HSBG- Jerry Harrison & Adrian Belew - Remain in Light up on youtube

same as it ever was...


a highlight of the Fest fo sure

Thanks for posting this. One of youtube's suggestions fits real well with the HSBG collab.

Talking Heads with Adrian Belew: Dortmund 1980


Damn yo Thank You!

Gunna watch Asap

Man this is fucking sick


Hell yes

This vid is Wow just Wow! One of the best in a long time. 

Julie Slick on Bass, freakin sweet ! She plays with Adrian's trio and I've seen her do a couple gigs with the Start Making Sense band.

Add me to the list oof "Wowza" reactions!  Slick & Belew are two of my favorites....   11 min in and will likely watch all the way through in one sitting

saw this on saturday from right in front of second meyer speaker stack and was blown away. music was thick and sick!


Smart moves to put yourself In the right place at such a RIGHT time!!!

The bari sax is a nice touch; I didn't really notice it during the live stream, probably cause I was too distracted by belew, slick and the backup singers