HSBGF (SF Content)

Oh hell yeah!

I've got to go to my nephew's wedding in SW Virginia on October 8th, and was worried they'd be on the same weekend.

Alright!!!!!  Got somewhere to use my Cap One miles now before I close that card. 

does a better free festival in a better public setting exist?

French Quarter Fest in New Orleans is a contender.

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Correction!  One DAY and 36 minutes.

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Really looking forward to 3 days in the Park!

I don't think Sam Bush has ever played there, to my recollection. 

Funny connection. Nearly got popped in the parking lot of the Mangy Moose in Jackson listening to Galactic this dickhead kid was blasting in the car - at a Sam Bush show. Sheriff knocked on the windows with 5 guys inside. Confiscation only. Whew. The cop was cool.     

Looks like that hunch on Charley Crockett was right. That is good. I really like this guy.

belew and harrison playing remain in light sounds insane

most of those "new rules" were instituted back in 2019 - aka the most recent HSBG and it worked pretty well. I'm surprised that they're still allowing wagons, albeit collapsible ones only. All the big stuff just takes up valuable real estate. 


The no cooler/bag rule and closing the side paths are new and significant bummers.

unlike The Fillmore

gum is allowed...


With the so far announced lineup  and all these bullshit rules.....   I went to 12 in a row, ending in 2017.  Probably won't be going this yr either.

We can't wait! Travelin' light.

>With the so far announced lineup  and all these bullshit rules.....   I went to 12 in a row, ending in 2017.  Probably won't be going this yr either.


it's a free concert in the park.





Good to know that necessary crowd control measures are probably going to keep the  Curmudgeons away. 

Yeah, I don't think they're so much bullshit rules as the unfortunate reality of the times we live in.

A friend of mine ran the security for that event for many years, and she would always talk about how stressful it was dealing with multiple untended "suspicious" bags, boxes & backpacks, how many weapons they came across, including guns, always worrying about the one (or more) lunatic who would do something crazy and how easy it would be given the complete lack of restrictions.

Of course bad things can still happen even when limiting access and using metal detectors, but these days especially, bringing in crowds of 100,000+ together with absolutely no controls at all is just asking for something bad to happen, and when it did there would be a price to pay by the organizers & the city. The way things are in our world these days I don't think they really have a choice.

As for me, I'm going to sacrifice for the greater good and stay away, leaving more room for the rest of you.

You're welcome.

We can share the meadows we can share the wine

Nancy don't be such a....... nancy.  

For me it would be a 16+ hr day including six hrs of driving. And having to find a parking place is very problematic. Then walking around to all the different stages all day. 10 yrs ago? Sure no problem. Now?.....

Anyway you are you and you can't help it.


And I still say all the news rules are bullshit.


>Nancy don't be such a....... nancy.  







I'll forgive you this time Mark, and wish you better mental and physical health so you can be more of the Mark I used to know and love. 

>>>unfortunate reality of the times we live in.

Sometime in the future. When was that picture/video/movie from. Oh yeah look at all the clear plastic bags must be around 2022. 


Final Lineup/stage times etc.

Time to start planning all the acts we'll miss to see the music we hear...



Sam Bush Banjo Stage (4:05-4:55) >>>Billy Strings Frost Amphitheater

Maybe Billy will invite Sam to join him at the Frost 

belew and harrison sounds amazing, but other than that and a small handful of hsbg standbys that always preform well, this lineup is underwhelming. trying to stretch that hellman money i guess. understandable. it will be a sad day when the hellman money runs out.

Yeah, Hellman's money....I personally saw him on the Banjo stage telling all of us not to worry. That he had designated enough money to run the fest for 25 yrs after he died. Then right after he died, his relates, might have been his wife, came on stage and said don't worry, the fest will go on for ten more yrs.. What happened to the money that he put aside?  And again, this lineup is pathetic. I went for 14 yrs and every one of those lineups were in a different world. Now, not even a shadow of it's former self.

>>>What happened to the money<<<

I would make a conservative guess that this event costs four times (or more) to put on than it did when Hellman kicked the bucket 12 years ago.  

Maybe all the pathetic groups playing this year are OK staying at the Holiday Inn instead of the Four Seasons.

Maybe by toning it down to stretch the money the event could return to something closer to what Hellman's original intent was.

Or maybe not. Maybe it's all just greed, but either way, there are still over 70 quality professional groups playing in the park next weekend.

And it's all free.

shadow of it's former self

is still free...


There's still a lot of top-shelf talent in that line-up.   Do yourselves a favor, and go see Antibalas and Rhiannon Giddens sets.

I'm bummed out I'll be missing out this year as I have to attend my nephew's wedding in SW Virginia the following weekend, and two straight weeks away from my shop isn't in the cards right now.  

It's a beautiful place to be at a perfect time of year.  I hope all who can make it have a great time.  

I hope everyone has a great time, but they'll do it without me this year. The guy I stay with is still very concerned about COVID and I don't feel right about creating additional concern for him.

Plus, I must admit while there's a few acts I'd love to see, there isn't the volume of great acts I don't want to miss that I haven't seen before. And dealing with the crowd scene to do it makes those live streams I've watched in the past more attractive at this point. And I might be able to watch some in the archives. 

I'm bummed. This is a GREAT festival and I've always had a great time and love visiting. And my buddy lives on 31st, a 10 minute walk away from the entrance. And I still have my clear backpack from last time. It wasn't a hassle. And I even had a chance at $80 round trip airline tickets early on, but the chance for cancelations played a part. Fingers crossed for next year. 

