**@** Happy Birthday, BLUESTNOTE !!! **@**


Happy Birthday, Bluestnote.

Wishing you an unedited year of great times, great music, great music, and great dreams fulfilled. Love.

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Happy birthday, Bluest, and many happy returns.

Happy Bluestnote Day!

Hope you get your wish.

Happy Birthday!

HBD Bluesman


Best wishes for the best birthday ever!



Happy Birthday, Bluestnote

Happy Birthday Blue!


Well, thanks, kidz.

I had a great week.  Da Boy brought his SO (they're not married or engaged but they are notarizedsmiley); San Fran girl since the age of six) east to meet us.  We had a thousand laughs and a million calories (Italian, Cuban, Korean fare among the highlights).  She did some remote work from here.  He had some vacay time but was was doing remote interviews with two of the sociopath-CEO-led tech giants (one initial; one further along).  They got to catch up with some recent transplants from the Bay Area.  Lily was very happy, which was major, given the long-Covid shit she's been dealing with.

One gift was tix to [whatever].  I'm leaning Jersey JRAD since the Ibeyi show on our calendar was postponed until March.


Two more years and public transit is half-off.



Glad it was fun! 

Still working nights?