Englishtown Project-Yea or Nay


This outfit is playing Saturday night at Brooklyn Bowl this Saturday.  Has anybody seen them?

Never heard em so can't say.  I have always thought that Englishtown 77 (45 years ago this Saturday) was a great show to have someone listen to if they're new to the GD.  A great show without anything too scary for the uninitiated.  

They're fun but a little lackluster in the MTB parts of the show for this Huuuuuuuuge fan of The Caldwell's work.

Just one show mind you. The covers of the other bands was great!

Chances are it won't be over sold making that venue tolerable...

I agree with Joy. Fun and worth seeing!

thanks folks

45 years this Saturday and for me, this will be the one that forever got away as I had family obligations.

Saw them last night at the Wonder Bar in Asbury Park.  $20......GTTS!!!

Hi Keith!

Went to the Bowl last night. Glad I did, Tight band, Nice version of Can't You See(MT Band) and Me and Bobby McGee. Great pipes on Clare Maloney!





For those who missed Saturday Night's WFDU ~ Morning Dew, here’s the 24/7 Archival Podcast player:


45 Years Ago Today, On Sept. 3, 1977, I attended a concert with New Riders Of The Purple Sage, Marshall Tucker Band & The Good Ol' Grateful Dead, along with 150,000 of my Best Friends! At age 17, being my 2nd Dead Show, this was the Big Gamechanger in my Life!I Now, on Sept 3, 2022, I will present to you, our Kind 'Morning Dew' listeners, Interviews with Doug Gray, lead vocalist of Marshall Tucker Band, regarding their fantastic set at the historic Englishtown, NJ 1977 concert to 150,000 people. We will also bring you an In-Depth conversation with 'Big Steve' Parish, Jerry Garcia's Guitar Tech for his entire 40 year career! We'll sample Live music from this auspicious 'Day of Days' from all 3 Bands who performed that day! It will be Aired on Morning Dew on Sept 03, which is the exact 45th Anniversary of that epic day. (Yes, I'm Old! ) ~ I may not get payed for this work, but I sure do love it!!! ~ Bob O

People are still looking for their cars like Japanese soldiers on remote islands still fighting World War 2.

I saw them a year or 2 ago.
They were good, but not spectacular.
Def interesting hearing some NRPS & such tucked in alongside GD songs.

I had no idea who was in the band. When they walked up to play, I was surprised to see the "Bobby" guy from the old Zen Tricksters, and also Michael Falzarano, whom I am most familiar with from his Tuna days and latter day NRPS.