Damn It's Going To Be Hot


Predicting 112 for Sunday where I live.

No FOMO for Burning Man this year. There are going to be some very unhappy cracked out people breaking down their camps this year. 


Big storms predicted for the Culture Club show here today...

The forecast I usually use indicates today's high should be 90, yet an attached extreme heat advisory says it will be over 100. Wtf?

The forecast calls for pain here too. Hot n jungle humid.

Been lucky, I thought moving 3 hours south of central Florida would be hell thru summer. It's actually nicer because of the gulf winds that are usually out. I lived dead center of the state and we had no wind and high humidity, it could be hell. When you can taste the thickness of the heat in the air you know it's a hot one. We have a bike/walking path that goes thru our neighborhood, and I am the only one out there at 11 am. in the heat, I love to sweat 

The forecast for the valleys that surround me has temps going up to as high as 115 from tomorrow through Monday. If it gets that hot down below, it'll hit 100 up where I'm at (~4800').

We're also heading into the heart of fire season, so with record high temps and wicked low humidity, things could get ugly in a hurry.

SLC - We've had 25 days of 100 or better (or worse?). Usually have about 5-7 a year. Second year in a row for  a record over 20. 

Supposed to maybe 3 or 4 more this week, so I think I'll head to by my buddy's house by Capitol Reef which is 15 degrees cooler at his elevation. Tired of this crap.  

Air conditioning bad

Electric cars good.

108 by our barn today.  That is the hottest I've ever seen it...so far.  I feel that it's not if a fire hits us, it's when.  I hope I'm wrong.

108˚? Wow. Eugene lucked out, only 93 or so here.

We;re only a few miles from you, KB, but our high was also only 93. Weird.

There was a wind reversal on the Oregon coast today, bringing the marine air north, and some of that was filtering into the coastal gaps, keeping some areas a tad bit cooler


NWS is predicting 104 here this weekend. That means probably 110 or higher.

Yesterday was humid as fuck!

Don't Look Up

the 2050 heat map. Hope this isn't accurate, but most likely, there's plenty of truth in here.


>>>Heat index temperatures will hit 125°F (52°C) at least once a year in a band stretching from Texas to Wisconsin, researchers say. 

^The entire globe/earth is sadly quite ahead of all climate prediction schedules.

Down to 54* tomorrow night. Jeez what a swing

yeah, Matt said the reading may be off due to ultraviolet...or wait, infrared....I have a bit to learn about these things. 

What I was thinking was that the heat from the metal green barn was reflecting onto the thermometer.  

And I was curious, because we have paint cans in the barn, and their labels read not to store them over 120F, which is why I was curious about the temperature.

so yes, I was misleading ya'll.....!!devil

9:54  - 100 degrees inland North County San Diego

Matt brought home an infrared thermometer....laser thermometer.....I aimed it at the metal barn, and it certainly reads well over 100. 

Drink plenty of water!!

 I don't know how it can be so different from yours, KeseyB, but it's in the 60s in Eugene right now. Weird.

The barn's metal walls was reflecting heat onto the thermometer...infrared.  More to learn....I'm still confused....



Our weeks-long, record-setting heat wave in SoCal has proven to be so popular that it's run has been extended through the end of this week. The good news is we've got 70s and a good chance of some measurable rain in the forecast for the upcoming weekend.

Supposed to get 107 today and 109 tomorrow.  Meaning probably over 110.  104 and rising at 1:30.


112 here right now.

Supposed to be hotter tomorrow.


I got a taste of 112 yesterday in Bakersfield. Yuck.

What elevation are you at, Mark? And what kind of cool down have you been getting in the evening?

this is the coolest summer for the rest of our lives, y'all


I escaped to the Capitol Reef area for 5 days where my buddy has a house at 7,100 feet. Mid-high 80's, while SLC cooked in the low 100's setting records. So nice to get away and stop hibernating in the house to escape the heat. Not to mention the views of the red rocks. A few late night music parties with some really hot pickin' (not me) and his group had 2 gigs on the weekend. Good times. What a treat to be there. 

Bought gas for $4.19 at Costco in SLC on Wednesday before heading down. 125 miles south, passed a Chevron station near Gunnison for $3.84. Made a mental note for the way back, and yesterday it was down to $3.78.  What a disparity. And our southern-Utah born Governor bitches about Biden for the gas prices. Utah has some of the highest in the nation.  

> this is the coolest summer for the rest of our lives, y'all

You just shut your mouth, Jill. I've already been having flashbacks of that Twilight Zone episode where the Earth is getting closer to the Sun.


1500 ft Mike.  Usually gets down to the 60's at night, but was still at 79 when I went to bed at 4AM. Backyard weather station says it got down to 74.   Got up at noon and it was already 105 today. Supposed to stay hot for the rest of the week, then down to the 80's by next Monday.

878 predicted for Monday!


Oragne County inland gets all the molten forecasts.

> still at 79 when I went to bed at 4AM

Gross, and dangerous too, Mark. How's your ticker these days?

