France vs USA


FIFA Women’s World Cup 

These are supposed to be the two best teams, game starts at 3 EST

It is 114 there.


(((Floops hydration. )))

US wins.  Next up England on Tuesday.


That was an amazing game. Who needs the mens team when you got some bad ass women kicking the shit out of the competition of the world? Seriously, does the US mens team even exist anymore?

Ms. Rapinoe is not only a kick-ass athlete, she has guts, thought and conscience.

From The Nation:

Megan Rapinoe cannot be coerced and will not be compliant. Like Muhammad Ali, Megan Rapinoe is unbreakable. That fact is precisely what drives the Trumps of this world round the bend, just as surely as Ali did with the generals and armchair imperialists of his day.

“I’m not going to the fucking White House.” Let it ring across the land.