Dead Co 6/23/19 @ Citi Field, Flushing NY


Dead Co 6/23/19  @ Citi Field, Flushing NY 


($) nugstv

Affordable couch surfing possibilities




Just drove past the joint this afternoon driving my parents back to their home in Northern Virginia after driving them up to New York to attend one of their grandchildren's high school graduation.  It felt a little weird to drive on by.  I skipped the Gorge shows back home too.  Sometimes, life happens.  

Glad to hear the generally positive feedback about this tour so far.   It is a beautiful day there in the NYC metro area today.  Hope everyone attending has a real good time, and you get a good ol' Grateful show.

Set 1

St Stephen 

Streaming from Portland! 

Thanks for keeping setlist, Noodler.

Is this the first time Mayer has played Wolf?

His O face?


Set 1

St. Stephen
Cold rain and snow 
Sampson and Delilah 
High Time 
They love each other 
Ramble on Rose 
Jack Straw


Boots on the ground report...wooooo hooooo !!




That is all


(((So creepy when they trot out the captain’s axes)))



PA blew

Sounds good !  A lot of folks there tonight, have fun all !! 

Someone sent me setlist, not sure how I feel about !  

Wow..PA system died during Fire, it was time for drums/space anyway according to list ;)

Set 1

St. Stephen
Cold rain and snow 
Sampson and Delilah 
High Time 
They love each other 
Ramble on Rose 
Jack Straw

Set 2
Terrapin Station >
Althea >
Scarlet Begonias >
Fire on the mountain >
PA fail >
Drums / Space >
The Whee l>
The Other One > 
Morning Dew

e; Brokedown Palace 

I enjoyed it and Bob texted me saying he was as well, he went with Bucky and family so maybe we'll get some reviews from them both :) . 

Glad all had fun, and thanks for stream links above !

looks like a bunch of

you know

useless bullshit 

bucky, bob, and family all got taken for the fleece. hope they picked up tix off the ground


noodler paid for the stream because it was afforable

I would rather hear Jerry play John’s guitar

Been enjoying the periscope tour  

(practicing up bass for a gig in a few weeks w/ a Portland band by jamming along w/ the shows,normally play guitar)

but thanks for thinking of me Ateix

Bob got in for a steal ateix ...:)

He and I are not real big fans of this band or the money grab inflated tics, but he was basically handed a tic and texted that it was better than what he heard prior. There are folks actually touring with this band and I def don't get that, we have many other Interests and shows coming up where I would rather spend my money.

I am saving my energy and $$ for my trip to the Ryman in Aug for Panic acoustic, I have never been as i care for my mom and can't do as much as I used to so this is truly a dream come true for me. You will surely come back and poke fun at me or have something sarcastic to say ( I expect ).

But really don't give a damn, cause ain't nothin gonna bust my bubble ...<3


Who pissed in that cat's cereal?

The shows are fun.....Not as fun as a psychedelic drug band from Japan playing in a bowling alley for 11 people fun....But yeah, fun non the less!





time spent listening to this band is a waste of time, practice or otherwise

tfw you are not sure if you should listen to dead and co or actual grateful dead


>> a psychedelic drug band from Japan playing in a bowling alley for 11 people fun

more fun than this shit band, thanks for playing

tfw you are standing in a giant stadium thinking is this band actually good


if you paid money to see this band


i simply cant help u

Haters hahahahahaaaaaaa still sniffing the reeking buns of Jerry, and acting like it was cocaine. 

High energy all nite, not like a couple of the stuck in the mud slow mo shows they played this tour.

Every song made the nightlight reel - not a clunker in either set. The on exhibit at the Met Wolf was howling all night

Absolutely sweet marie - show of the tour, So Far
Jamming hard in Fire, then poof -  nothing - I'm looking at the band, they're still jamming hard. I thought the L25 from the 70's Dillon Stadium shows was paying me a return visit. Never been to a show where they blew out the entire sound system. Bobbys rig all the time in the 80's, but never the whole thing.
Many Happy Faces -  Fucking Awesome Fun [email protected]  

So glad you made it !

God Bless America + Dead Summer Shows !

At the end of the day, it's all about the drugs.

Ateix is so edgy.

I rarely watch streams, but I just clicked on that Dew link while doing some annoying work jabber and I see a closeup of a very good & very old friend swaying at the rail, loving life and the music.

Far out.

Atta' girl Michelle!

>>>Jamming hard in Fire, then poof<<<



Really nice show start to finish. Very good energy. That was weird when the sound went out.. Mayer sounded nice on Wolf. 

Just saw Phil play most of the same in Hartford.

Sticking to their greatest hits hahaaaa


Scarlet Begonias

Dire Wolf

Teach Your Children

Samson and Delilah

Terrapin Station

Morning Dew

New Speedway Boogie

Going Down the Road Feelin' Bad