Batboy or No?

Is this a gay pride thing?

A slimy man. 

Just, ewww.

I hear he's opening a restaurant.

Rudy's Janky Grill

Guiiani likes ass? is that good or bad?

Moscow's Mayor

Does his job well - if only he could use his power for good

criminal creep

Biggest US benefactor from 9/11 tragedies.



[Noun] [Verb] September 11th.


Did his podcast launch yet?

Be cool when he admits to crimes without even being asked questions about them.



How's the view from under that bus, Mr. Mayor?

It's bag-o-rats time.

It's shadenfreudelicious!

Dammit Rudy. Every time Rudy gets involved, he goes and f—s everything up.



Rudy the hand grenade


Insurance you say?

Bus about to roll all over rudy. 

If the only thing between dump and prison was his kids, they'd be tossed right under it too.

Innocent till proven Vampy!

"I met him in a Swamp down on Degoba !"

“I’m more of a Jew than Soros,” said Giuliani, who had the fly of his pants unzipped throughout the interview. "He’s a horrible human being.”<<


Stay classy, Mr. Mayor.

John Gotti Jr. paying a call to The Mayor would be an incredible plot-twist. 

That interview is nuts.  He has become unhinged.


 "Where in the World is Rudolph Giuliani?? "

He wants to be on Impeachment Defense team. Bwahaha 

Love it! 

Shit stain

fits right in with the other delusional narcissistic fool

keeping it classy team


if only we would have witnesses .......

The Presidents personal lawyer was texting with a GOP'er regarding the murder of American Diplomat Yovanovitch because she was getting in the way of their potential Biden investigation. 

Funny how Rudy used to prosecute gangsters, and now he wants to be one. Hopefully his fate will be the same as Gotti and his pals. 

Gonna be real entertaining when Rudy and Cheetolini turn on one another.

Moscow's Mayor


Live on Faux TONIGHT!

9:00 eastern 

Won't be watching but can't wait for recaps 

Will get jail time 


Trump lawyer = jails a comin

Rude Rudy2.jpg

Shit running down a Pigs Face.

This is your 2020 Republican Party that 70M people voted for, and their actual argument at this press conference is that Hugo Chavez the dead president of Venezuela designed the software to steal the election for Joe Biden, while shit runs down his face. 

so full of shit that it needs to go somewhere

Sooooooo sad sad


The new Trumpbots are looking more life-like than ever. Except for Kayleigh McEnany, of course; she's still rocking the Stepford Wives look.

I wonder if Ms. Powell knows bryen

Trump's a fucking idiot.

Pray for humankind

The entire My Cousin Vinnie sequence.

Is that a 10W45 oil leak...

That's just Rudy's adrenochrome leaking out again.

Give him Dychromium 

He's trying to stymie Kate McKinnon.


You can't thaterithe me!  I'm unthaterithable!

Lol you can't even make this shit up

Oh Jumpin Jesus.... we are in uncharted waters sailing thru a Freak Brothers comic.

The President's chief legal representation / henchman, wanna-be-oligarch, and former national hero is dripping fake hair color down his cartoon face while he rants and rages in a courtroom for $20,000 a day. 

It's like life is now a combo of National Enquirer and National Lampoon.


Brian Williams on MSNBC just referred to Rudy as Count von Schvitzalot. This is what we've come to.


Amazicans !!!


well I do like art   And the theater of the absurd...

proud to be an amazican?

Screenshot 2020-11-20 at 7.14.09 AM.jpg

why was he sweating so profusely?

His pants are down, his cover's blown.



Rudy Giuliani's son, Andrew, positive with COVID a day after attending news conference with father on election fraud claims

Andrew Giuliani, who serves as a special assistant to the president, is the latest member of Trump's circle to test positive for a virus that has infected more than 11.7 million Americans and killed more than 250,000.

"My Cousin Vinny" director Jonathan Lynn is reacting after Rudy Giuliani gave a shout-out to the film during a heated press conference on Thursday.

Following the conference, Lynn contrasted Pesci's character with Giuliani in a statement to USA TODAY.

"Vinny may have been argumentative and belligerent but he was good-hearted and honest," the director said. "Rudy, not so much."

The director made another dig at Trump's lawyer in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter Thursday.

"I regard Giuliani's praise of 'My Cousin Vinny' as generous from the man who is currently giving the comedy performance of the year," he said.

Apparently there aren't any competent  lawyers willing to risk embarrassing  themselves for $20,000 a day. 





Rudy uses Just For Henchmen.


I forget who to credit.  Colbert or Myers writers.

Now suspended from practicing law in New York state. yes

I Love it!
for lying about election fraud 

Hope Faux news has the 1.3 Billion 

Elliott mess


But he works for a gangster is there a conflict there

Will Bry make love with him in prison?

 Rudy will still be able to defend himself in the future, plenty of opportunities headed his way 

I really hate politics but I can't seem to not watch and be appalled. Hopefully more and more actual fact based decisions will emerge and be instated as here. I feel that a lot of otherwise good moral people have been brainwashed and are in too deep to let go, but I'm just one person. Glad I'm 57 and approaching the "FUCKIT years! Although I was never really one to give a fuck too much anyway.

Any one ever think that they are becoming the old cranky man that declares THIS WORLD IS GOING TO HELL?

I laugh at myself every day cause I know I am looked at like that sometimes. And I agree. 


the apple doesn't fall far from the tree - Rudy's son is equally corrupt and incompetent.  

Here is a link to the court's order suspending his law license with all the details::


Bad link, Ken. 404.

the apple doesn't fall far from the tree - Rudy's son is equally corrupt and incompetent<<<

it was kind of funny to listen to him (as Rudy's son) point fingers at the judges for having a bias (as dems)

Poor rudy, first trump excommunicates him - no pay for you,, now DC also gives him the law practice boot. Did he possibly think there would be no repercussions to his treason ? 

Isn't he 80? Retirement party soon?

One doesn't get to  'retire' from the mob. Well, unless cement shoes count as  'retirement' 

I hope we get to see Rudy's head leak again before he goes into hiding.

I'm hoping for a scene from Scanners. 


Bad bad Batboy!