Hannity has been corresponding with Manafort



Sean Hannity is facing new scrutiny over a lengthy series of text messages he had with Paul Manafort during both the Mueller investigation and the period around his sentencing. A federal judge unsealed a filing that contained the text messages and they are…….something. 


     You realize what this means...we may have no choice but to unseat a duly elected president, thanks for your defense of democracy F.O.M., it is appreciated, we can all rest a bit easier knowing you're keeping watch.

I heard Anderson Cooper is taking it up the ass from Nadler. Is the republic at risk?

Conspiracy theories and homophobic remarks.  Wouldn't expect anything less from 2 of the 3 Republicans on viva. 

in all fairness JR, your affinity for Rachel Maddow qualifies you as the biggest conspriracy theorist on this site, and TOD is way more homophobic that anyone here.

Keep up the stellar work!

You realize what this means...we may have no choice but to unseat a duly elected president<<<

Perhaps you need to come to a realization about the true origins of all of your catch phrases, such as the one you just used:  "to unseat a duly elected president".


Nice deflection homophobe, but no big surprise.

Yep, dually elected



what happened to Pence?



adverb [ not gradable ] US   /ˈdu·li/

in the correct way or at the correct time: 
duly elected officials
Duly signed by the president, the bill will become law.



Oh dear God this is a constitutional crisis! LOL @ you people. Why isn't Tony Podesta in jail, he did the many of the same things Manafort did.

Here we go with the you people.

Bryen, Lessen and Hillman, I reside in a progressive west coast city filled with happiness: $15/hour minimum wage, crystal clean streams, and not a Cracker Barrel in sight. Please don't come our way to visit or live. 


    You're certainly embodying the essence of your movement Jeff, the west coast must be so beautiful...please tell us more about it, I've heard it's quite nice!  

Good stuff JR..  :)

Oh dear God this is a constitutional crisis!<<<

If only it were recognized as such.

Hannity et al have pushed the boundaries of the 1st amendment beyond the equivalent of yelling fire in a crowded theatre


     ^ Translation:  If only....democracy could be subverted, err, I meant defended!

Who is your favorite gas bag Rush, Hannity, or Mark Levin?


    "Who is your favorite gas bag Rush, Hannity, or Mark Levin?"