Funk thread


Eddie Bo and the Soul Finders - Check Your Bucket

I'm more interested in the spinoff thread 


James Brown:Breakin Bread

Deep Banana Blackout is tearing up Facebook for $10 live now

Brides Of Funkenstein - Funk Or Walk 1978 FULL ALBUM

Come on, Come Over- Jaco



Nord Gospel Sessions: Kevin Powell & Glenn Gibson Jr - Hartford Funk

Citizens of Boise: Submit or perish! You are a funkified people.

This thread just reminded me of a terrific book about handmade and decorated clothing called Native Funk & Flash that came out in 1974. I had a copy but must have lent it to someone; I haven't been able to find it around home for many years.


Funkadelic - Biological Speculation


Ollie Strong makes all the bendy sounds here

Johnny "Guitar" Watson - A Real Mother For Ya (Live)


great interview with Bootsey. What an interesting guy, covers a lot of territory and his love for LSD 

wish i would've seen bootsy more. hoover and i caught him in LA. snoop was part of the party/show along with cornell west. i blew a big hit out when snoop came up to the front of the stage.


That sounds like one hell of a show to see

Nolan Porter - Iron Out The Rough Spots


yes, this is basically little feat backing here

This probably qualifies?

"Rick James - Mary Jane":

Cipollina / Gravenites Band

Funky News (Live)

Funk You (playing at the Peach Festival this weekend)

Scott Law Band

Right Place, Wrong Time

Not funk but a funky Ray Charles tune by Humble Pie, 

Humble Pie - Hallelujah I Love Her So

Booker T & Priscilla (Coolidge)

whole album


man, what a nugget

Isley Brothers - 3+3 (whole album)

this shit still slaps