Gov't Mule Westville


Friday's 8/12 show in New Haven has been cancelled. Otiel + DDBB both will be playing at the 8/13 show, see you then.



Tickets still available, can't wait to see the boys again, all of em. Love that Jason Crosby, never knew what an incredible talent he was till seeing him at the Capitol theater in that Mahavishnu band McLaughlin put together a few years back. Hearing him play jamband stuff is wonderous, but that Mahavishnu music he played, now that was some Holy Shit



I'm looking forward to this show!

$25 GA upper deck tix available, some seats in the lower deck too. Also some tix in lower deck "4 for $100 all in" deal.

Heat wave is breaking, supposed to be partly cloudy and 80 with low humidity.

Party at the bowl Saturday night!   

Just got an email, buy one get one tix sale until tomorrow at noon.


Looks like a whole bunch of music for 25 bucks. Have fun freaks.

Pete Lavezzoli sure is getting some good gigs lately.

Free tix everywhere for tonight's Wood Bros n Greensky show in BPT

See You Freaks There!!!



Not if we see you first

I won't be there. Finally caught the Covid 

Hoping for a speedy and complete recovery, Sigmund.

Bummer, dude. Get well soon.

Rest easy brother sig, you'll be back in the ring before ya know it.

Thanks for all well wishes!

How was the show?!?

Great shoe, Oteil had our section in tears right off the bat with Attics Of My Life. Warren only did one tune with his band, Empty Pages, but both bands played most of Mules set together with the DDBB horns. Started off just Mule doing some old school tunes,  Soulshine, I got my Larger Than Life, Mule, Deep End then the horns came out and things got funky. Then Oteil's crew all joined in. If anything there was too much going on up there. You know how Warren is, he gives everybody a chance to strut they stuff, and with 3 guitars, 2 bass players, 2 keyboardists and horns all up there, that's a lotta stuff going on. Whipping Post was hot. Went with wife and niece who's a blast and saw many old friendly faces, and some new ones. Real good crowd, real fun time.

Only sucky thing was you not being there sig - best of health to you soon.

As the memories return, smokin'ist song of the nite - John the Revelator,, had a nice Mule kick to that one.

How Warren can sing a tune like I'd Rather Go Blind, and do it the justice it deserves is a testament to the man. He still possesses an incredible set of pipes, and sure did Etta James solid. Just wow 

Thanks again guys!

And a big round of applause for Warren. Keeping the music going through ruff times . Anyone who knows me knows that I'm not know as the biggest fan of Warren (some of those old school PnF shows were hit or miss for me as far as his guitar work) But God Damn, the dude has my respect. I'd love to smoke a fatty with him (post Covid lol) so I could thank him personally.

Oh WTF is the matter with me ??


They absolutely ripped Sweatleaf, to the point where the crowd was bouncing off the roof that wasn't there. Just coming back to me now, fuck that was a nite.

Killer Blind Man !!! Oh yeah memory not totally shot, yet.


Well kinda

Fuckin fingers and keypad, them shits gotta mind all they own.

My life was empty, forever on a down
Until you took me, showed me around
My life is free now, my life is clear
I love you sweet leaf, though you can't hear

Ozzy represented made me one happy sappy pappy

i heart this thread