seems to be the best dispensary here 

What are the higher THC percentages in your state at the dispensary?

I'm legal in Louisiana and Arkansas.  Very disappointed. . Louisiana prices are to high.. Arkansas weed is picked to early.  The effects of the meds last twenty minutes. 



Grow some auto flowers

I have had my head in that Auto-Flower thread. 

the only thing I like so far is cheap shake. I love smoking joints up until I am smoking them like cigarettes, which I am about at.


I did try one of them syringe oily things, heated it up and it all gushed out and I ended up eating half of the $60 and put the rest on a spoon for the next afternoons cup of coffee. 
Learned that I am a smoker no other form does it like smoking for me, but willing to try 

I started at 14 also, 42yrs. I have cut back on smoking bc i fucked up when i was 14 and started smoking gov. approved cigarettes also. 30 cigs/ day for 20 yrs did not help. 

Honestly, stop entirely for around 2 to 3 weeks and you'll be a lightweight again, but your tolerance will also go back up quickly if you resume heavy smoking. One other tip, and it sounds like you're trying by sense of smell, look specifically for high terpene flower. High terps help extend the high substantially due to entourage effect. The proof of that is to smoke shatter, which is almost pure thc,  and experience a very short lived high.

I was in Florida this Spring and got some medical stuff (through a family member with a card). It was fine.

My person in Florida had a misconception that medical = stronger and better. Most of us know that isn't so,

Thanks for the tip Joe on the terpene, I usually go cold Turkey for a month or so every year or two to bring the tolerance down. I smoked wax before but did not like the high, kinda of gave me that post huffing ether head throbbing. 

If nitrous is hippie crack, then shatter is hipster crack. Lots of fun for a little while, but not a good long term solution.

I will,say one thing about the dispensary business, they have more fucking adds and discounts than a car dealer. I was given a huge list of discounts at all the dispensaries when I got my card but after reviewing what do I want 50% off of shittier weed? And all,these old fucks that just started smoking talking about their bud tender, said this and my bud tender said that. I smoked pot for 47 years, there is no good weed that is gonna make you wanna get up off the couch and do dishes, that's shitty weed. it's as sterile of an environment as you can find. I hate it all. 


Sounds like you really need to change your strain.

% about the same here, mid teens to mid 30's. Vapes upper 70's to mid 80's. But it still is disappointing compared to so called black market ganja.  How's that Oteil's Egyptian Kush, that's gotta do the trick, we still can't get that out here.

God Damm I miss the good ol days - 

Henry got this truck and said he'd run to Mexico, 

>>>>>I smoked pot for 47 years, there is no good weed that is gonna make you wanna get up off the couch and do dishes, that's shitty weed.

Been toking a little longer but not much. The buds we grow are 20 to 30% and not shitty. Yet, I have no trouble getting off the couch and doing the dishes, or anything else I need to do. Not sure if smelling like cat piss is the best metric.

I agree with jaz, most large production facilities are run on a very tight schedule and plants often, if not mostly, get harvested on a specific date in order to get plants moved from veg space to open flower rooms so that clones can move into open veg space to keep the wheel moving. Trichome maturation takes a back seat. Worse yet, super rapid drying (overdrying) to get the buds quickly machined and looking fake for the dispos. The rapid drying does not allow full terpene development because the curing ( ripening) process has been cut short and that only compounds the problem.

Homegrown or very small grows by caring crafters are your best bet for purity and proper care all the way to final cure. "Cared for" weed will always work.

Today I learned that there are dispensaries on FL (I thought it was still a capital offense).

I also started smoking at age 14 back in the 70's. By the 90's I was getting allergies to anything from dust to pollen to weed... I did a 5 day fast ingesting only green grapes and water.  At about day 4 I shit out some stuff that looked like globs of black tar and ever since then my allergies have only cropped up for a week or 2 out of the year (during the worst of the pollen season). 

Think about all the black tar in gets in your pipe or bong, then imagine how much our bodies are holding onto.  Kinda sobering and one of the reasons I rarely smoke anymore.

^ my doctor told me years back - that stuff you hack up in the morning, never swallow it, always spit it out.

You needed to be told that?

Someone apparently does

> At about day 4 I shit out some stuff that looked like globs of black tar and ever since then my allergies have only cropped up for a week or 2 out of the year (during the worst of the pollen season). 

Intriguing, may have to try this just to see the tar tar

A friend posted this on Facebook, don't know if it was about him or is an internet joke. He's in his '60s...


I went to the dispensary this afternoon and the young gal is ringing me up. We're talking-

Me: I really appreciate when you make good recommendations. Thank you.

Young Gal: Yeah well when boulders like you come in here I feel like I have to know what I'm talking about.

Me: Excuse me.... Did you just call me a "boulder"?

YG: yeah?

Me: What's that?

YG: Oh! That's people that have been smoking so long that they've graduated from being a stoner... You're a BOULDER....



Help! I'm a rock.

I am a rock; I am an island.

No man is an island.

He's a peninsula.