DNB in Sonoma on October 9

Wow, a bit pricey.  Not for me.

But..... you get some wine and some food for your $125.

Plus maybe that stupid coconut song.

Overall probably a pretty cool show though, and really, for fans, how many more times are folks going to get to see this group?

Still, no spot taken.

Enjoy to those who go.

Funny how I always am the last person to know..............He He.....cheeky

I guess I will be posting to DNB website tomorrow..............Maybe.....laugh

i'll be at Levi's Stadium enjoying Elton John , which unbelievably ,has a lower face value!



double post...but if i could see DNB any other time i would


Only a $9 service fee, this would be equal to a $80 ticket master show, and you get food and booze, if only I lived closer 

What is that Levi Stadium Elton John face value, Cosby? He is scheduled to play 3 nights in mid/later Nov (17, 19, 20) at Dodger Stadium and I suspect that ez/cheaper tix may be plentiful for those outdoor LA shows. I hear that he puts on a great show.

Sure it will be fun event  and Glad to see  support for the fire house up there...tough work last few years. .  
but boy Sure makes ya miss TXR (and even last season at Iron Springs) where for 1/3 the $$ you could eat, drink and listen to DNB and comparably great bands any given night. 

The times they are a chang'n.

One 90 min set of DNB.  I'll still be there.

I saw Elton John in Fresno, right after Madman Across The Water came out. Great show.

I'd love nine 90 minute sets in Hawaii, nudge nudge hint hint

I'd love nine 90 minute sets in Hawaii, nudge nudge hint hint

Listen, David is in the final chapter of his career. He's not gonna do a Hawaii tour, or even do any far-flung gigs.  I saw him at a really fun show in Auburn last weekend, he was sharp and in good voice, but... I don't think there's any road warrior left in him.  He's acting his age, even if he can still bring it.  Catch him while you can!

Finally posted this on DNB site. Was gonna be private, but then became public........Yipee!

Gonna see you guys there, Dan?

David is also playing Peri's in Fairfax on the 8th.

Who is David's guest?






Peter Albin

Lowell Levinger

Barry Melton

Pete Sears

Roy Blumenfeld

Nick Gravenites


Peri's is small, just a cool little bar. It's a long drive for me and I'm not big on Wake The Dead (or The Chieftains) so no spot taken, but that will likely be a fun show.

It's great to see that Peri's made it through the pandemic. For a while it sounded like it was right on the brink.

Owned & operated by deep GD family, and very, very cool people.