DSO Europe 2022


Omg, but not coming to the Netherlands. 




Hi, all. 

Hi Floops, you should go to one of the shows. 

Stealth show in Amsterdam

might try for Paris , L'Olympia is a sweet Theatre, depends on work..

Hi Floops! Hope you can make it to one. Also, wish I could be there! The London show looked well attended and much fun!


take a train, they have them there.


I can't even afford a train to A'dam, much less to Paris, and London is a dream. 

But hello, Zoners. 

Lol. Look at all the zaddies. No hens?

Dude, Tommy. I so wish I could meet you there. 

Covid really hurt my piggy bank with the lack of work. 


I don't know joy. Hi. 

Isn't this announcement a little late!?

They're already on tour there.

And I say a Melkweg  or Paradiso surprise show.

Hi lovely Floopie, so good to see you. Sending you all kinds of sweet thoughts. Wish you could travel, the continent's abuzz.

doolittle, nothing late about an old friend showing up to wish.

Judit! Awww, that's sweet of you. It's good to see you too. I need to hang out here more. It's been kinda rough for me lately, though. I appreciate the sweet thoughts. 


I hope you're well as well. I'll come back to check. 


Cheers, Zoners. 

Floops! Good to see you. Are you still teaching? I'm still holding classes on Zoom, which is fine with me.

And don't mind do-little. He's just a bitter old cuss with nothing of value to say.

WTF Judit and Mikey!!!!


Reread my response clearly . I hope I don't have to explain it!? It's pretty obvious.


do-little, you're just not very good at zoning. You really should start taking people's feedback into account, instead of blowing it off.

WTF is zoning and it's meaning!? Being an asshole stalker? And I do take feedback from kind people into account. Wankers never!!

>>> Reread my response clearly . I hope I don't have to explain it!? It's pretty obvious. <<<

Good morning (my time). I reread your post. It reads to me like you're saying that Floops is announcing that DSO is in Europe 2022 and he's late, since the tour has already started and we already know they're there.

I read Floops as saying that DSO is on tour in Europe, he lives in the Netherlands, they're not coming to the Netherlands, it's an omission on their schedule and he wishes he could see them.

Please explain what I'm missing. Thank you.


> WTF is zoning and it's meaning!? Being an asshole stalker?

And of course he lashes out.


All I was saying is that the tour is already in motion and I never saw a thread on this site that they were going to play in Europe in the future.To me I thought the they were going to play Europe in the future. Like in a few months time! Comprende

> Comprende

Not now, but maybe in the future.

Is that your best defense Mikey?

I'd never want me for my Lawyer.

All I can figure is you're deep into day drinking, or maybe cough syrup. Huffing paint?

If Admin has any pride left they will be sending doolittle a super secret email threatening a 30 day timeout for defaulting on the viva bi-laws. Or Doolittle can make an open apology to floops, Mike, and the rest of the zone. 




Oh, where would we be without you, JR?

Up a creek, but not to worry. I have my trusty Swiss Army paddle.

wow you zonners crack me up! I Saw the DSO post had a bunch of activity, too bad its not about the music, Floops I'm still considering the paris shoe, havent gotten my schedule at work yet, sometimes the Thallys is on sale look into it Would love to do a show ... Wondering if Dso shoes are as long as the dead shows from 72 ' anyone?

Er um Ooops' Just realized we're the 16nth and the shoe in paris is Demain...Wont be there...stream? me.

Don't be a bitch JR.

Thomas, the DSO shows are definitely as long as the 72 actual.  If not longer...

Or Doolittle can make an open apology to floops, Mike, and the rest of the zone. 


Where was I insulting Floops in any way????

My post had nothing to do with him. Mikey yeah. He's a douche stalker!!!

And the rest of the zone?   LOL! Pfffft

Terrible poster, posting in melt-down thread 

Lol! What happened here?? 

Mike E, yo, hi!

Yes, I'm still teaching. I mostly do online now, but I'm also going into the office to teach and doing incompanies. It's going great. The first draft of my grammar guide is finished, and I'm getting ready to write it all over again in one tone. But, for a year and a half I had no work. Everything shut down here and language became expendable for Business English. Luckily I e been back since June. 


How are you? What've you been up to? 

>>>What happened here<<<

Zone be zonin'.

Some things don't ever change.

