Dead Co 6/26/19 @ Bristow, VA

Set 1

Shakedown Street

Set 1

Shakedown Street
Dire Wolf
Hell in a Bucket
Friend of the Devil 
Peggy O
Cumberland Blues
Throwing Stones

Set 1
Shakedown Street
Dire Wolf
Hell in a Bucket
Friend of the Devil
Cumberland Blues
Throwing Stones

Set 2
Here Comes Sunshine >
Playin’ In The Band
China Doll
China Cat Sunflower >
I Know You Rider >
Drums > 
Space >
New Speedway Boogie
A Hard Rains Gonna Fall
U.S. Blues
E: Ripple

Nice show, I enjoyed the webcast

Why in the good name of christ does mister Dump-Face-MaySlayer insist on singing  "GET out the PANS!"

in the first line of HCS where there's supposed to be silence/refrain after the phrase 'Wake of the Flood, Laughing Water, Fourty-Nine..'   & before the following line  'Get out the pans, don't just stand there dreamin'..' ---


How the fuck are we to buy/be force-fed the lie that this fraudulent mthrfckn douchebag shitstain has somehow someway magically earned the right to start modifying the Garcia/Hunter catalog to cater to his own cheap theatrics ?...


No. Just... NO! 

Not Buyin' it.  Any of it.  At ALL.


Quality control, checks & balances... Non-existent anymore.


Everything about this screams blatant CASHGRAB to me, & they're most certainly selling every possible thing they can @ top dollar & makin a killing..

This fraudulent sorry-ass fckn poser has never earned the license/freedom he's suddenly been handed, but bc bobby & co. want a young mass of millenials & new followers to pack stadiums, i guess he fits the bill right ?

Every time Dump-Face-mayer's on camera... he seems painfully distracted/preoccupied w how he's appearing a/o being received...


And he insists on reducing delicate ballads/melodic modal vessels into some cheap shameless crossroads guitar fest blues-shred-slay-show-off 'look at me' show/episode

the sheer
antithesis of what this music/alchemy was always about.

All the mindless lobotomized zombies just eating it up & the gd fam apparently endorsing it creepily enough.  Yikes!


socially engineered Zombie apocalypse!

What a twisted joke that he was playing the wolf. 

Samba pa ti 

Samba pa ti 

It’s like Ali doing the rope a dope 


masters at what they do, but wtf, and it pays off


     I get're perturbed at John Mayer, I have mixed feelings also, it's funny I was really high in a hotel room in Philadelphia when I was so excited about the music I had just listened to that I figured out the process of logging on to this message board for the first time having seen John play guitar in Camden, New Jersey.  He played Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes out of the Wheel that evening which I was quite enthralled with, I was so excited about the performance I had to sign up for the philzone and tell somebody about it.  John seems like a reasonably good guy, he gets on my nerves less than the older gentleman to his left.  

     Later that morning I got special permission to go through a small window out onto the ledge of the hotel to drink a beer and take this picture.


I'm sure Mayer is a decent guy, I just think he brings the wrong sensibility to this music.  The non-Dead members are by far the most competent musicians on the stage, but only Chementi has the right DNA for this job.

And this....

"Everything about this screams blatant CASHGRAB to me"

Sums it up concisely. 

Dead$Co, brought to you by the people that brought you The Eagles!

A $45 grab from me for a night of memorable debauchery. I'd say they're underpaid.

Yep the sacred music should all have ended with Jerry.

And nobody should be out there getting away with what d n c are doing.

And how dare JM be elevated to play with these guys.  Hahahaaaaaa you fucking jerk offs.

You must prefer dancing to - the white zone is for loading and unloading only 


Another fine job Noodler, keep em commin' 

Tried the Set 2 opener stream from nugs. Found it boring. Maybe it got better. Went on to better past shows of the GD. 

"I'd say they're underpaid."

I'd say your not aware of how bands get paid these days.

I'd say I care not how they're paid - a total non concern.

Sounds like your gripe is with the system of amerikan capitalism. 

Citi Field probably made more charging $50 to park, then the band did.

But a 24 oz top shelf beer was $14 and a big ass sausage n peppers $10, so for this poor white boy it was well worth it


Dead$co is a blatant $ grab from beginning to end. Come on- you have to see that. And the Music was never played so slooooow!

If some people like it-no problem-but many of us will stay home.

>>>> but many of us will stay home....


...and complain about it online

I think that they are fun, and sometimes have strokes of brilliance. At the shows, 30,000 people seem to be smiling and dancing.

Ain’t nothing wrong with that.

i'll be at the atlanta show on saturday. my 7th (maybe 8th) time seeing them and i've never once paid for a ticket.

i've had fun at all of them, and a lot of fun at a couple of them.

Having fun (especially for free) is not especially a sign of quality music.

some people like having fun.  why do you have such a problem with that?


