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And a sheriff in Texas has opened a criminal investigation into the methods DeSantis used to lure migrants from Texas to Florida, where they were then placed on flights to Martha's Vineyard.

A neighbor on the platform  was bitching that someone stole his DeSantis 2024 lawn sign. Comedy ensued..


 'maybe someone kidnapped the sign and flew it to Martha's Vineyard' 


I hope he takes up Newsom's proposed debate challenge...which we may eventually see anyway, given that Biden seems to be wavering about running for re-election in '24, Dumbo will likely be "unable"/unfit to run, and Newsom's team is saying that he will most certainly run if Biden does not, unyielding to Harris for the DEM nomination. Sparks gonna fly, regardless.

There's a Nancy still? Old school. Hi! What happened to Walker? 


Kxela, that's fucking hilarious, worth saving. Desantis is royally fucked, and I hope everyone involved as well. It's waaaaay past time to start making examples of these idiots. 


DeSantis is an empowered extra greasy used car salesman.

DeSantis is the 2nd most despicable politician I've ever seen.

(Pompeo is #1 in my book)


Abbott has a special place in hell too, so he's probably #3.

I’ll believe that DeSantrum is actually in trouble from this when I see it.

I’ll believe he’s done when I see him no longer in office, in FL or elsewhere. 

Watch that fucker. Telling you.

20, 30,40 years ago the vast majority of the country would have seen DeSantis as a scum and pariah for what he did, especially with the lawsuits.  Now, half the country sees him as some hero.


Racket, you do know that the people of Massachusetts stepped up and helped these folks?

You're either intentionally spreading misinformation, or you're just an idiot.  

FWIW, I think you're an idiot. Don't get me wrong, you're a hateful POS too. 



>20,30,40 years ago the vast majority of the country would have seen DeSantis as a scum...>


The Martha's Vineyard migrant flight has echoes of a dark past: Reverse Freedom Rides


Fuming over the civil rights movement, Southern segregationists had concocted a way to retaliate against Northern liberals. In 1962, they tricked about 200 people from the South into moving north. The idea was simple: When large numbers of Black people showed up on Northern doorsteps, Northerners would not be able to accommodate them. They would not want them, and their hypocrisy would be exposed



Nothing new, the GOP has been full of racist POS for a long time. 


DeSantis is a royal cocksucker to say the least, but he is an alter boy compared to the previous Governor who is now in Washington, Rick Scott. That fucker was and is the ultimate political piece of SHIT.

Read up on his Medicare scam before even being elected and then his welfare drug testing scam where his wife has the only company that can drug test all the welfare recipients in the state.

Only governor to triple his wealth in his 8 years on shitting on Floridians and our water pollution situation,

Mother Fucker was crayoning his coloring book as the senate was investigating Jan 6th.

Fuckin asshole.

> half the country sees him as some hero.

More like 35-40%, but that's still pretty atrocious.

> the ultimate political piece of SHIT

Remember when Nixon held that title? My, how far we've come.

Rick Scott>>>AKA Prick Cock

>'re just an idiot.  

Holy shit, Racket! Really?! Hi. Did you go MAGA while I was gone? Tell me it isn't so. 

Okay. Rip the band-aid off. Who else? 

DeSantis is a fascist pig who loves censorship (especially when it comes to teachers and private corporations), hates dissent, and will gleefully abuse power to punish his perceived enemies.  

DeSantrum is a bigger threat on a larger scale than Rick Scott has ever been. Rick Scott made it to the Senate unfortunately, but he would never come close to being a presidential contender. 

Telling you. Don’t sleep on that fucker.

^True Dat. Scott is a dumb turd with a rich, sinister wife. Desantis is a dangerous yet rising hero within GOP ranks who will likely be a/their '24 front-runner. 

DeSantis is taking the Fascist MAGA Tiki torch and running with it


The white supremacists are putty  in his hands

I've raised this question before, and it seems like time to bring it up again. Where are the Deep State hit squads when you need them?

This is the biggest opportunity the Democrat Party has has since Roe was overturned.

Simple: house them, feed them, get them jobs.  Show one before and after. Remind people what we are about , freedom and opportunity.


"Trump vs. DeSantis in 2024? USA TODAY/Suffolk poll shows Florida Republicans prefer their governor"

Throw in some additional stank of Pence, Pompeo, maybe Nikki Haley, and even lower tier Cruz & Hawley for a real shit show.

Infinite, what about the turtle? Bitch McConnell has done more harm to this country than anyone else.

I blame Newt Gingrich for starting the uncivil war, before that the Bob Doles and John McCains of the world would still work out deals...    

Moscow Mitch is right up there with the worst of them. Neutered Grinch is pretty evil too and apparently a very recent focus of the Jan 6 Committee as well.

You guys remember that derogatory nicknames was a Trump tactic, right?

Those aren't derogatory names they are  descriptions. 

Meh. That's playground stuff. Tear them new assholes, black screen style.

It’s very true: This hateful GOP shit really started with Newt. He’s the true villain. Trump is simply the logical extension and outcome of Newt’s scorched-earth brand of politics. 

But the GOP would have had to invent someone like Newt anyway, because they were sick and tired of always losing Congress. Even with Reagan and Bush Sr in the White House, the GOP was the minority party who could never get anything past the Dems. Newt changed that in 1994. He started years earlier building up to that of course. Barry Goldwater tried to be that guy many years before, but he didn’t have the mojo. Barry was still too much of a suit and tie Republican. Newt is the asshole who got down in the gutter where he knew how to talk to the downtrodden hateful white trash.