The last twenty-some odd posts demonstrate why I'm a lurker, who is only interested in finding out the latest about my favorite bands.

Whattup, Lance. Good to see you. Yeah, I know lol

Hey, all, whom I have not yet addressed personally. I love youse too. How's life? Let's turn this around.


As for me, I have a place to live, my kids are doing great, our relationship is great, my career is thriving (ask me about my first Teaching Tour of the Netherlands), my writing is flowing, the ideas will never end - could never end -and I make damn good hamburgers. Btw, which of you rich mother fuckers wants to send me a big Nature's Seasons? (And maybe some big Spree candies; the ones they sell here are way small... and stale.) Anyway, even if stuff is still shit with my situation in this corrupt town, I have all that. And I have yall. Zoners be zonin' still, and I love it. You guys are truly my internet home. Selfishly, I'm sorry I've been away so long. Hi. 

Hurtsmetoo, I don't know you. Why don't you start?

Oh, and Doolittle is absolutely one of my favorite albums - just sayin' - and I got to see Iggy Pop in Utrecht recently. Lord almighty woah! Amen. E2: Down on the Street> Fun House 


Grammas squooshed on the rail... and they fuckin' took it! And elbowed back. It was glorious. 

I recommend Little Hillsland's channel on YT. Check it out. 



It sounds like you're doing well enough, Floops, considering the pandemic and all. Same here pretty much, although I have had some health issues arise in the last year or two that are just part of getting old and have nothing to do with the Rona thankfully.

I'm not a rich mother fucker by any stretch of the imagination, but I can put together a little care package for you with some spice and some sweets. My email's in my profile. Shoot my a note with your mailing address, and let me know if there's anything else you're craving.

Oh, and welcome HurtsMeToo. If you've lurked for a while here, you know how things go. As Lance noted, the zone be zonin', but it's the music that holds us together at the end of the day.

> Doolittle is absolutely one of my favorite albums

Amen to that.

Gouge Away


Oh yeah, health problems. I was trying to stay positive. I'm fifty now, and I get what ya mean. And thank you. I'll see you there. 


And I'd raise you a  Tame, but my phone won't post links fsr.

Thanks for the nice responses, guys. I'm a teacher, too, who will never retire, and not having to zoom any more. First show 9/11/73. My one trip to the Netherlands was 2009.

Hey, welcome for sure. Let's hear some stories. That must have been a wicked shoe. How was that Eyes> China Doll? And what do you teach specifically?

Is that today? I don't know the tour dates. 

Yeah, and this is not a leisurely tour like the GD had in 72. Eight shows in nine days.

Sat, Sep 17 Paris
Sun, Sep 18 Cologne
Mon, Sep 19 Frankfurt
Tue, Sep 20 Berlin
Thu, Sep 22 Munich
Fri, Sep 23 Milan
Sat, Sep 24 Florence
Sun, Sep 25 Rome

Good luck getting a hotel in Munich.  Oktoberfest just started after a 2 year hiatus.

Fuuuuck I so wish. 

Here's a quick story, Floops. 9/11/73 at William and Mary for my first show, Six dollars. Doug Sahm and his crew opened. He had Martin Fierro in his band, so Martin joined the band for the Wake of the Flood stuff he played on the album. At the end of the show, Bobby said something like come back tomorrow night for three dollars and we'll get rid of the chairs. Doug Sahm's crew played two sets before the Dead's two sets the second night. I read many years later that these were Bruce Hornsby's first shows, too. We both lived close to Williamsburg, as he still does, I think.

I used to teach High School English in Virginia, but now I teach education courses at the college-level. A much easier gig, as you can imagine.

Cool story, HurtsMeToo. I checked this show on archive.org, and it sounds like Phil telling folks to come back the next day for three bucks after they finished Sugar Mag, and then Bob chimes in too. Cue it up to about 9:20.


Yeah, that got the memory jogging. Hard to believe it's coming up on 50 years.

Somewhere in Europe. Not sure which show. Vorty looks like he's deep in the zone.

Daaaaaaaaamnnnnn, HurtsMeToo, great shows, and Doug Sahm too! Oh, shit. Okay so you got Dark Star. Nice. I'm gonna listen. And your job sounds interesting. As much of a (true) democrat that I am, I always say "if I were king" when I talk about school reform ideas. Is that strange? Lol