Decriminalize Nature Oakland


     Interesting development, this seems to be really happening, the revolution of consciousness is alive & well

Very interesting.

Crazy Californians...

the wording of the law is  really exiting as it not  only legalizes mushrooms but legalizes all "plant based entheogens", and specifically states that the law is using the term "entheogen" as described by J. Ott.

which opens up a whole nother can of worms, since now any plant i feel is aiding my in personal or spiritual development is legal to use in oakland...they have de facto legalized the opium poppy, opium, and morphine purified from opium, in the city of oakland. the wording of the law does not seem to allow for synthesis, only extraction, so heroin would still be illegal, but the alkaloids as they appear in the plant, such as morphine, would be legal if extracted into a pure crystaline powder from raw opium poppy in the city of oakland. i doubt this was intended but there it is. the wording of the law is clear, the term "entheogen" is very much ambiguous and open to interpretation. im sure thom will have a field day with this...liberal oakland trying to decrim mushrooms but ended up trying to be so inclusive and ultra progressive they almost legalized heroin.

there is specific language in the law that makes even growing, transporting or selling entheogens the lowest law enforcement priority, which sounds great, but any commercial activity will still have the alameda county sheriff to contend with so id imagine that in practice those growing mushrooms for sale wont be any safer than before.

Libby Schaaf (Oakland Mayor) was a guest at my company's Public Finance event at Skywalker Ranch last year. I'm a fan of hers. But she really needs to do more about the tent cities under the freeways..

I'm all for legalization and do not believe government has any authority over one's body, but not sure easy access to powerful entheogens is the great idea. q