Hostage Killed By Police In So. Cal.


An Amber Alert was issued because a man shot & killed his wife & kidnapped  his 15  year old daughter.

Their car was spotted & police began a chase.

The man began shooting the police cars & they began shooting back.

The man was killed & the daughter jumped out of the car wearing a tactical helmet & a vest & began running toward the police & they shot & killed her.

Police have not said if she was armed  or had gunshot residue on her.

Was she involved in the shooting & did her father have her put on protective gear when the police began shooting  at their vehicle? If she was involved with the shooting did she do it voluntarily or did her father force her to?

Why were the police shooting at a vehicle that they believed contained a hostage?

At the very least the officers involved, their police chief and entire department should be charged  and fired for shooting into that vehicle.



>>>>Why were the police shooting at a vehicle that they believed contained a hostage?

Because cops are trigger happy.

police don't make dangerous situations safer

police make dangerous situations more dangerous

I saw this story last night, and it sickened me. The cops are saying the girl might have shot at them, but there's no evidence of that yet. It sounds to me like she was victimized twice.

Trained in Uvalde 

Nothing will come of this as their is no one left to sue, The Mother, Father & Hostage are all dead. Unless a family member comes forward there are no injured parties.

Apparently there is a younger brother and son. Poor kid now has no parents or big sister.

i dunno, they have car cashes all the time here televised and are not seen shooting at vehicle....

I hope someone does sue & eats them alive.

If we're destined to live with Big Brother, perhaps we can employ him to a greater extent to watch over the watchers?

What if every time an officer got out of a squad car, a drone is automatically launched from the vehicle and acted as a glorified 360 bird's eye "bodycam"?

Or, would this just compel cops to double down in their what even might be a subconscious effort to subvert accountability?