I will admit I had fun and the music was good at the one Orlando show that I attended. I did not plan on going and the whole, slow tempo, not so much Mayer, was what was keeping me from going. The shows I watched and listened to online were not impressive. But as fate would have it, the day of the show a lady from another office in the same building as my wife came into her office and asked if anyone wanted tickets to the show that night. My wife does not like much dead, Jerry yes, but dead no, but she called me and asked how many I wanted. I took my two friends I usually hit shows with, both did not plan on going and would not have it not for free seats. Turned out the ticket were in a mid level private lodge, and I think there were only 6 in a space meant for 30 people. I felt a lil guilty for smoking like Indian chiefs in a booth owned by cancer doctors, but hey now. The St. Stephen opener was great and there was a Trucking that was played pretty fast and kept picking up speed, a fine China Cat that got me up and moving around the room, if I remember correctly. 


The ticket lady came by my wife’s office this week and told her to let her know if she wants any more tickets to upcoming events, said a lot go unused. I put my order in for about 10 shows and sporting events, I gotta see what she gives me, hoping to get those Black Keys tics

Listening now on Sirius on the way home from the beach.


This is the softest most milquetoast un-urgent bullshit I've ever heard in this genre.


I hear two shot gravelly voices  that can barely keep up with the already plodding beat and zero lead guitar.


Honestly, what's the attraction? 


It's like the Grateful Dead, but wrapped in shitty cottonballs.

Aural quaaludes.

Having fun (especially for free) is not especially a sign of quality music>>>

Can judge for yourself, free video posted, rage on...


Highs n lows on every tour my friend. Sorry you caught the slow one and are so negatively affected by it. There were maaaaaany more highs than lows on this tour. We've been grooving our asses off. These final 2 were fuckin A just right,, almost as hot as Foxboro + Citi Field, but they always did play better in the north east.

>>>>but they always did play better in the north east




thats fucking hilarious.  Thank you

All the people who slandered Deadheads throughout the years are now perhaps on the right side of history. Quite honestly I didn't see it coming.

If the Grateful Dead were a pirate ship, this is a Princess Cruise.

Confucius say - those obsessed with silly comparisons miss many joyful parts of journey - and most likely have small penis

Sheeeeeeeeit are you serious hoov ?  The Connecticut shows alone mop the floor with anything played out west in the same time frame.

Waterbury's Palace, Dillon Stadium, Colt Park, New Haven Coliseum, Hartford Civic Center shows all knocked yer dick in the dirt. I'd proudly stack em up agains any shows played in sunny California, same period.

No contest the northeast rules baby  - Fillmore East, that little gig at Cornell, Boston music hall, Buffalo war Memorial,  Spectrum, Providence cc, Oxford Maine and don't get me going on MSG. 

Yeah the dead came from Cal but thats all ya got, they earned their stripes playing their most memorable shows everywhere but California. They had to, they didn't want to remain just a SF novelty act. 

Of course Europe in spring 72 was the best music played on the planet ever.

When all else fails (i.e., the music is this milquetoast and subpar), the argument becomes some combination of: its a good time (frat bro argument); this many people are experiencing the songbook at once (the blind devotee argument, which is contradictory to the fact that the quality of the music declines in increasing proportion with venue size, and even the band, that is the real band, said that in the 80s); or its a nice nostalgia trip (which is just sad).


Or they say the music is good but they’re just lying to themselves.

If you’re just happy to hear these songs played, I won’t judge you, but I can’t help you either.

Someone (Raz) will explain that this band is better than Kikagaku Moyo because of venue size now. Have fun.

That 4th of July 87 with Dylan at Foxboro whud'nt too shabby.

But not as hot as that same tour a few days later at Giants Stadium, July 12th I think.  Show of the tour.


All northeast baby, all kick left coast show ass [email protected]


I already stated my case bothers and sisters.  Been enjoying seeing the boys since fall of 72. For me the real spiritually transcending mindfuck magic died with our dear Brent. They had a few rare moments of greatness fall 90 to 95 but never came close to hitting those Brent fuled peaks again. Then Jerry leaving too, fuck,, well that's that, end of an era. But just the end of that era. So wtf ya gonna do stay home while gd band members still tour ? Fuck no, there's still good times to be had and love to tap into. So now we go see Phil + Bob till the end of those era's, knowing full well it ain't as good as the original, but far from sucks.  Is any band good as the original ?  Of course not. That's obvious to all.  But when the world is running down, you make the best of what's still around. Just like gov't mule. If I stopped seeing them when Allen checked out (still hurting from that one too) , or NRPS when Marmaduke stopped playing, or the Who when Moon died, I would have missed out on a whole lotta fun times, and I just cant let that happen.  

You know the song ain't never gonna end. So don't hate - appreciate the players we have while they're still around. 

That's the way I see it



all shoes  and no, it’s not near 50% of what it was pre 90s

live while you can