Garcia Live Vol 19 10-31-92

I am ecstatic that this show is being released. I remember having a tough time getting a recording of the show and Eddie Boy (RIP) hooked me up. This was a very special night. 

Eddie Boy! My brother from another mother...


Fun emotional night. I was on a tear, this was show #22 of 30 Garcia shows in a row for me. Last time I saw Werewolves.

Vince's band The Affordables opened the show. They were decent. 

^^That's Awesome!!

11.09.91 JGB coming in crystal clear right now on GDRadio

There have been decent SBDs and AUDs of this show available for a long time- therefore kind of an interesting choice for a release, but it is probably the "peak" of Arena Jerry, and an emotional comeback show. It's probably my favorite Jerry bootleg outside of the '70's, and "maybe" (but probably not) my favorite all-around JGB show. Melvin's organ solo on "Stop That Train" is some of his best work with Jerry, and he was on fire all night. Jerry was in obviously good spirits, and the setlist is long and tasty.  No vinyl option? Shucks. I'll probably stick to my own CDs of this show but will definitely play the new release on the streaming platforms and see if I can tell the difference.

I have read and heard that, this being Jerry's comeback show after his "exhaustion" in August '92, this had the attendance and energy of a GD show at the Oakland Arena, giving the night a special energy. Was this his biggest bay area show, by attendance? Think about it, he played arenas on the East Coast during this time but he usually stuck to the Warfield in the bay area, except Shoreline in '90. Any bigger JGB shows in Northern California that anybody can think of?

Not being there I had no idea this show had an opener. That kind of changes my imagination of the experience that night. Anybody have a tape of Vince's band?

Also RIP EddieBoy, he was a good Zoner.

What a nice, topical and timely, not to mention well-behaved thread to be a part of!

EddieBoy, such a special love of a man.

Weren't some of us at TXR when we found out he had died? I think I was right behind Budboy, who saw the news on his computer. That was a hell of a gut punch for so many people. The show went on, but many of us were in the saddest shock. 

10/31/92 was the only arena show ever in the Bay Area. That said, Jerry played to a pretty full if not told out Shoreline Ampitheatre on 9/1/90 and a pretty [packed Concord Pavilion on 10/31/89.

Vince & The Affordables played both Golden Road and Here Comes Sunshine which was broken out in 1993 by The Grateful Dead. I wonder if Golden Road was being considered to be put back in the rotation too. 


Best JGB show I ever saw and some of if not the most emotional Jerry experience I have been at. 

Jerry's Last Comeback Show.


Kesey moderating the costume contest was a hoot. 

Happy vibes all evening.

had to go put on some jerry just now

rest in peace eddieboy

Thanks for the insight WOZ, I remembered about the Shoreline show, but thought the Arena was bigger. I just looked it up. Shoreline is more people if it's sold out, because at that time the Arena held about 15k and Shoreline is 20k.  Concord is smaller than both.  So that answers the trivia question I was curious about, probably.

I never thought JGB was really a stadium/arena-quality act, it being a pretty casual affair more appropriate for a smaller venues (wasn't that the point, for many?). Always thought that was an interesting group to be playing headline shows at MSG, for example...  But Halloween '92 was a hot, hot show worth $22.50 any day of the week!

Anybody have a tape of Vince's band?

Yeah; somewhere. Not the best recording.  Nor are the JGB sets.

The Missing Man Formation CD is pretty damn good. Kimock 'n Vega...


Handbill and ticket from the canceled Warfield shows in '92; we were going to have 3 days off after the Southern California tour,

and we were ready for yet another Warfield run when we got the news. (Note the odd 9 PM starting time).

Jack, at the time we did know the Oakland Coliseum show was the biggest West Coast indoor show Ever.

That is, until they played the San Diego Sports Arena in '93, which had a little bigger capacity.

Also, in addition to the '90 show, they played Shoreline in August of '93; it was a Saturday so I'm sure it was pretty full but I can't remember what the crowd looked like.

But yes, going from the Warfield to the Coliseum was pretty jarring....but a great show.


That Coliseum show was a blast. The show was excellent and the crowd was buzzin' and upbeat, but it was still nothing like a GD show in that room.

And JGB played Shoreline in '92 as well, three times in all.

Shoreline's official capacity is 22,000, but with all the hometown cookin', band comps and other "looking the other way" extras, the Grateful Dead broke that number multiple times.

JGB never sold out Shoreline but they came real close. I recall one close to 20,000, the others were somewhere in the 14,000 - 16,000 range.

And yes Judit, I was standing right behind Budboy & right next to you at a DNB show in the Grate Room when Budboy had the Philzone on his computer, showing Eddie Boy's RIP thread.

I remember laughing, thinking how silly to be looking at the zone in the middle of a Nelson Band show, but after I saw the look on your face I looked closer at the screen and saw the news.

That became a strange & very sad night, but Eddie LOVED the DNB and I figured that was a pretty good place to be to deal with the news.

Yes, RIP to EddieBoy!!!!

One of the best, kindest Zoners ever. I'm sorry I never met him, I really miss the positive energy he brought here...

I drove from central WA directly to the show and drove back home afterwards.  A mans gotta due what a mans gotta do...

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