I gotta get out there for this next year.  My kid lives down the block now.

Friday looks most solid. Saturday will be easy not to venture into the park. Sunday it will be cool to see Jesse Colin Young.

Of course, many of the great acts we miss from yesteryear have literally died. Gone with Hellman into the Great Beyond.

But there are enough great acts out there for the festival to run indefinitely. I don't recognize a lot of the acts playing this year and can think of other people I would like to see play HSBG.

It would be grand if some other rich guy would step up and infuse the event with $$$$ money to keep it robust for years to come. Follow Warren Hellman's example and do something wonderful for the City including the regular folks. It supports community and everybody feels better after music in the park. People will think you are cool. More so than having a building erected with your name on it. Easy for me to say, not being that rich guy.


Plus, I just saw AJ Lee and Blue Summit (I really liked them) and the Brothers Comatose and the Traveling McCoury's in Flagstaff last week, Bela and MBH in Salt Lake (front row center) two weeks ago, and Sam Bush in June. But damn, I sure love the vibe and will miss it. Nothin' like a concert in that park. Hope they stream Jesse Colin Young. Sorry I'll miss ya Bluest. 

Scoped out the festival grounds today.

As expected, MORE fencing. gone are the days of double-secret pathways...

note to self: buy stock in National Rent-a-Fence

beautiful weather this weekend.


Y'all have a GREAT time today. Only two stages streaming today. Three acts each from Swan and Towers. May have to check out that HSB TV. 

We attended the Camp Winnarainbow benefit last night at the Herbst Theatre. An outstanding one of a kind show that only happens for a guy like Wavy. Steve Earle, Emmylou Harris,the Mastersons, Jackson Brown and Billy Strings all turned in great performances. Elvis Costello joined for a tune near the end. The show opened with a group effort on Copperhead Road and ran around the circle. Jackson Brown turned in great readings of I am a Patriot and did a duo with Billy on Running on Empty. Emmylou's voice is as heavenly as ever. It was a top notch event at a great venue. I spotted David nelson in attendance as well as Linda Ronstadt and all of the usual Wavy Gravy compatriots. An awesome start to the HSBG weekend! Off to the park soon and then Elvis at the GAMH tonight! Have fun everybody!

that sounds like a great show woz

Will There Be a Live Webcast Stream ?

Another recording of Running on Empty from last night with a little more natural opening to the song. It's beautiful.

Their smiles




He finds my tears.


Who's the gent with white hair who joined in on Lance's first linked song?

That's Chris Masterson

Thanks, Bss.

^ Asleep at the Wheel ripping it up today in the park!

charley crockett at 5:45

I wanted to see Charley Crockett Turtle, but we're in the Tenderloin goung to the GAMH for Elvis Costello 

Love the Hartford jersey

and the duality

Sam; a two time cancer survivor himself

wow man.

band is smoke fire. you kids see that?

pedal steel and horns. what's not to like?

i'm going on crockett tour.

Really dug the Antibalas set, waiting on elvis

bonnie light horseman sounds great as well


> belew and harrison playing remain in light sounds insane

Livestreaming from 5:55 PM-7:00 PM tonight (Swan Stage).

I have to make one of these

I like Bonny light horseman

this remain in light is killing, I would luv to see this live

It rocks!
Didn't know Julie slick was gonna b on bass.

i shoulda gone down to the wiltern for this

We had a great afternoon at Rooster stage with Buddy Miller's Calvalcade of Stars. Nice sets from Jim Lauderdale (including an Emmylou sit in) and Larry & Teresa. 

"This pro-shot video of Elvis Costello at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass yesterday, playing five Garcia/Hunter songs and more, is up for ONE DAY ONLY. Rip it while you got it."

On Live Concert Archive https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yEa3ipPtiBw

Won't be on the archives????  Thanks for the head's up. 

Remain in Light was the highlight yesterday. Bonnie Light Horsemen were great too. 

Slickrock, I only know about the archive what was posted.

How long does it usually take for the current year's vids to show up on the hsb archives?

lotta replay potential in a few of these sets

Som HSBG 2022 was a top notch event. The fact that they relented and allowed soft sided coolers made a big difference. Still sucks having the back paths closed but we managed.I think the Adrian Belew/Jerry Harrison Remain In Light set was the highlight of the weekend. I also really enjoyed Lucius and Bonny Light Horseman. Asleep at the Wheel and Sam Bush turned in top notch sets on Friday. Dave Alvin and Jimmy Dale Gilmore were great yesterday. Jim Lauderdale, Buddy Miller and Larry and Theresa all played the Rooster Stage on Saturday and were excellent.Yesterday's closing set from EmmyLou was magical as ever. I was so happy to have the festival back and the night shows just added more. I'm exhausted!

>the Adrian Belew/Jerry Harrison Remain In Light set was the highlight of the weekend.

Agreed x10

What Woz said.


Jesse Colin Young repeatedly expressing the "full circle" he was experiencing, and bringing his daughter out to join him on "Reason to Believe" and "Get Together," was one of those classic San Francisco moments that reaffirms my eternal love for the City.

JCY lived up the road in Inverness. "Ridegtop." That's one act I would've liked to see. The streams were quite sparse this year. I hope JCY makes it to the archives.