This day in GD history 6/25/85 <3



Any other freaks there besides me ?!?!


Have a Grateful Day  heart

I had a friend that lived 20 minutes away. Big River through Jack Straw got me home many many nights. Grateful Dead rock and roll at it's best.

Real nice venue, 2nd row behind the board.  Sound was perfect underneath.  Listened up to the drums last night.

Band was on fire, even first set standards like CC Rider and Dire Wolf smoked.  2nd time seeing the Playing, Wheel, China Doll medley after Morgantown in '83

9 out of 10.  

Didnt see this one, but i did catch the day tripper in maine in march.....what a great spring and summer....they were on fire most nights....tons o fun, fo gonna listen to this show shortly, thanks and have a great day....all 

Missed this one, but went to Riverbend the next year.  It was arguably the best show of the lackluster '86 tour.

I had a high quality board of the '85 show that I played hundreds of time.  That 1985 Summer Tour had the best Drums/Space segments.  On the Riverbend '85 one, you can hear somebody (Mickey?) giving Weir the dozens for screwing up.  He keeps going "Who fucked up?  Who fucked up?  Was it you?  Did you do that fucking up?"   That one was always good for a chuckle.  And a scorching show to boot, with Comes A Time and Cryptical.  

My second show! (First was 6/29/84, also at Blossom.)

Ripping good time! smiley

Phish was fun there last week as well. yes

Riverbend 85 was fucking nutzzzzzzzz

and yessssssssss 85 summer tour D/S were crackling motherfucking rosie !!!!!!!!!!!!!