Two record days in a row. Not stopping til Thursday. Hope it's soon. Going down to the desert country of Moab for Bela Fleck & MBH alongside the Colorado River on Saturday.

Sept 6 22 Temp.jpg

Well, that old record didn't last very long, now did it?

116 yesterday in Livermore, today may have been worse. 112 in Santa Rosa. Our town got descended on in such a way that they wrote

almost 500 parking tickets in 3 days. A big clusterfuck.

The California clown show9E496FD5-033E-4FD1-8262-2909BEF63F13.jpeg

You really need to change your news strain. There were no rolling black outs yesterday. Also rolling black outs only happen between  4PM and 9PM. In case you didn't notice electric cars have batteries they don't run on really long cords. You can charge your car when there is plenty of power from solar. 

And just so we we are clear. It was 116 fucking degrees yesterday which broke the all time record and broke the September record by 6 degrees. But yeah let's keep driving gas powered cars.  

It's 60 degrees here this morning.  Forecast to get up to 73 today with sunny clear skies.  Nice time of year in the PNW.  Hope you folks down south get some relief soon.

I may have mentioned this before....although fiction, he's done his research.  Kim Stanley Robinson's the ministry of the future....the first three chapters will ruin a good night's sleep, (if you recall your dreams).  

There is, fortunately, a happy ending....although, again, its fiction....

"this is the coolest summer for the rest of our lives, y'all" ~ so true.



Water Knife is another good near future book that focuses on the South West


115 here yesterday. Hottest day since I moved here. Only 105 so far today.

Ticker is doing fine Mike. Thanks.  Have very good AC. I just don't venture outside more than absolutely necessary.

after 9 days  things are about to snap from this ~ it was 103 degrees on Sunday here and im ony 3 miles from the Ocean.  Cool Nights Is What I Look Forward To.

>>>>>>plenty of power from solar. 

Blahahahaha.  No such thing with current infrastructure.  Dolt.

>>>Blahahahaha.  No such thing with current infrastructure.  Dolt.

Yes the sun starts to go down at 4:00 PM which is what causes the problem not lack of infrastructure. If we didn't have renewables right now we would have rolling black outs all day long instead of having a problem from 4 PM to 9PM when it is still hot and solar power goes away.

Also need to once again point out THAT IT HAS NEVER BEEN THIS FUCKING HOT BEFORE. So what is the the fix for the 4PM to 9PM problem. More natural gas, more nuclear, more wind, more battery storage of the plentiful cheap clean solar during the day, government subsidize to switch everyone to heat exchangers like they are doing in Italy. Don't know and don't care because it is a solvable problem, but the one thing we do know is that solar is not the problem. 



Are you screaming at your screen?  You should go cool down, maaaan.  



Again, and again, and again..........

SLVC Weather 9-7 22.jpg

SLC Weather 9-22.jpg

I pity the fools out west

So the forecast for San Diego is that they are going to get hit with the remnants of hurricane Kay which will come on shore with dry lightning sparking lots of fires that will then be put out by the rains that will turn into flash floods. 

Just don't look up..

California, preaching on the burning shore
California, I'll be knocking on the golden door
Like an angel, standing in a shaft of light
Rising up to paradise, I know I'm gonna shine

Forecast for where I'm at is a high of 66 and measurable rain on Saturday. We need this bad.

Our temps are cooling finally (only 92 at 12:30), but the cold front is bringing the fire smoke with it. Looks ugly to the west.

Glad it's cooling. I'm heading south to the desert of Moab, Utah for Bela and My Bluegrass Heart outdoors on the banks of the Colorado River on Saturday. Might parachute jump Sunday over the canyon country. I mean, why not?  

Roger Waters tonight (friend called with a free floor seat!) and then Pickin' in The Pines bluegrass fest in Flagstaff, AZ on Sept 16, 17, and 18.  Dusters, McCourys, Dan Tyminski.....

Pretty good 10 days or so. 

Have a blast Slick! Sounds like a good time.

Supposed to start cooling down here on Saturday also.

105 yesterday. Pretty much normal for here this time of yr.

We get it all this weekend.

Hot tomorrow - upper 90s.

Dry E-NE winds up to 45 on Sat.

Air quality - particulates up to 125 on Sun. from wildfire smoke.

They just put a level 1 evacuation warning for Oakridge OR, in preparation for tomorrows easterly wind storm (gust over 55mph).  The Cedar Creek fire near Waldo lake is expected to be blown straight for Oakridge, while copious amounts of smoke will invade the South Willamette Valley, so while the models want it to be over 100 in Eugene tomorrow, the smoke will likely keep them in the 80's, but it will be a dry, but ash filled heat... 

Surfdead and Noodler, it sounds like it's going to terrible here and around the Valley. And the folks in Oakridge are going to have a hard time.

