Evangelicals love Trump regardless of morals and ethics



unending crass not class  Who needs morals and ethics    Male chauvinistsand white supremacists Uber Alles

Nothing is shocking anymore as we become numb,  but for me at least not comfortably numb

F those goddamn liberals and Democrats, I am automatically diametrically opposed to whatever they propose orvsupport, right TomThom

They are more interested in who he picks for the Supreme Court than his personal moral failings.   They understand what is really important and can't blame them for that.

It’s the party of Family Values, sorry that you hate God and America. 

All they want to do is stick it to the libs. A friend of my wives actually said this to me. I cut her a break, she's not going to be around to vote in 2020, bad cancer got a hold of her.