Free Speech


Is it a crime to curse at a cop?


This exact issue had gone to the SCOTUS several  years ago and was ruled legal and not grounds for ticket/arrest (although ill-advised, potentially disrespectful, etc)

You might beat the rap


You won't beat the ride

That kid beat the ride too (there was none to even justify). LOL

If the kid wasn't white, he would've been face down on the pavement with a knee jammed into his neck.

Mike you are right. the kid has a lawsuit already against another police department, professional police entrapmentor? Social police influencer? Future Roadside Attraction?

Undercover it works both ways 

Of course mike is right about the reason the guy wasn't damaged or killed.

Seemes like weird kind of afternoon entertainment, though.

Same shit, different day. In the video below, the person challenging the cop sounds Hispanic; he gets a very different outcome than the white guy above.

Little Egg Harbor ? I don't think that shit would fly in Newark

No, but it's stupid.