I'm glad I have a powerful air purifier in the house and box fans fit with filters if I need them, but damn, it doesn't sound like I'll be going go out to dance to my friends playing music at a winery (Bennett) near Cheshire.
Last time we had horrible amount of smoke and ash I wore masks even in the house and worse, while I slept.

The good news is there should be a wind reversal late Saturday, so the westerlies will be back, help cool and clear the air a bit.  There's actually rain in the long term forecast, but the models are confused between the westerlies and Tropical storm Kay....  

That is good news, thanks.

I was just looking at this for wind, rain and temp info as suggested by someone trying to get city residents to take the fire danger seriously. 


They're expecting 55mph winds on the ridges.  My friend working the Cedar creek fire said they evacuated all the crew and equipment tonight, and are now on standby, preparing for the spot fires that will soon be erupting.  I put links on my FB page about the areas under a short term power shut down that's about to happen.  Here in Corvallis the wind has really picked up in the last 20 minutes...  meanwhile, Brookings on the SW OR coast was still 81 at 8pm, due to the Chetco effect (adiabatic warming of downslope winds due to compression).  The good news is this event is not expected to be long in duration, but tomorrow might be a very eventful day, which is bad, and will be closely watched.  There's dust storm warnings all over eastern Washington and some NE Oregon too.   And SW OR has changed their evacuation maps, here's the map that went up a little bit ago for Oakridge;



The map my firefighting friend shared with me earlier



2 years ago the NW went thru something similar, having the power shut down will hopefully help


I used to live in Lightning Alley. That is the strip of Florida from Orlando to Tampa, more lightning strikes than anywhere else in the US. That was one of my favorite things about that area, but every afternoon here we get a good storm and it gets electric, love it. Bring on the heat!

Sunrise satellite pic shows a lot of smoke from the Cedar creek fire blowing over Eugene, along with smoke from the other fires, and tropical storm Kay

306149120_10221418201157179_4329984517477591794_n copy.jpg


We caught a little rain yesterday from the northeast edge of Kay. Just enough to turn the dust on my car into mud, and to make it muggy. The heat's supposed to break today. Inshallah.

111 yesterday. Supposed to be down to 90 tomorrow. 104 so far today.


Ya want hot, here's the Cedar Creek fire blowing up in the last hour on Infra Red (no bueno)


It's smokey here, getting more so through the day. After cataract surgery I can see distant tree leaves and needles clearly; today they are dimmed and somewhat indistinct. I'm remembering a couple of years ago when we couldn't see more than a block away because of the smoke - it's not nearly that bad today. It's supposed to be 99˚ today but I think the smoke is not letting the sun through so it's not getting so hot. It's only 84˚ at 2:30. It gets hottest here between 5-6 p.m. so we'll see what happens.

Also, I'm not going out later to hear music and dance. I don't hang out in smoke. The winery owners asked the band to bring generators. This winery is just before the coast range on Hwy 36, and electric utilities are planning shutoffs later today or at least warning about the possibility.

The sun is casting orange light.

Yikes, Noodler.

Oakridge is now under a level 2 evacuation notice, and one of my friends on the fire expects it to become level 3 soon.  They've been relocated several times now for safety.

There's also a new fire by Mt St Helens to keep an eye on!


Most of the Oregon coast is in the mid 80's to 90's right now, but just south of Eugene (Creswell), it's in the 70's from all the smoke 


goes-18_2022252_2133_rgbstr_meso1 copy.jpg

As of now, the Bob Weir show is still on tomorrow a little north of the Oakridge fire. FOTM yo 

Our excessive heat warning ended at 8:00 PM last night. Right now, it's 60 and we got a half inch of rain so far. I hope you folks up north get some relief soon too.

It's cooled down very nicely in SLC for a few days, but we're getting smoke from the fires. I'm not headed to Moab. Caught the Bela show in town last night. Killer. Front row center. 

it's not looking too good for oakridge at this minute

this is a large and fast moving fire, in complex vertical terrain





Wngfan, have they cancelled the Bobby show?

From FB:


Thanks, Zooey. Good news, and I hope it's great fun. I'm always worried about breathing smoke.

It is really happening. Doug Clifton is live on FB.

Had a buddy stationed at Oakridge last night, once again it really blew up today.  Oakridge was put on a level 3 evacuation shortly after my post above.  The good news is the pressure gradient is starting to weaken, and the wind reversals have already started at the coast, and should be spreading into the south W. Valley later tonight.  So by tomorrow the winds will be blowing the Cedar creek fire away from Oakridge, which is great news!  Winds will also be decreasing significantly 



One more day of bad air - should improve on Mon.

Bobby Weir and Wolf Bros went off without a hitch. Wasn't too windy up there, and quite a bit cooler than the valleys (like mid 60's at showtime). It was just a three piece but they rocked. Two full sets, easy going crowd. They played a new song, I think it was called "We are the Chosen Ones" or something like that. Had a nice silky, danceable groove. Such a good time, they sound primed for the fall tour. 





... looks like I guessed the wrong name of the song. Thanks for posting set list