Can't even stack rocks anymore

Guess it depends on why you are doing it.   We hiked a trail back in the Black Range of New Mexico last year that had suffered a fire and slides recently.   The trail was in very shitty shape and it was apparent that no maintenance had been done since the fire.   There were several places on the route where the trail was just not visible and required advance scouting to try and find out where it picked up again.   We then marked the places where the trail picked up again with cairns to assist future backpackers in finding their way.

Here are some piles I found on a beach on the Olympic Peninsula which were obviously not being used as navigation aids:  

Rocks on Beach.JPG


There are some piles I found on a beach on the Olympic Peninsula which were obviously not being used as navigation aids:<<<

We've got at least one large "rock stack shrine" on a popular trail nearby ... I knock them down when ever I get the chance.

"Leave it as it is. You cannot improve on it. The ages have been at work on it, and man can only mar it." 

~ Theodore Roosevelt





I was teading somewhere about how those dumbasses who stack rocks are disturbing the natural habitats of many different animals. All because they want to make some stupid rock tower that doesn't mean shit. Anything to say about that Jonas?

Stackin' rocks is stupid.



guess im gonna have to start stacking sticks

I’ve trained my kids to kick them over 

I don't think it's cool to kick them over -- when I was with a mountaineering club long ago in the Pyrenees, I was taught that the cairns are there for wayfinding -- I was hiking at 8-10K elevation and never saw an interpretive trail sign -- only cairns!  It was kind of nervewracking to make a decision based on them, but I learned to rely on my knowledge of the geography and of course a printed topo map. 


What do you think about sand castles and sculptures on the beach? 

My 6 year old at the time and I spent hours sculpting a beautiful sand aligator complete with sea shell scales and teeth.

Little fucker local kid walked right up and destroyed the thing right in front of us.

Big fucker local dad taught his kid to do it.

Little fucker local kid was damn lucky big fucker local dad was there.

They'll eventually get theirs by someone with a temper and carrying.