Nothing to see here. This is perfectly normal:

Hurricane Fiona will undergo a meteorologically spectacular and rapid transition from a hurricane to a hybrid superstorm this afternoon, resembling a powerful nor'easter with a hurricane-like core. Please see… for expected impacts.

Nova Scotia is in for a ride.

And buckle up Florida too:

Hurricane Path.jpg

Trump Sharpie Hurricane Map. Still difficult to comprehend this man was the Leader of the Free World for 4 years.

Hello Ian, if you're going to be you, can we at least ask that you take aim at Mar-a-lago? 


I am in the expected hit zone of Ft. Myers to Sarasota, I will be on hurricane duty, which means sitting in my garage or back porch smoking and a drinking, maybe get a lil lean into a hurricane wind. I am supposed to fly to Denver to see my son the next day, we'll see how that turns out.

I think this one hit a bits north of Tampa in the Gainesville , Ocala area of Fla. 

^ No sandbagging for you ? What's the high ground where you're at, 3 feet below sea level ? 

Hold on tight fabes the gulf side is gonna get roughed up. 

I caught some of the fringe edge winds of Fiona,, knocked the shit out of the area. Branches damage on the plants and trees, power knocked out for 4 hrs yesterday. Still windy today but not as bad. 

it breaks my heart that nearly nothing is said about puerto rico other than the tiniest of sidenotes about power outages and flooding pics citing "devastation" with the least attempt at feigning care

or whoever hit them

i can hardly keep up anymore on what is devastating who where

10ft above sea level here. We moved our flight up a day so we can get to Denver. Looks like I will be sitting this one out, damn I love storms 

^Good idea. The Weather Channel's Jim Cantore is set to broadcast from Clearwater Beach tonight.